The Long-Distance Traveller… #13

Miles to go...

It is inevitable that at some point in a long flight, you will check with the flight channel to see how many hours you have travelled and how many hours you have left to go. Your hope is that you will have fallen asleep for a few hours, awaken and see that you have only two hours to go. Perfect score for a 14+ hour flight.

Checking in with the flight channel over the Bering Sea

The reality is that you discover you have slept for only about an hour and have nine hours to go. Such is life of the long distance traveller. 

Hours start to get calculated into fragments of time. I measure them by the number of movies I can watch. Nine hours to go…that's roughly two to three movies, four hours of sleep and two more hours of reading and periodic checks with "are we there yet?" 

My 28 Day Writing Challenge is a but muddled up today. I started the challenge in Vietnam on the 1st of Feb, moved ahead one hour while we were in Hong Kong and have moved back 13 hours now that I am in Connecticut. I honestly do not know where I am suppose to be..but will post tonight from my jet lag haze and hope for the best. 

The great divide…the International Date Line

I am signing off from Connecticut with dreams of snow blizzards dancing in my head. A mountain of snow awaits at Tahilla Farm…with more to come. 

Snow Day..Tahilla Farm

February 13, 2015
28 Day Writing Challenge, #13
From over the Pacific Ocean
Cathay Pacific time

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