A Recipe for Friendship...#28

28 Day Writing Challenge...a recipe for friendship
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This is the final post of my 28 Day Writing Challenge..
which turned out to be a 36 Day Challenge. 
Not perfect but close enough.
If I had to sum it all up...
I would say it was a wonderful recipe for friendship. 
A perfect blend..of friends, old, new and shared...
from around the globe. 
The photo collage above and list below 
is a testimony to all.


Talked about

Made decisions

Travelled to
and snow

with a 

Would I do it again?
Yes...but I would choose my timing wisely.

What did I learn?
Writing every day is one thing, writing and publishing a blog post every day is another. I picked 28 because the idea came to pass on February 1st. Seemed simple enough, shortest day of the month. In hindsight, perhaps I should have picked a month when I was not travelling back and forth across the International Date Line...maybe one horizon too many?  But it did make for interesting blog posts...at least for me. Shangri-La one day, waist high in snow the next...what's life without a little adventure?

As I mentioned in my last post, it was your thoughts rather than mine that I found most intriguing. This past year I found it difficult enough to keep up with Collage of Life...let alone a second blog. But through the writing challenge, I realised, like my blog about life in England, one day my story about life in Vietnam will end. I have experienced so much living in Vietnam and seeing that I love to share...now is the time. I am back to Expat Diary: Viet Nam with fresh ideas and a new focus.

How often will I write?
I have always had the sense that once a week is a good fit for me and you.  I have some big decisions coming up and seeing that you all are so good in helping me make decisions..you may hear from me more than once a week.

I had to put my photography class on the back burner. There is only so much one can do. I have a bit of catching up, eight weeks worth...wish me luck!

There were several topics that I planned for this writing challenge that are still sitting in my idea file. I long to share my travel experiences and offer travel tips. I thought the writing challenge would be an ideal time to pull it together. I need more time...and thankfully, now I have it.

As to those questions about life in Vietnam, your answers are coming. I promise!

I know I have said it over and over and over again but I feel I need to say it one more time. THANK YOU for reading along and sharing your thoughts and just for being you. The comments coming in from my last post have kept Mr. H and I totally enthralled. You are amazing!

With that I send you wishes for a Happy Women's Day
We hold the universe together..
in a warm embrace of support and friendship. 



and to the men reading along

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