Whispers…lots of little white whispers

Whispers….lots of little white whispers. 

We spend most of our time in a kind of horizontal thinking.
We move along the surface of things…but there are times when we stop.
We sit still. We lose ourselves in a pile of leaves or it's memory.
We listen, and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper.
~James Carroll

Dear friends….

This bird has landed in the USA and has just about flapped off her jet lag stupor. It was a LONG journey…a series of flights that had me checking my watch two hours into my first flight…with 17.5  hours to go. Not a good sign…but…that was somewhere between Monday and Wednesday and today is Friday... and I have moved on. I am starting to feel a whole other world whispering to me.

It has been go, go, go since I arrived. It was all about the garden on Wednesday, I met with our garden designer, Gordon Hayward…who greeted me with a bouquet of fresh picked flowers from his garden. They smelled divine and I loved the touch of mango in the bouquet. We met to review through the final details of our garden plans. We anticipate tucking them into place the week after next. I am SO SO excited!

A touch of mango..

Since Wednesday, the window washer came along and washed every window inside and out. I love a clear view. The cleaners have come and gone, I stocked the frig, unpacked my clothes, moved furniture and moved furniture again and spent a few hours alongside a wheelbarrow pulling weeds.

Next week a crew comes in to do the spring clean up around the property and the curtains and blinds arrive for the bedrooms, study and keeping room. All this before Mr. H arrives on Wednesday.

Porch views…Tahilla Farm

Speaking of Mr. H…I received a call from a delivery service to say that my shipment was clearing USA customs and they needed more information. Shipment? What shipment? I started to panic…this had Mr. H and his surprises written all over it. I asked for more details, What is it?….they said... a sculpture. I asked where the shipment originated from…they said South Africa. I asked how much the sculpture weighs..they said 100 lbs. Ok folks…I have NO idea what is on it's way to Tahilla Farm but I have a feeling it is going to be a big surprise…it certainly will be a heavy one. I can say with certainty that it is not Henrietta Hippo for I know she is still lounging around Chateau Mango back in Vietnam. Stay tuned…I will be sure to fill you in when it arrives!

If you wonder if I ever find the time to relax the answer is yes..especially in the USA... because I have access to USA Netflix and PBS and a host of other stations that are not accessible from Vietnam. A few recent favs…Grantchester, Vera, Call the Midwife,  Outlander, Mr. Selfridge, Madam Secretary, Blacklist and Blindspot. It has been ages since I have been to a movie theater….I am really looking forward to seeing Love and Friendship adapted from  Jane Austen's book Lady Susan. Have you seen it?

Oh yes…
and the other thing I love to do
 and find so relaxing…
is write to you!

With that I send best wishes 
from Tahilla Farm 
for a wonderful weekend!
I hope breezes from 
a whole other world 
whisper to you.

Until next time….

Jeanne xx

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