Wishing you a Merry Little Christmas...from Australia

My dear friends

This Christmas Eve, I am typing by an open window with a view to the sea in Sydney, Australia. We have come to familiar stomping grounds to gather with family and friends to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.
It is that time of year, when I reminisce of the early days of this blog and it's reason for being. In December 2009, we moved from New Zealand to England. I thought it would be a good time to write about our life and travels. I never thought this blog would see the light of 2013...but I am still here and you are too. I am so very grateful for the occasions where you have stopped in to say hello. I sincerely look forward to chatting along with you in 2014. We have many roads to travel...I can't wait!

With that, from my corner of the world to yours, I send you warm wishes for a wonderful holiday and the happiest of New Year's...may it be filled with joy, love and laughter...the kind that warms your heart.

Jeanne xx

A few parting pics and thoughts from 
 Whale Beach...Sydney, Australia

" We show up..

burn brightly...

live passionately...

hold nothing back...

and when the moment is over...

when our work is done...

we step back..

 and let go."

Knowing the holidays can be equally wonderful and hectic,
I hope you find time to step back and let go…soon! ;)

Words by Rolf Gates
discovered through Katrina Kenison
Photos by me..while
 stepping back and letting go

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