A Recipe for Friendship...#28

28 Day Writing Challenge...a recipe for friendship
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This is the final post of my 28 Day Writing Challenge..
which turned out to be a 36 Day Challenge. 
Not perfect but close enough.
If I had to sum it all up...
I would say it was a wonderful recipe for friendship. 
A perfect blend..of friends, old, new and shared...
from around the globe. 
The photo collage above and list below 
is a testimony to all.


Talked about

Made decisions

Travelled to
and snow

with a 

Would I do it again?
Yes...but I would choose my timing wisely.

What did I learn?
Writing every day is one thing, writing and publishing a blog post every day is another. I picked 28 because the idea came to pass on February 1st. Seemed simple enough, shortest day of the month. In hindsight, perhaps I should have picked a month when I was not travelling back and forth across the International Date Line...maybe one horizon too many?  But it did make for interesting blog posts...at least for me. Shangri-La one day, waist high in snow the next...what's life without a little adventure?

As I mentioned in my last post, it was your thoughts rather than mine that I found most intriguing. This past year I found it difficult enough to keep up with Collage of Life...let alone a second blog. But through the writing challenge, I realised, like my blog about life in England, one day my story about life in Vietnam will end. I have experienced so much living in Vietnam and seeing that I love to share...now is the time. I am back to Expat Diary: Viet Nam with fresh ideas and a new focus.

How often will I write?
I have always had the sense that once a week is a good fit for me and you.  I have some big decisions coming up and seeing that you all are so good in helping me make decisions..you may hear from me more than once a week.

I had to put my photography class on the back burner. There is only so much one can do. I have a bit of catching up, eight weeks worth...wish me luck!

There were several topics that I planned for this writing challenge that are still sitting in my idea file. I long to share my travel experiences and offer travel tips. I thought the writing challenge would be an ideal time to pull it together. I need more time...and thankfully, now I have it.

As to those questions about life in Vietnam, your answers are coming. I promise!

I know I have said it over and over and over again but I feel I need to say it one more time. THANK YOU for reading along and sharing your thoughts and just for being you. The comments coming in from my last post have kept Mr. H and I totally enthralled. You are amazing!

With that I send you wishes for a Happy Women's Day
We hold the universe together..
in a warm embrace of support and friendship. 



and to the men reading along


  1. Congratulations!
    Thank you for the insight into blogging. Wishing you well with whatever blogging schedule you decide

    I had thoughts of a new blog in a blogazine style. After writing pages and pages of notes planning six months of posts, I realized there is a reason magazines have an editorial staff. The biggest challenge is moving away from personal to typing "this writer," a leap like falling in a dream. Exhausted, the brainstorming transformed into who will be good for what department. lol

  2. Thank you for the spending the time here, with us. You lead a fascinating, abundant life, and you write with a questioning, humble, and sensitive voice - we cannot help but benefit from your efforts. Thank you very much.

  3. HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY to YOU TOO JEANNE!I would say your an INCREDIBLE WOMAN without even knowing YOU!I bet MISTER H would agree with me!I think I missed a couple posts in the commenter section BUT I READ THEM ALL!!!Have a WONDERFUL trip to the WEDDING of your CHILD!Can't wait to see the OUTFIT!Did you go with the navy blue silk?My bet is YES!I will be out in the garden today planting DAHLIA's..........trying to finish a blog post for TUESDAY.......then ironing those pesky napkins that keep re-producing in my ironing basket!!!YOU I hope will be sipping champagne congratulating yourself on a JOB WELL DONE!XOXO

  4. Jeanne, your writing challenge was so inspiring! I really admire what you did. I used to write 2-3 times a week for my blog, but now like you feel that once a week is a good fit for me. I can't wait to see what is next for you when you move to New Hampshire. I first "met" you when you were in England, followed you to Vietnam and now am very excited you will be on my continent this time!
    xx Sunday

  5. I have loved your 28 day challenge and am full of admiration that you managed to write as much as you have despite a schedule that would leave most people exhausted and certainly not Up to fulfilling a self-imposed challenge so magnificently. I'm sure I would have said "What the ...... Sorry everyone!" When only half way through! Well done and congratulations. But Jeanne ......... What about the dress?!! We're all longing to know what you have chosen?
    Ceri x

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed your 28 day challenge - altho i didn't even think of participating! It was a nice variety of topics to enjoy. I think there is (used to be?) a challenge in either October or November to post daily. A friend used to participate, but again ... i have not even thought about it.

    Instead, i tend to take January thru mid-March off. Somehow i hibernate from blogging during the winter months. Glad you're back in Vietnam and busy with painting the chateau, but am looking forward to seeing the progress at "the Farm".

  7. Before everything else, be bold. HAPPY WORLD'S WOMEN'S DAY JEANNE & to your TRIBE.

  8. I have enjoyed your blog posts for a while now and was delighted with your 28 day schedule. While I understand your relief at passing the deadline, I will look with anticipation for new posts when you are able and hope they appear fairly frequently. Must hear more about the farm and see photos and am looking forward to posts about the wedding (and Mother of the Groom dress). Marken

  9. Thank you for sharing. I'm not a blogger and I rarely comment on your posts, but I've found your blog to be inspirational and a great jumping off point to explore topics, subjects and people. Thanks again from a reader in Ontario, Canada!

  10. Well done Jeanne... you completed your challenge! Loved reading your blogs, so thank you for sharing.
    Hope you have sorted out your "Mother of the Groom Dress". The navy silk one sounds lovely.
    Have a wonderful time at the wedding and looking forward to reading your blog about it and your choice of outfit. :)

  11. beautiful as always Jeanne Please try for once a week. I will miss your daily postings. All the best today , tomorrow and always.
    Love Jeanne

  12. Jeanne, you always come out on top of the list of women I admire. The adjectives to describe you are too numerous to list here. To make it short, I look forward to every post on your blog and hope you will continue to keep us in the loop on what is going on in your life (and Mr. H as well), from wherever you are in the world. I'm sure the wedding Down Under will be a joyful occasion, and your readers are awaiting the details. Still hoping you chose the dark blue silk. :-)

  13. It's always a pleasure to read your posts because they are always so interesting. You did very well, I have to say. One day I'll try to do it too. One day when I have a lot of time on my h


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