The feeling of 'home'....expat life

I am taking a collective moment, to reflect on 'home'. This all came about as we shuffled furniture around my son's room this morning. In the process we had to take down his 'memory' collection from his shelves and start again. 

As I looked over his collection, spread out on his bed, I could not help think about all the memories wrapped around each little treasure. Travels, birthdays, Christmas, friends, family...we all contributed. We started a collection of soldiers for him while living in England. The baseball, cricket ball, snow globes, school crafts and the mementos from his father and grandfather sit amongst it all. Vietnam, England, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Myanmar, Cambodia, America, Italy, France, Germany, Israel..he has a treasure from each.

My breath quickened as I looked on, thinking of him going off to boarding school in January. Our "lucky last" is leaving the nest, our empty nester days are drawing near. I sat down with a sigh, looked around his room and thought about his first school vacation next year and how it will feel for him coming home, with everything as he left it. I think of the day when he will have a home of his own, pulling out the memory box, filled with his belongings and the gentle tug on his heart as he remembers the feeling of "home", just as I did this past week.

The collection below sits in a haphazard fashion. The top piece is an old mail slot shelf from a hotel in Saigon. The table is from a friend who was no longer in need of it. Together they make one until I figure out the final solution. As it stand, it holds it all together perfectly and will be waiting for him each time he travels home.

My plan is to one day tuck it into Tahilla Farm....where it will wait for his return, yet again.

My final thought as I wind down from the day....

As we go forth over the holidays 
may we treasure the feelings and memories 
of the people and places who bring us "home".

For the memories...a treasure box here

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