What's your vote? #8

"What colour would you like us to paint your house?"

That's a simple question, isn't it? There was a time when I would have given anything to answer that question. In fact, I am pretty sure I was asked that question once and the answer was an explicit..."keep it just as it is". 

For you see, once upon a time, our house in Vietnam looked like this. Until... I moved to Vietnam with the kids, in the summer of 2012.

Pre-Chateau Mango June 2012

Something got lost in translation that summer. Mr. H was living in Ho Chi Minh City and I was back in England packing up the house. When he suggested painting the house, I said to keep it the same colour, Wheat Beige. KISS principle, easy right? The colour of our soon to be house in Vietnam was the last of my worries...or so I thought. 

Between shooting off that response to Mr. H via email and driving up to the house on they day we arrived, something happened. He had some sort of epiphany that said...Wheat Beige is boring, let's try yellow...a kind of orange yellow. He picked a colour on a paint chart and moved on. I missed the memo.

A freshly painted Chateau Mango in July 2012

Yes, it is true. I moaned and groaned about the colour from the get go. I had to wear sunglasses just to move from the front gate to the front door. 

Front gate...Chateau Mango

I wrote about the crazy Mr. H and named the house Chateau Mango after the colour of a ripe mango. I felt a kinship with young James in James and the Giant Peach. I was Jeanne and the Giant Mango

James and the Giant Peach

I decided if you can't beat them, join them and got with the program. I decided to embrace Chateau Mango and go forth

So began the story of our Chateau Mango world...inside and out.

..inside and out...

And now...well, I am "Madam" Mango. 
Two and a half years will do that.

I have embraced the mango, 
at least I thought I had...

We got a call, 
they need to touch up the house 
and can not locate the original paint colour 
and they asked...

"What colour would you like us to paint your house?" 

 Mr. H says it is my call...

So what would you do?


or Wheat Beige?

More importantly...which colour do you think
Henrietta Hippo would feel most at home with?

I think I know Tika's vote.

Thank you for your vote!

Sending you warm wishes from Chateau Mango 
for wonderful day/evening!

Feb 8, 2015
28 Day Writing Challenge, #8
Writing from Chateau Mango
Vietnam time


  1. I wouldn't have had the courage to pick it in the beginning, but now I say Mango. It is beautiful and fits the house and going back to beige just seems boring.

  2. Definitely mango! Henrietta would be embarrassed to sit next to that insipid pinky beige. Surely you can find a color that's close to the mango - perhaps a bit less bright. It's come to symbolize your sojourn in Vietnam for me... and you've embraced it. how can you let it go?

  3. Your Mango house looks sensational. Maybe I think so because my house is the same color. I'm not surprised that you were shocked when you first saw it. But look how beautiful it is with the lovely colors you have chosen on the outside and inside of your home! Isn't it amazing how the color green and your accent colors tone down the mango color and make everything so right and beautiful.

    Maybe you think that it is time for a change and Wheat Beige would be very nice because I know that you would again enhance it with your very own style.

  4. Not being a yellow or orange person, Mango would never have been my choice for a house color, but in the tropical Vietnamese environment, I think it is very appropriate and right on! However, if I wished to change the color and wanted to stay within the same color range, "Webb" makes a good point ..... I think I would go with a less intense shade of Mango. Beige? Never! I love bold colors in my home environment, just not quite Mango. :-)

  5. Mango is my pick. Blessings and I love your postings

  6. Mango a tiny shade lighter. Have you considered going wild with an accent color on the front left wall?

  7. Choosing exterior house colours makes me weak with anticipation and giddy with excitement. Oh what colour? Is this too dull, too bright? Will the dirt show up on it? Will I need to wear sunglasses to look at it? So many gorgeous choices. Mr H's mango choice was excellent for your location. Now it's your turn.... do exciting..... something you'd like to drive up to at the end of a long day. Hugs, Carole

  8. Maybe somewhere in the middle?
    Look at Ralph Lauren's "Sea Orange - RL2274" or "Noisette - RL2280"

  9. Jeanne, I am a neutral kind of girl. Keep the basics sedate and add the pop with accessories. With that said, I love the mango. It seems perfect for the area. I can't imagine "Chateau Wheat Beige". What ever you decide will be perfect!

