Friday Chat..your thoughts #27

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My ideas for posts usually come to me on the day. There is no master plan...I just wait to feel inspired. So you can imagine, what a 28 Day Writing Challenge must feel like without a plan. I have to stay on my toes and yet it never seems to take much.

Today, my thoughts are on you and your thoughts .

Your comments are treasured and valued. To be honest, I am not sure who values and treasures them more, Mr. H or me. In fact, I sometimes wonder if he skips my post and jumps to the comments. He gives me updates and reports and since this is now going on just over five years for some of you, he feels like he knows many of you well. Sometimes all I need to do is mention a name and he fills me in on the rest. Ever wonder if you have a secret admirer? Well, I can confirm that you do...two of them.

I have spent the better part of the afternoon catching up on your comments and emails, 26 posts worth and I just managed to get through three. We are not talking about a lot of comments, and I thank the lord for that! But each ones means something to me and I like to respond in kind. First to your comment and then to your blog or email.

And when I read...the questions came, so today, I have a few questions for you.

Feel free to answer them all, or one or to just take them away to think about.

On that special place...
which would you prefer, 
by the water, in the woods, 
or in an urban jungle?

Where do you feel most at peace

On retirement..
do you have a plan on when 
and where you would like to be?

Of all the places you have travelled, 
in your home country or abroad
do you have a favourite place?

For me...

Some of you ask for more stories 
about Tahilla Farm and others 
ask for more about Vietnam.

I am curious, 
which camp are you in?

 A farmhouse in New England-
Tahilla Farm 
Life at Chateau Mango 
in Vietnam
is there something else 
that resonates?

With that I wish you well until tomorrow when I will finish off with the last of my 28 Day Writing Challenge.

Thanks so much for reading feels like we have connected around the world in a special way. I look forward to continuing "the talk". You have given me lots of ideas, ones that will take more time than a daily challenge to write. I look forward to it...

Sending you warm wishes
on this Friday afternoon in Saigon.
28 Day Writing Challenge, #27
Vietnam time

Collage of Life
28 Day Writing Challenge
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  1. Interesting post
    Comments have a way of creating a comfortable reality where I assign the blogger an impression personality without thinking much about what personality of mine I'm creating for them.
    Questions...I prefer a piney wood not far from the Atlantic ocean. In my very limited travels, favorite visited place is Hill Country Texas. I feel most at peace in a thick quilt sitting in a corner of the sofa. For my end of life place to live out my last years its a toss up between a place not far from Walden Pond or a cottage on Cape Cod.
    For you...Choosing...It does my heart good to read of Vietnam as it does to read about Tahilla Farm. My eyes do brighten seeing the different flowers of Vietnam. Orchids at Tahilla is the ideal.:)

  2. Hello Jeanne, I usually write a new post when I see something beautiful and special to photograph. Answers to your questions: by the water, Yes, retired and living where we love it, Northern Italy, and Tahilla Farm.
    I am delighted that you have chosen that beautiful yellow for your Chateau Mango.

  3. by the water + I find peace there + congratulations + want to hear more about Vietnam!

  4. This past month, I have often taken a little Jeanne Henriques in the morning to sweeten my tea and toast. Oh, and so much better than reading the back of a cereal box. I laughed at your description of Mr. H. Sometimes my husband does the same, and we talk about you all as though you lived down the street. I wonder if Mr. H. and The Passenger are ever on the same flight, like two ships passing in the night.

    To answer just one of your questions: Of all the places I have travelled, my favorites are the places I have never been. Unlike my spouse, I have only been out of the country a handful of times and there is so much more to see I couldn't possibly make up my mind. Home is always best, though.

  5. Well, since you asked...I'm a by-the-water kind of gal. We currently have a creek across the street, and we are a block from a small lake/marsh. I don't remember how I found your blog...but so glad I did. It's fun to read about your life in Vietnam. My son and his wife currently live in Japan....and I'm constantly following their adventures! We had such different plans for retirement when we were in our 40's...then we are actually living in our early 60's! But...that's ok! We travel when we can...and visit friends often. Can't wait till spring comes and we can get back to gardening. Our plans for retirement involved moving south, probably Florida. Somewhere along the way we decided that we really like it here...Madison, why should we move? We can always go someplace warmer in the winter! Madison is where our other two sons are and most of our friends...we've lived in our home for 31 years...and not moving in the foreseeable future. And just for the record...I wore a navy blue dress with short jacket to my son's wedding in Scotland...simple, stylish, comfortable! Hoping you have a memorable time at your son's wedding! ;)

  6. I so admire your dedication to writing. I am in a very boring desk job at the moment and always thing, "what if I could just write?" to fill my spare time. But my mind goes blank and I can't even think of one thing that anyone would care about. I wish you the best and enjoy all of your posts!

