A Bird's Life and Sunflower Hearts… #19

A bird's life in Connecticut

My father was a fanatical 'birder', the kind of person who felt you could never have enough bird feeders or bird baths. We had a bunch…hanging off trees, off the house, attached to windows, sitting on rocks, standing on poles and if he could have, he would have stood outside, arms stretched, embracing a bird feeder and balancing a bird bath on his head, just for the sheer delight of it all. He wanted to make the birds happy…and he did.

My kids would say that I have become a tad fanatical over birds too…but more so on the decorative front. I  find it hard to resist anything relating to birds (and bicycles). One can never have too many, especially when it reminds you of someone you love. 

When we lived in Australia I found myself missing New England songbirds, the screech of a Cockatoo and call of a Kookaburra were off the mark by a few decibels. Easy solution…I bought an audio CD of New England songbirds, brought it back to Sydney and would play it endlessly. I won't comment on what my kids and Mr. H said about that…but it did the trick.

This morning we woke (in Connecticut) to a fresh snowfall..and a flurry of birds feeding on Whole Sunflower Hearts. Mrs. H Sr. swears by them and based on the activity this morning, I would say she it right. The benefit to these seeds is that there are no shells, allowing the birds to get right to the heart of the seed without leaving a mess of cracked seeds on your lawn or terrace. Win, win all around.

Someone asked me earlier in the week if I had thought about where I would place a bird feeder at Tahilla Farm. It was addressed as a singular proposition, just one bird feeder. I stood there, looking out what will one day be french windows in our master bedroom and felt the birding world move around me. Just one? Not a chance…after all, I am my father's daughter.  :)

So how about you? 
Any birds in your views these days? 
Do you have a favourite? 
Would love to know...
If you would like to send me a photo of your
bird views, you can write to me 

A Bird's Life..all photos above taken with my Canon EOS 550D

February 22, 2015
28 Day Writing Challenge, #19
From a view to a bird feeder 
New England time

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28 Day Writing Challenge
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