Feels like home….

Construction anxiety….
It has been exactly one week since I returned to Tahilla Farm by way of a birthday celebration in San Francisco and our home, Chateau Mango, in Vietnam. I admitted to anyone who would listen that I was nervous about going back. Call it a case of construction anxiety but I could not help but wonder if I would drive up to Tahilla Farm...and fall flat on my face wondering what we had done. 

Dorothy and the Emerald City...
My faith in the design and people involved with the project has never wavered but it is one thing to see photographs, chase emails and make decorating decisions via Pinterest and another to stand in front of the real deal. I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...anticipating her greeting at the gates of Emerald City, hoping her quest would be successful. 

The drive from Logan...
Would it be as I hoped? The driver who picked me up from Logan Airport, Jerry, heard all about it…for two hours of rush hour traffic. I think he was just as anxious as I was by the time we arrived to Tahilla Farm. We both breathed a sigh of relief as we drove up. He glanced into the rear view mirror, I was in the back seat smiling…I am sure he thanked his lucky stars that he did not have an emotional female on his hands. 

A chubby woodchuck...
He transferred my bags to my waiting chariot (Outback Subaru) and he said farewell. I turned toward the house and felt a hushed silence fall over me. I was thankful to be alone, I needed time to process what was standing before me. I looked over to the fields and spotted the blooming peonies above. I wasn't expecting to see them, having thought they were long gone in the wave of demolition last year but there they were…bursting forth with pride. I took it as a sign…a sign that was quickly thwarted when a very chubby woodchuck, the one who made mince out of my garden last summer, dashed out from under the peony bush and beelined it to the fields. I had to laugh.. a strange welcome home..but it felt right.

Up, down and around...
The house was as I had pictured in my mind and more. I climbed up, down and around and finally found a way into the house. I found some parts were as I imagined, some smaller, some larger but as a whole, it was coming together, just as we planned.

The summer rental...
Satisfied, I drove off to our summer rental, a cabin in the woods which I affectionately call my 'cabin retreat'. Stay tuned on this one, it is fab!

The Cabin Retreat

By way of Sydney..
And so begins the summer of 2015, my third at Tahilla Farm. Although the house is not due to be completed until October, I know that each and every day will be eventful. The best so far was the arrival of my youngest son, Connor, who flew into Boston from Sydney late Saturday night. I took him along to Tahilla on Sunday morning…hoping he would feel what I feel.

Feels like…
Four words is all it took as he walked through the house "it feels like home". Week one, mother feeling pretty happy. One week down, nine to go, fingers crossed.

Happenings around Tahilla….
Week One

Mr. H will be happy with his 'Master and Commander' curves. 

Mrs H.  happy to get up close and personal with her kitchen faucet.
Newport Brass..even better than I hoped for.
It's the little things.

Picking a grout colour for the laundry room floor…
who knew there were so many colours to choose from??

I got a hex thing going in all the bathrooms…love hexagon tiles.

Decisions, decisions, where to put Mr. H's hippo and rhino tiles.  Long story...

Shades of stone for the front entrance and mudroom.
Love stone..with radiant floor heating.

Deb, a mighty marvel, builds a stone wall.

Tahilla boulder's, red tagged for a 'contemplative' garden.

Jeanne has a case of truck envy.

Tahilla Farm and her rocks.

Feels like home. 

If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to pass them on!
I love when you do!

Daily update here.

Happy Trails!

Jeanne xx

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