Bless This Mess...

Moon rising over Tahilla Farm in July.

Hooley Dooley! Has it really been that long since I last wrote a post?? In case you thought I had fallen off the face of the earth...I am still here, in a mess of sorts. A good mess.

Before I start the 'mess' talk, I want to thank you for your kind words on the last guest post, A Military Wife by my DIL, Cherie Henriques. Your words of understanding and encouragement touched her deeply...and me, thank you so much. xx

Back to the mess....well, it's all the garden and in the house. Since my last post ( in May!!) we have planted a garden, Mr. H and two of my children have come and gone, our shipment from Vietnam arrived last week and with one week to go...Miss Claire is about to embark on an adventure a lifetime with the Peace Africa..for two years. Oh yes, and just to make that beautiful mess even messier, we are throwing a party for the construction crew of Tahilla Farm..a way of saying thank you for making the long journey to Tahilla Farm so rewarding. The guest list will be somewhere between 50-80..I think, I will know more soon as the event is imminent. A few things on my plate? You betcha!

Bless this mess of a life of ours, I am grateful...every day, chaos and all.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed it is just about impossible to see a photo without a mountain in it...which I never tire of viewing. I did manage to climb to the top of it with Miss Claire last month. was more like her sprinting to the top and me straddling up the mountain between two walking sticks. I can tell was a great feeling when I finally reached the top..and then watching her sprint back down the mountain as I straddled along. ;)

From a mountain July.

It's all about the garden...May, June and July

Plants arriving in May.

Garden views early June.

Porch views to a garden in July.

Pots arrive from Saigon in July..ready for the garden.

Capturing the sunrise in July.

A garden grows mid-July.

Miss Claire and Tika swimming at the local pond in July.

My escape...whenever time permits.
(which has been once this summer)

Tika finds her napping spot with a view to the garden in July.

Speaking of Miss Tika...
she is doing just fine!

Tika takes to the trails in July.

And that's the news to date on this steamy morning in July.
I have missed sharing and writing and reading with all of you. 
If you have sent me a note and I haven't responded yet, 
please know you are not forgotten. 
Really and truly! 

I have been waiting for a rainy day to catch up..
which hasn't seem to come along this summer. 
All in good time.

In the meantime...
wishing YOU a wonderful day!

Jeanne xx

Tahilla attire..hiking boots, garden clogs,
gloves, clippers and hat and
plenty of walking sticks...
to climb a mountain. 

More photos on Instagram here

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