Tahilla on my mind...

Red tape fever.

Tahilla has been on my mind...day in and day out these past weeks. When I left Tahilla Farm at the beginning of May, the property was a sea of red tape, marking trees and shrubs to be removed and ones to be pruned. On my last drive to the house, I looked at the red tape forlornly...I think if I had stayed I would have dragged my feet on this project for years. 

A new view to a meadow.

We have a plan, the landscape designer, the forester, the arborist, the project manager, the grounds keeper...and I...to selectively clear trees and shrubs to expose mountain views, stone walls and hidden meadows. The plan is to bring the property back to it's origins..to regain what has been lost over the years and return it to the beauty and grace it once held. I think it is working....

Men at work...stone walls emerging.

I was fortunate enough to have wisdom and experience around me on my last visit and could see that it was the right thing to do...all of those mentioned above were patient and kind and answered every single question, even when I asked the same questions over and over again. I do things like that...I reckon if I ask the same question ten different ways, I will trip someone up. They were all on to me...their patience never wavered.

'Martha' in her early spring glory.

In an earlier post about Tahilla Farm, I mentioned we were advised to take down our 150 year old 'Martha' tree. (The realtor for the property, Susanne, called it the 'Martha' tree after Martha Stewart and it stuck). At the encouragement of readers and specialists, we decided to get a few more opinions. Perhaps more than were necessary but as I mentioned, I do like to ask the same question, ten different ways. The good news is that 'Martha' is staying...with careful pruning and cabling she should hang around for a few more years, possibly outlive us all. I believe Martha Stewart would say 'it's a good thing'. 

'Martha' showing her spring colours.

One of the tasks at hand was to clear and prune the trees below.

Red tape gone crazy...the before.

and below, what it looks like now. I would say it is starting 
to show it's beauty and grace...

Vision accomplished.

This week a raised garden bed will take shape around the barn.
Planting it will be my summer project. 

A barn and a garden.

Removing one tree with plans to plant another.

We still have a bit more to do,
there is a mountain view to contend with at the end of the summer.

The 'before' picture and later this year, the 'after' picture.

and I plan to sit right here...

Keeping it simple at Tahilla Farm.

at the end of each day this summer
taking it all in and thinking on those ten questions for the forester.

With thanks to Gary, Susan and Gordon for many of the photos above.
Wise words by Henry David Thoreau

If you are new to Collage of Life and would like 
to know more about Tahilla Farm... 
the story begins with the search for a house down a dirt road.

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