Update: MOG Wedding Dress #26

That's me...the little sailor girl.
I can tell by the look on my face and the pose
that I was busting to get the photo over and be on the move.
Either that or I was feeling pretty special in my outfit.
Ahhh...to be a sailor girl again. 

I have been working on my mother of the groom dress
for my son's wedding which is two weeks away.

I was inspired by this wonderful photo of my grandmother
at my parent's wedding in the 1950's.

She was a vision in midnight blue and her smile says it all.

I have two wedding dress ideas on the drawing board.
One is a simple dress in a fine midnight blue silk.
Clean lines, a special necklace and earrings.
Done...it's me.

We are doing a test run, making a sample dress
so that I can see if my idea works before 
setting needle and thread to the finished product.

The other idea is more of a stretch.
An asymmetrical statement jacket that is need of a dress.
It is elegant with clean lines. The dress will need
to be the subtler of the two and well balanced.

I am not a petite women so balance is everything.
It might be a long shot.
My dress maker is searching Saigon for the 
right fabric and colour. 

For those of you who know me...
and my love for lotus flowers. 
I wonder...just wonder...
if I may be channelling lotus 
flowers in this jacket.  ;)

Blooming in our garden this week...lotus flower

Speaking of colours and lotus blossoms
I also wanted to give you an update on 
Chateau Mango.

We decided to stay with our original theme.
Here are the choices we were given.

Next week...
the scaffolding goes up for an army of workmen
at the ready with cans of Persian Melon.
When in Vietnam...

along the Saigon River

Leaving you with post #26 of my
28 Day Writing Challenge
and I have just one thing to say about that.
Two more to go!

Signing off from Chateau Mango
dreaming of midnight blue and Persian melon.
28 Day Writing Challenge #26
Vietnam Time

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#26 Update: MOG wedding dress

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