Friday Chat..your thoughts #27

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My ideas for posts usually come to me on the day. There is no master plan...I just wait to feel inspired. So you can imagine, what a 28 Day Writing Challenge must feel like without a plan. I have to stay on my toes and yet it never seems to take much.

Today, my thoughts are on you and your thoughts .

Your comments are treasured and valued. To be honest, I am not sure who values and treasures them more, Mr. H or me. In fact, I sometimes wonder if he skips my post and jumps to the comments. He gives me updates and reports and since this is now going on just over five years for some of you, he feels like he knows many of you well. Sometimes all I need to do is mention a name and he fills me in on the rest. Ever wonder if you have a secret admirer? Well, I can confirm that you do...two of them.

I have spent the better part of the afternoon catching up on your comments and emails, 26 posts worth and I just managed to get through three. We are not talking about a lot of comments, and I thank the lord for that! But each ones means something to me and I like to respond in kind. First to your comment and then to your blog or email.

And when I read...the questions came, so today, I have a few questions for you.

Feel free to answer them all, or one or to just take them away to think about.

On that special place...
which would you prefer, 
by the water, in the woods, 
or in an urban jungle?

Where do you feel most at peace

On retirement..
do you have a plan on when 
and where you would like to be?

Of all the places you have travelled, 
in your home country or abroad
do you have a favourite place?

For me...

Some of you ask for more stories 
about Tahilla Farm and others 
ask for more about Vietnam.

I am curious, 
which camp are you in?

 A farmhouse in New England-
Tahilla Farm 
Life at Chateau Mango 
in Vietnam
is there something else 
that resonates?

With that I wish you well until tomorrow when I will finish off with the last of my 28 Day Writing Challenge.

Thanks so much for reading feels like we have connected around the world in a special way. I look forward to continuing "the talk". You have given me lots of ideas, ones that will take more time than a daily challenge to write. I look forward to it...

Sending you warm wishes
on this Friday afternoon in Saigon.
28 Day Writing Challenge, #27
Vietnam time

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28 Day Writing Challenge
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