  7. Hi Jeanne --- thought provoking and asking me to reveal thoughts which my natural instinct is to keep to myself. But having enjoyed your thoughts so much and appreciate your generosity in sharing them -- well, I'll have a go too. It's been 35 years of marriage and motherhood in the urban jungle that is central London. I've made the best of this (having a country retreat by the sea has helped ENORMOUsly) but I don't want to be old here! It's annonymous fast and unforgiving which is hard on the elderly. So, combining an answer to several of your questions, near the woods and the sea not the jungle for me. For retirement too but still waiting for the Young to be more settled before we decide on a destination as there is a possibility that we may have to factor Australia into our future! And luckily of the places we have travelled Melbourne was one of the favourites but The Welsh borders, SW France Portugal and Western Turkey are also important.
    And as for you --- I love both of your stories because I feel a tinge of envy for both. I have never done a renovation on the scale of yours nor have I ever lived abroad and I am so delighted that you are
    Sharing your experiences with me. But I have a plan for retirement which might involve remedying one of those omissions in my life. It's a case of choosing the moment to tell my Mr P!
    Please keep the stories and photos coming --- I really love hearing about Tahilla and Chateau Mango. Off to give some thought to the colour charts....... C x

  8. are such a lovely person. For your questions: I always prefer the water, I feel most peaceful looking out at the ocean or at home. I fell in love with France and the French people and would like to visit for more extended periods of time. I have only one child, a beautiful daughter gifted to me from God, so retirement would be close to where she is. I enjoy your posts on Tahilla Farm and am fascinated and curious about your life in Viet Nam, so posts on either, or whatever's on your mind is just perfect for me. Angela Muller

  9. I, too, enjoy the contrast between Mango and Tahilla. Love the way it joggles my mind to and fro.

    Although it wasn't an option mentioned, my heart is at home in a high desert setting. Snow in the winter that disappears the following day from the intensity of the sun. Being widely exposed to grand vistas.
    Sunsets that melt my heart. A tad like Tuscany with harsher weather! After living in quite a few different parts of the US, this will always feel like home.

  10. My snswers are: Born in rural Appalachia, acquired a taste early for city life, but would love to live close to an ocean; already happily retired but would like to be able to travel more, and be able to spend cold winter months in a warmer clime; favorite city visited so far would be Paris, of course, but also enjoyed San Francisco, have Vancouver in my sights; enjoy hearing about your life at Chateau Mango--I cannot envision living at Tahilla where the weather can turn so very, very cold, even though it is a very beautiful place. Also, will enjoy hearing more about Australia when you return for your son's wedding. Australia used to be at the top of my list for travel, but ah, you know what happens once you've been to Paris. One other place I would love to visit is Charleston House; I can't seem to get enough of things Bloomsbury, particularly their art. :-)

  11. Jeanne, I have enjoyed each and everyone of writing challenge posts. I've mentioned before you have inspired me.

    To your questions.... I am most at peace at the water's edge. Retirement? I wood love to move to a small farm with space to garden and run with grandchildren. My favorite travel destinations.... I love Boston in the USA. Abroad, I fell in love with Ireland...the people and the landscape.

    I have enjoyed all of your posts, I truly couldn't choose between Tahilla and Viet Nam. I also look forward to your book suggestions.

    Congratulations on completing your writing challenge (just one more post), and thanks for the continued inspiration. Bonnie

  12. I have enjoyed your 28 days of writing very much. While I drove today to pick up a son from college for a break week, I pondered your questions. So, here goes! Special place is definitely a place by the sea. However, being a Midwesterner I love the woods and feel like the woods are where I feel most at home. More rural than city. Retirement is quite a ways down the road, I could imagine we will be Northerners that spend extended vists South during the winter months! We love Seaside, FL and, I suspect we will greatly enjoy our time in Cape Cod this summer. North Lake Tahoe is quite beautiful and Sonoma County, CA is quite perfect, too. Not much travel abroad. In the the upcoming years, I hope we do a bit more of that. Your life is fascinating. I admire your ability to adapt and engage in these very different worlds. I enjoy all your stories very much. Perhaps, prefer the farm. Love your mango house color choice! And, I think you will be beautiful in Midnight Navy, or anything else you choose, for your son's wedding. I imagine you to be someone who draws others to her with your welcoming and warm spirit.

  13. Hello Jeanne
    You raise some great questions here. I absolutely love your writing and your personal, warm and inclusive style. It does not matter what the subject is or the destination your posts always are interesting.
    We love the ocean best and Mike also needs his walk in the woods. We are not sun worshippers and really enjoy city visits, the opera, music, museums and culture. Having a home in Ireland allows jaunts to European cities. We also divide our time between Canada and Florida.
    Like you, I treasure comments and building a rapport with bloggers.
    Congratulations on attaining your goal of daily writing.
    Helen xx Hi to Mr. H

  14. I would love to live close to water. And I'm most at peace in my little apartment or on my big fenced in patio with my container gardens with my dogs.

