The last time....and the first time #expatlife

Chelsea Flower Show, photo here

As we pack up for boarding school in Australia, my youngest, Connor, plays a game with me.. "Mom, do you know, this will be the last time we..". He says it with a twinkle in his eye and big open smile that melts my heart. I laugh, falling prey to the tease and quickly quip something back, as I always do. We laugh, we jest...we stay positive. 

Connor's soldiers, photo here

This is the point when I think all mother's deserve an award for BRAVERY...for remaining calm and collected in the face of motherhood, for being strong so that your child will be strong. This is when all those deep breaths we take to "stay calm" could nearly put us in a coma...but we catch ourselves just before we do. This is when I stand in the face of denial... it was not that long ago that Connor was lining up his soldiers for battle...time passes too swiftly.

Four children, four times playing "the last time" in the weeks before they moved onto their next adventure. Four rounds of restless nights, quiet moments and countless self-pep talks. With ten years between our youngest and oldest, we know there are years to go before we see the last graduation diploma. We have four years before the last high school diploma, eight years before the last college diploma and many more miles to fly in the flurry of it all. For that..I am so very grateful.

To keep my sanity these past few day, I turned to a fun little App...Waterlogue. It enables you to take your photos and turn them into watercolor paintings. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it...just beware, it can be addictive.  Thanks to Jane for recommending it.

I tried my iPhone at...

Tahilla Farm covered in snow...with thanks to Gordon Hayward, photos here

Deer crossing at Tahilla Farm...with thanks to Joe Valentine, photo here.

Between seasons at Tahilla...via my sister Kathleen, photo here.

Open view from our hay loft..., photo here.

From New Hampshire to open view  at Chateau Mango.

A cutting from our garden...lotus flower in full bloom. 

With that, I wish you a wonderful weekend...
may it be filled with creative possibilities!

Jeanne xx


Thank you all for your thoughts
on shades of greyYou are the best!

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