Morning Rituals and Being Still #2

On my desk...The Imagined Desks of Historical Women
Above, the imagined desk of Amelia Earhart
from Dear Hancock

When I told Mr. H that I wanted to get back to being a morning person again...he laughed and replied "You have never been a morning person!". I could argue that point, for back in the day, when I was shuffling kids off to school, my day started early and I seemed to get so much more accomplished.

Exit the daily romp of kids and enter this new phase in my life, the empty nester phase. I feel betwixt and between about the whole thing. Life has been so busy and crazy that even I often wonder why I feel this need to be an early morning person. But I do, for my sanity if anything else. Studies show you are fresher in the early morning, have more energy, are clearer in thought and if you live in have much better internet reception in the morning. Very important if you want to keep up with life outside of Vietnam. 

All this thinking lead me to iTunes, which lead me to Audiobooks which lead me to Laura Vanderkam and her e-book, simply titled, "What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast". The book description suggests that Laura can help you take control of your morning schedule and build habits to be happier and more productive. So...I downloaded it onto my iPhone, all 60 minutes of it.

Yesterday, I listened to it on the flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. This morning I listened to it again at the gym. I was interested in Laura's list of possible morning activities. I do not think I will be in a hurry to read all of Shakespeare's plays but there are one or two items here I could see working into my morning routine. You might find something worthy here as well...

Painting, sketching, photography, writing poetry, practising a musical instrument, biking, swimming, weightlifting, yoga, prayer, reading through a book of devotions, meditation, make a gratitude list, writing on your blog, writing 1000 words in a novel, reading articles in professional journals, attending regular networking breakfasts, brainstorming new business lines or sales prospects, reading together for a family book club, reading through all the plays of Shakespeare, making pancakes and baking with the kids, taking a self-paced online class and more...

Laura raises some interesting points in the book and I know I will listen to it again. Bur first, I have to decide what it actually is that I want to accomplish with my mornings and build it into a routine. I have one commitment that I am very excited about. I recently joined Kim Klassen's online photography course Be Still-52 for a year of still-life inspiration. 52 lessons...once a week over the course of one year. I can go at my own pace, which I love. Perfect the peace and quiet of the morning.

Be Still-52 here

And there you have it..morning rituals and Being Still...all year long. If you are interested, you can find Laura's book here and information about Kim's photography classes here

How about you, are you a morning person?

Sending you budding peach blossoms from Vietnam...

Jeanne :)

Peach tree blossoms~ Hanoi, Vietnam
© Jeanne Henriques

Feb 2, 2015
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