Whispers…lots of little white whispers

Whispers….lots of little white whispers. 

We spend most of our time in a kind of horizontal thinking.
We move along the surface of things…but there are times when we stop.
We sit still. We lose ourselves in a pile of leaves or it's memory.
We listen, and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper.
~James Carroll

Dear friends….

This bird has landed in the USA and has just about flapped off her jet lag stupor. It was a LONG journey…a series of flights that had me checking my watch two hours into my first flight…with 17.5  hours to go. Not a good sign…but…that was somewhere between Monday and Wednesday and today is Friday... and I have moved on. I am starting to feel a whole other world whispering to me.

It has been go, go, go since I arrived. It was all about the garden on Wednesday, I met with our garden designer, Gordon Hayward…who greeted me with a bouquet of fresh picked flowers from his garden. They smelled divine and I loved the touch of mango in the bouquet. We met to review through the final details of our garden plans. We anticipate tucking them into place the week after next. I am SO SO excited!

A touch of mango..

Since Wednesday, the window washer came along and washed every window inside and out. I love a clear view. The cleaners have come and gone, I stocked the frig, unpacked my clothes, moved furniture and moved furniture again and spent a few hours alongside a wheelbarrow pulling weeds.

Next week a crew comes in to do the spring clean up around the property and the curtains and blinds arrive for the bedrooms, study and keeping room. All this before Mr. H arrives on Wednesday.

Porch views…Tahilla Farm

Speaking of Mr. H…I received a call from a delivery service to say that my shipment was clearing USA customs and they needed more information. Shipment? What shipment? I started to panic…this had Mr. H and his surprises written all over it. I asked for more details, What is it?….they said... a sculpture. I asked where the shipment originated from…they said South Africa. I asked how much the sculpture weighs..they said 100 lbs. Ok folks…I have NO idea what is on it's way to Tahilla Farm but I have a feeling it is going to be a big surprise…it certainly will be a heavy one. I can say with certainty that it is not Henrietta Hippo for I know she is still lounging around Chateau Mango back in Vietnam. Stay tuned…I will be sure to fill you in when it arrives!

If you wonder if I ever find the time to relax the answer is yes..especially in the USA... because I have access to USA Netflix and PBS and a host of other stations that are not accessible from Vietnam. A few recent favs…Grantchester, Vera, Call the Midwife,  Outlander, Mr. Selfridge, Madam Secretary, Blacklist and Blindspot. It has been ages since I have been to a movie theater….I am really looking forward to seeing Love and Friendship adapted from  Jane Austen's book Lady Susan. Have you seen it?

Oh yes…
and the other thing I love to do
 and find so relaxing…
is write to you!

With that I send best wishes 
from Tahilla Farm 
for a wonderful weekend!
I hope breezes from 
a whole other world 
whisper to you.

Until next time….

Jeanne xx


  1. Welcome home, Jeanne! Looking forward to pictures of your gardens :)

  2. Welcome home Jeanne, many adventures are in your future. Can't wait to see Gordon's work and Mark's tender care in the garden. Seems you have the best of both worlds!

  3. Welcome Home! Wishing you wonderful gardening happiness!

  4. such lovely postings as always
    blessings and love and hugs and smiles across the miles

  5. such exciting times! enjoy your new home ... just, please keep us posted. can't wait to see gardens take shape.

  6. You did it! Your happiness is palpable. And...it is gorgeous here. I was already up at 7:30 this morning peering at my amateurish gardens to see what they are doing. Off to pick up our "now" sophomore son and then graduation in Texas next weekend! Spring in NH...so glorious.

  7. I sat on the front porch last evening listening to a gentle shower whisper in the river birch while robins and cardinals sang joy notes to the dusking day. I had been making soups to freeze and the cool spring air was refreshing after stirring onions and garlic over a hot stove. My husband was due to arrive later that night for a 26 hour stay before he breezes off again to another part of the world. His homecomings are often like those moments on the porch--fleeting but refreshing. We stop, sit still and listen to one another.

  8. Jeanne
    Every time you write or post photos, my life is filled with sunshine and delight in sharing in the essence of your journey. So looking forward to the "story" of settling in to Tahilla. The bouquet was delicious and just perfect - bringing that bit of mango along with you in this new dwelling.

  9. Nice to be in the same time zone for a change. ;)

  10. It all sounds wonderful! I look forward to pictures of your sculpture. Welcome home!

  11. It sounds wonderful Jeanne. I am enjoying Outlander and Blindspot too.

  12. You certainly know how to hit the ground running! I'm not sure whether to envy you or worry about you, but I veer toward the latter. Being thirty years beyond a time when I cross at least ten time zones every week, I encourage you to try to schedule a pause after such a long trip, so that your body gets a chance to begin to acclimate before more is asked of it. As always, I relish your posts about Tahilla and can imagine your excitement at being in the final stages of putting it together, inside and out. Continuing best wishes, Leslie in Oregon P.S. Granchester, yes, and the Dr. Blake mysteries! P.P.S. Will Henrietta Hippo be coming to Tahilla Farm sometime? Has Tika arrived?

  13. WHAT A HOOT!
    TO think I forwarded that photo to YOU on instagram.............
    I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT HE HAS IN STORE FOR THE FARM!If I were to go visit my SON in CAPE COD would I drive right by YOU if I flew into BOSTON?I cannot remember if NEW HAMPSHIRE is BEFORE or AFTER!!!!!!!
    WE LOVE MADAME Secretary and BLACKLIST!!!!!!

  14. Welcome back to The U.S. Jeanne, from a NH neighbor. The flower garden sounds like it will be beautiful and clean windows always brighten a home. Looking forward also to seeing your surprise.

  15. and i whisper a warm thank you for the nice postcard from thailand and would
    look forward to more!!! best wishes and im really curious about your sculpture...
    christina petermann
    gerhart-hauptmann-straße 18a
    germany 64347 Griesheim

  16. Hi.

    My daughter and I are going to see "Love and Friendship" Saturday night! Can't wait!

    I'd also recommend "Dr. Thorne" (available on Amazone) and "Poldark" (which I'm only four episodes into, but it's so good!).

  17. Oh I love your porch views!


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