  15. Me:)
    Anywhere with a vista.
    Retired already;).
    Northern California. Home.

    Anywhere you choose to write about. Your hopes and dreams for your self, your own voice.

  16. Your postings are always so beautiful and thank you I am always smiling and happy after a visit to your lovely blog Love Jeanne

  17. I enjoy your blog and writings, thank you! Answers to Questions: 1. I would say water and woods. Living in the Pacific Northwest (US), we have the beauty of both the ocean/rivers/lakes and woods. 2. Most peace is felt at home with loved ones. 3. Retirement...if money was no object I have always dreamed of living in France or Italy. Something simple, enjoying life with friends, cooking and being together. Reality will keep us in the states probably doing what we do best, being creative, being with family and friends, traveling to France and Italy. 4. Favorite place in the states would have to be the Pacific Northwest. The beauty of being able to experience the outdoors on a a regular bases, not having to travel far to be at the ocean of hiking in the woods Abroad, love Paris and I know I will love Italy (Tuscany region) when we travel later this year. I love to read your blog regardless if it is about Vietnam or Tahilla Farm. I find both very interesting. Although, I love buildings, renovations/remodel and design so I do enjoy very much updates on Tahilla Farm. Thank you!~Tammy, Washougal, WA

  18. The FARM for me!I feel your done with Vietnam.............onward and upward back to AMERICA!I think I feel most PEACEFUL at HOME.Around things I know.
    Retirement........I find it odd that people move after years to retire.RETIRE TO WHAT?I could never leave the house I raised my SONS in or the memories of adding on to this house with my husband.Lots of hard work and LABOR went into remodeling this house.......WHY would I LEAVE?I have created a very special SPOT and I have no intention of moving away.Sure I would love a home in ITALY, but why if my SONS are here.....whats the point?VACATION yes...............but I have NO INTENTION Of MOVING AWAY from marriages, grandchildren,etc.............MY son just got a PIG yesterday!A TEA CUP PIG..............I caNOT wait to BABY SIT!Maybe my DREAM of a FARM is not that far away!!!Tell MISTER H to go look before TUESDAY at my last blog POST!THis will REALLY PUT ME IN GOOD WITH site has changed JEANNE.I am now THEVINTAGECONTESSA.NET GO PEEK I think I will make YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD!By the way GOOD JOB!28 DAYS have flown by for me................XOXOXO

  19. As I had mentioned in a previous comment, I'm on the fence with a home by a lake or a mountain home. Peaceful settings are anywhere one can commune quietly surrounded by nature,animals and our favorite people—well, maybe not so quiet depending on who they are. :) Because of my love of architecture, I find the posts about construction and renovations the most absorbing, but I also love snippets of who's behind it all. As a female reader, I also love the everyday practical "goings on" such as wondering just what you'll end up wearing for the wedding of your son. I can commiserate with the dress dilemma! I love seeing the progress and hearing about the decisions of Tahilla Farm and I can't wait for you and your family to be able to call it home.

  20. I have enjoyed your many posts but wouldn't expect the flow to continue as it is a lot of work. I think you like to challenge yourself and then do it - courageous woman you are.

    I love all of them, the water, the woods and the urban jungle. I especially enjoy looking out at the sea or out at a massive vista on top of a mountain and revel in my insignificance. Everything seems small and unimportant when I'm immeshed in nature. I grew up in the City of Cleveland with a concrete background so I'm genetically/environmentally altered to require alleys, people, noise, etc. but I am married to a man who lived on a small rural farm, raised their own beef and gardens. Right now we are near to our boys and enjoy the vicinity. Thought we had a few years before retirement but my job was very unexpectedly eliminated (brought the daughter in to replace me) and my husband then had a severe job injury and we've been fighting for our cause for over a year now.

    If it was my choice, I'd find a place in France that I could visit 6 months out of the year and spend the other half in the US. I was fortunate to work internationally in a past job so my life has been enriched by that experience and my friends are in distant places.

    I love your farm in New Hampshire as I have a sister who lives near you, but I also love hearing about Vietnam because you are teaching me about a new place.

    You know sometimes no matter how much we plan or dream, reality has another way of showing its face and it is good to be adaptable. I can find something I like about anywhere actually.

    Thanks for sharing and take care,


    Hello Mr. H

  21. Jeanne, as with all of the comments above I have LOVED all of your 28 day posts! It is always fun and interesting to see what you are up to while on the farm or in Vietnam.

    I am looking forward to whenever and wherever you next post from. I hope that Mother of the Groom dress is coming along and looking exactly as you had hoped.

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing your adventures, opinions and thoughts. It is always nice to read an authentic and honest blog.

    Have a wonderful week, hugs Elizabeth


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