Caftan Love and the Meno Momo

Daughter #1 let me in on a secret the other day. She said she and her friends
have a new expression. When one is feeling overheated from an activity they
say they are having a 'memo momo' just like their mother. 
'meno' meaning menopause, 'momo' meaning moment.
She mentioned a conversation with friends where they shared 
stories about their mothers and their worst 'meno momo's'.
I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one...or maybe not.

She mentioned that one of the common traits we women seem to share 
is the change in our wardrobes to address a changing figure. 
It is a common complaint amongst my friends and I imagine 
some of you are nodding along with me.
I often think that if I could just dress like Ava Gardner below...
life would be so much easier.

All is not lost, for I have come up with a solution to meno momo woes.
We do have options...and we can look pretty hip doing it.
One of them is the caftan, long or short, they look good and are comfortable 
enough for the worst of the meno momo.

My meno momo's have changed looking at the world in patterns.
I know it is against the rules according to some...but really, does it matter?
If you feel good, you look good and isn't it better to have happy meno momo's
rather than grumpy meno momo's?

Lee Oliveira

A meno momo's best friend...accessories. A friend wore a simple
white dress to a lunch the other day and a similar necklace to the one below.
It was a great look...simple and elegant. Meno perfect.

House of Lavande

A woman who has mastered the caftan and accessories is decorator
extraordinaire..Charlotte Moss. Think Charlotte and you will feel those
meno momo's melt away..or rather cool down.

Charlotte Moss

If you have a good seamstress or are handy with a sewing machine,
pick up a few meters/yards of your favourite fabric and go to town.
They are fairly simple in design...if you need some ideas, I have lots
in my Pinterest Style File here.

Paul & Joe

I love sheer caftans over singlets and jeans.
The possibilities are endless especially when you are having
a peak meno momo. Once you get the hang of it, you 
can wear the look nearly all seasons, dressing them up and down.

Short, long, midi, maxi,


it all works...just have fun.
If it puts an end to a few meno momo,
it is worth it!


J. Peterman

If you are far from meno momo's but know someone who might
appreciate the expression and the trials and tribulations, feel free to pass it on. 
If you ask sounds a lot better than 'hot flash'. 

As always, thank you for reading along...crazy as some of my topics may be
it is nice to know that we are all in this life together!

PS..had a meno momo this morning, I woke up and wondered'
if it was 'memo' or 'meno' that my daughter said.
'Memo' sounds better but 'meno' is closer to the read deal.
I decided to try both.
It may change again..a meno prerogative!

Before you go..with thanks to Ruth for mentioning that the image of Ava Gardner at the
top of the post is from the movie 1956 movie 'Bhowani Junction'. Here is a clip,
set to music by Florence and The Machine.


  1. I had to laugh out loud when I read this post, Jeanne. Just the other day I was looking at my closet thinking.....hmmmm too tight, too uncomfortable, too blah blah blah....
    Then I came to my trusty black thigh length caftan and thought mmmmm! Now I'm ready to head to a seamstress to get more made in a variety of colours and prints!
    Hope you and yours are well.
    xo Carole

  2. Haha, good advice. The kaftans look and sound wonderful.

    1. Thanks Loree...You can never go wrong with matter where yoy live in the world. :)

  3. Oh...I love having a new phrase....memo moments. Yes, don't we all have them! Love the caftans.

    1. I am having a meno moment Bonnie...I think it is meant to be 'meno' instead of 'memo'! My fault, I was lisenting and thinking of writing. I must remember to be a better listener! Either way, I will take it! :)

  4. A great idea. Between meno moments, gravity and the loss of estrogen, there's a lot of rearranging going on with my body. Sometimes making your own fashion is the way to go!

  5. Jeanne,
    I laughed out loud and your meno/memo moment comment.

    So nice to share the adventures of aging with other people. I had terrible hot flashes and night sweats in my 30's sadly I now know what I have to look forward to again.

    I am a huge fan of caftans. I think they look fabulous on everyone! And frankly they take the guess work out of getting dressed, something that is a challenge some days.

    I cannot sew but I know someone who can...I will have to put my mom to work when she comes next!

    I am off to explore the caftan pinterest page.

    Have a great day Jeanne.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth...I bet your mother would completely understand too! :)

  6. I do love a caftan Jeanne... and find they are often the basis of my summer wardrobe in France... Not really in london... because there is no summer so far!!

    I hope you are stocking up ion many gorgeous caftans n Vietnam... with all the beautiful fabrics and wonderful seamstresses, I am sure it is a big temptation... xv

    1. A very big temptation Vicki...I think I have gone caftan mad..or it is a very long meno momo! :) xx

  7. What a great suggestion: caftans. Somehow I have just forgotten about them (wore them in the 70s) but maybe it's time to rethink them. I think I'll just head on over to the fabric store and see what lovely summery things I can find. I do have a sewing machine and think I could manage something that doesn't require exact fit/tailoring. Thanks!

    1. You are very welcome Sanda...I hope you can create the perfect one this summer. :)


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