  10. While I would not ordinarily be a fan of the mango color, it looks beautiful and fitting in your tropical location. I live in Florida where there is a huge mixture of more subdued house colors and brighter or darker ones.With the brightness of our sunshine, I think more color is better, but it fades quickly which makes it a maintenance issue. I think it's largely because so many people move here from other parts of the country and bring their preferences with them. An interesting question for our area which my sister and I have discussed many times:)

  11. I have to say I would have made the same call you did originally, but I have grown to love Chateau Mango's color. I think Henrietta would agree...that is if she is not making the trip to Tahilla Farm...

  12. MANGO!!!!!!!!!IT is BEAUTIFUL................the HIPPO looks BRILLIANT against the ORANGE!
    I LOVE IT!

  13. It just wouldn't be Chateau Mango if you change the color to wheat. Nor as exotic!
    My vote is mango all the way! Make us shade our eyes and wish we were in Vietnam!

  14. Isn't is grand! At first sight I thought as you did, oh no! But now, I say Mango! Definitely!

  15. Jeanne,
    Chateau Mango is such a charming name that conjures up many stories and fit perfectly with the colorful Vietnamese environment. I have been reading your blog for 3 years and have never commented before. I enjoy your insights. I would never change the color to beige--too bland for who you are. The colors of our homes should reflect who we are in space and time. The lush tropical green and bold colors of nature that surround your home are accentuated by the mango color.
    Each day I look forward to another installment from you in image and word. You weave them together so beautifully. Thanks for sharing your journeys in life.

  16. Mango is my vote. Seems appropriate for your environment. I love your posts and look forward to them every day. I am living an adventurous life through you!
    (from a little village in the Kawartha Lakes, Ontario Canada)

  17. I've liked Chateau Mango's exterior color since you first posted it, and I relish it even more after getting to know the rest of Chateau Mango. If your painters cannot duplicate it exactly, consider trying the closest they can come with a hint more orange/less yellow. (Too bad we can't add a touch of lime somewhere....Just kidding!)

  18. I am just a classics person, and I would vote that way for your home in NH. However, I love the mango and would choose it again! It suits your location perfectly. Thanks for asking.

  19. Funny, isn't it? The bright shade of orange, though not a particular color most of us would have chosen either, does make the most striking impression against all the lush green foliage. So, my vote is the same color toned down a notch or two. But if that causes a double coat, I'd probably just keep it the same color.

  20. I don't care for the beige look and would choose mango. I think it looks quite beautiful with the green all around it. You could put a few drops of gray in the mango paint can and then you'll have both. Of course I'd probably come up with a 3rd color because I like change. Do what makes you happy - sure is a nice welcoming color though. Have a great day and thanks for writing to us all. Kathy

  21. Well, I think it needs to stay Chateau Mango in Vietnam.......a good color for that environment; however, I would not have thought so had I been picking out the color originally! But it looks beautiful with your foliage and we have come to embrace it as you have!!!
    Farm Gal in VA

  22. Boring Beige. Marvellous Mango! Go for it - again (congratulations Mr H!)

  23. Mango. Or, seriously, go with a pale pink and a darker red trim. Live dangerously! When else will you be in a world that soaks up that much color?

  24. Having seen the colors of Vietnam, I'd say go for the mango which is such a wonderful background for the brilliance of blooming things. You may remember I love color!

  25. Mango, the only color for Henrietta and so much more interesting than beige

  26. In the tropics mango sounds so natural and evokes confidence and joy and sweetness

  27. Although I enjoying eating mangoes I would never paint anything in that intense shade. BUT, that said, it is the perfect color for the 'chateau', so beautiful with the greens of the palms and blue of the pool. Enjoy while you can (maybe a shade lighter for the re-paint, but please not beige), as soon you will be blinded by white in NH!!!!!
    Stay safe - Mary X

  28. Mango!!! It suits the sun. Chateau Beige??? You just couldn't! Chateau Mango sounds and looks perfect.

  29. Mango! I always think of Gerald Durrell writing about the pink villa in My Family and Other Animals. Chateau Mango reminds me of this.

  30. Mango! I have a new love and appreciation for Mango since reading about your initial surprise of your house being painted mango!


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