"Blogger Block" and the Dance of Life

Views to the Tasman Sea..from a beachouse.

It is that time of year, when I do "the introspective", the mindful dance of life. The dance where I put my head in the clouds, procrastinate and think about life... and my blog.

wonder about the who, what, where, when and how of blogging, to write or not to write as I sit before my computer, staring at the clouds outside my window, staring at my computer screen, staring at my keyboard, listening to the clitter-clatter of the Vietnamese men and women outside my window... thinking it might be time for another cup of coffee and then it hits me...I have been struck by a serious case of "BB"..Blogger Block. 

My "Blogger Block" is essentially a 'word block'. It is that moment when you realise that you have so many word swirling in your head that attempting to catch one or two makes you want to climb inside a book, close the cover and put up a sign that says "Gone Reading".

It is when all the words in your mind play hide and seek...they run and hide and think you are a crazy fool for looking in all the wrong places. As if to say..."silly woman, there she goes again, over-analyzing life..will she ever learn?" Ummmm...no.

Well..I had an epiphany this morning and it was simple.. to find words you are looking for, write to a friend. So take that Blogger Block!

I wrote a letter to a friend in the wee hours of the morning and was surprised, at how easily the words flowed.  For those of you who ever feel a case of "BB" coming on, my solution is to write a letter. Pick a friend and write..the latest news, your hopes, expectations, heartbreaks, gossip, rants and raves...your favourite books, movies...all the things you did last week or hope to do this week. The secret is to make it one to one. Write to one person, someone you enjoy and can comfortably tell anything. Think outside 140 characters, 10 words and one photo that says it all... and write.

So..friend to friend..here are a few thoughts that came my way this morning, written from my corner of the world...to yours.  

Happy New Year...and for many of you, a snowy one at that. 

I wonder if you you are enveloped by snow these days. I am having serious winter envy...desperate to "rug up" in all the winter essentials.  I am sure I may regret those words one day...but until then, I will dream of long winter days wrapped in warmth...not a caftan. Mr. H on the other hand thinks I am out of my mind...I think I may have to blindfold and sedate that man to get him back to a cooler climate, even if for a few months. Saying that..the weather was pretty fabulous over the holidays...

From Vietnam...to New Zealand..to Australia...to Vietnam

We returned to Vietnam on Saturday after a three week journey around New Zealand and Australia. One week to celebrate Christine's University graduation and explore the outer reaches of Christchurch and two weeks nestled into the hillside above Whale Beach in the northern beach area outside of Sydney. We popped the champagne for Christmas and New Year's with family and Aussie friends. It was some kind of wonderful and it made me long to be back amongst them all. With Christine now settled in Sydney, Patrick in Melbourne and Connor back to Sydney in just three weeks..I have dreams of retirement on two continents. Such is the life of an expat...and a dreamer.

Back at the farm...snow and more snow

Tahilla Farm is never far from my mind. The architectural plans are coming together in what we know will be a wonderful family retreat. Gordon and Mary Hayward stopped in at Tahilla Farm last week and took a few photos. My dreams have been filled with visions of winterberries, a mountain and open fields ever since. Thank you Gordon and Mary! 

Books and movies and TV shows..because they are always on my mind..

I am in the midst of Open Secrets by Alice Munro, a collection of short stories. I have not read her work before. I recommended it for my book group for our meeting next week...I am curious to see what everyone thinks. We recently read The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon which gave us plenty of material for discussion.  If you read Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and enjoyed it, I recommend The Angel's Game.

Christine and I share books on Kindle. I can tell you...it holds quite a range of books! Not so sure that she is keen on The Best of Everything After 50 by Barbara Grufferman  and I can not say I am in a hurry to read Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James  but between us we have an interesting collection. Remind me one day to tell you about Mr. H's foray into our Kindle world. He was on the plane, looking forward to reading a good book, thought Fifty Shades of Grey was the latest murder mystery, checked out a few sample pages and as he put it, turned fifty shades of red. Christine and I had a good laugh over that one! 

Song for Marion via

I enjoy the flight from Saigon to Sydney, a nine hour trip, brief by comparison to the trip to Boston. One movie I laughed and cried over was Song for Marion with Vanessa Redgrave and Terence Stamp. I should scratch cry and say blubbering idiot. What not to do on a plane... get so emotional over a movie that people look at you strangely. My only saving grace was that the lights went out...but I loved the movie and the red mottled mess over my face disappeared by the time we landed. I also watched Woody Allen's latest, Blue Jasmine with Cate Blanchett. She never disappoints, it was gritty and real and she played the part superbly. While in New Zealand we saw the second installment of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Love the whole series...and can't wait for the next. Will also admit to secret crush on Richard Armitage...just sayin.

I am hoping future flights will feature Philomena, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Saving Mr. Banks. Our movie choices on the big screen in Vietnam are slim...it's all about the airplane movies for me. ;)

TV shows...

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic via
Our eldest son Patrick gifted Season One of the TV show, Castleto Mr. H for Christmas and a Castle marathon ensued from that night onwards. Speaking of secret crushes, Nathan Fillion is on my list as well. He reminds us of Mr. H in a crazy, zany sort of way.  I started Castle long ago at the advice of Facebook friends. They also put me onto Parenthood, The Good Wife and Suits, all fab. Clever friends!

Downton Abbey, Season 4 via

Mr. H brought back Season 4 of Downton Abbey  from London, just before Christmas. I have not started it yet. I thought I would watch along with America. I wonder though if I will be able to stop with just one episode. I am not very good at waiting..you know the person, who reads the last page of a book because she can not wait until the end? That's me. I recently jumped the gun and read the recap on the latest episode of Sherlock. Waiting two years to learn about the ill fated yet miraculous jump off a very tall building was more than I could handle. 

And so...

It is Monday morning and I should be unpacking...forever the procrastinator. The only thing I enjoy about suitcases and travelling is when I get to unpack my clothes when we reach our destination. I hate packing for a trip..too many choices, too much time..words find me on those occasions and I would much rather write when they do. Unpacking is dreary...words find me then as well.

That reminds me...in addition to writing a letter to a friend to unblock "Blogger Block"... try procrastinating..something is bound to come up. It always does for me. ;)

With my head in the clouds, yet again, along the hillside of Whale Beach, northern Sydney, Australia.

Ok...your turn..
Thoughts on books, movies, TV shows, 
blogger blocks, life, procrastination...
I accept anything and everything...
and if "mum's the word" that's ok too!

Wishing you a wonderful day...evening..
from my corner of the world to yours.

Photos of Australia and New Zealand...me
Photos of Tahilla Farm...Gordon Hayward
Media photos...as noted above.

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