Tika of Tahilla…she made it!

Passing rainbow cloud…Tahilla Farm

There has been some serious nail biting going on at Tahilla Farm this week as we patiently awaited Tika's arrival from Ho Chi Minh City to Boston. Everything went topsy turvy when President Barack Obama arrived in Vietnam earlier this week. For security reasons, Tika's flight was pushed back two days. I admit it had me in a panic…something that is easy for me to do.

It didn't last long as I knew we were in good hands. The photo below is of our driver, Mr. Khai, saying farwell to Tika at the HCMC Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Mr. Khai has been a devoted friend to Tika's these past four years. She has been a very lucky girl!

Mr. Khai sees Tika safely to the airport in Ho Chi Minh City.

This was Tika's fouth international flight in 13 years and thankfully it will be her last. She flew 21 hours in addition to spending 28 hours in Dubai at the airport pet hotel. An exhausting journey!

I am so very happy to report that Tika is doing fine. A bit smelly and stiff in the legs but within a few minutes she was off and running, stopping long enough to let us give her a good wash. It was WONDERFUL to see her back in open fields again. I have been waiting for this moment since we bought the house in 2012. Her time has finally come!

Tika of Tahilla Farm taking in her new surroundings.

I want to thank all of you for your thoughtful wishes
for Tika's safe arrival. There were moments when I 
was close to pulling my hair out…your kind words
helped more than you know. Thank you!

Until next time...
very best wishes for a 
wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xx

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