Mr. H, blue jeans, bulldozers and Priscilla..Tahilla Farm

If you read my last post, you will know that Mr. H arrived last week, 
his first visit to Tahilla Farm. 

I am happy to report that he has embraced it wholeheartedly. Phew!
After months of looking at photos and videos he can finally see what I see.
In fact he is so enthusiastic that I have to keep an eye on him.
When we met with the forester, I agonised over every tree.
He met with the forester and quickly suggested we expand our horizons.
When we met with the architect to discuss some alterations, he suggested we 
might want to start again. When we went to the local shops to pick up some
casual clothes for him, he bought blue jeans. In the 28 years that I have known him,
he has never purchased or worn blue jeans...until now. When he asked if I thought
he should buy a camouflage hat...I pulled him out of the store...ASAP!

I think I now have insight into what it will be like when he retires from work.
The man is going to need some interests, outside of mine...several of them!

Once I got his mind off of blue jeans, camouflage gear and bulldozers...
we focused on the little things.


Quiet spaces..

and new friend.

Priscilla and I met by flashlight one dark night as I hunted down the woodchucks 
who have been undermining my porch steps. She looked at me, I looked at her
and she tootled off. I think we understand each other. We can be friends as long as she 
doesn't make a home under our house, eat our trees or toss a few of those prickly things at me.
I am watching her.

Like Priscilla, the woods have captured me, heart and soul...
Mr H and I walk through them every day.
I think serenity and history and he thinks of regenerating forests....
and bulldozers

I explained to him that the best way to appreciate it all is to sit quietly, 
watch and listen...
and not to think of bulldozers.

If you watch might catch a rainbow.

 or have a chance to paint the sky.

 We have been doing just that..taking it in, quietly 
and peacefully... until he mentions bulldozers.
I think Priscilla hears him too.

Bulldozers aside...Mr. H is very happy with our new digs.
My leap of faith worked...two down and three to go!

I can't thank you enough for your thoughful comments. Your
support for this endeavor has been spectacular. I have been remiss
in replies...when life settles down a bit, I will be in touch. 

From my desk to yours...
wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xx


  1. um...this is a really dumb question, but as a non-american, just exactly what is priscilla??? (cowering in my ignorance here, but I want to know...)

    and very glad that the mr loves it all as much as you. x

  2. I never doubted the Big Bird would love TF too Jeanne! The bet is on that his next purchase will be the biggest, shiniest ride-on mower that he can find. He'll also need a pair of RM Williams boots to go with those blue jeans......just 'sayin
    Millie xx

  3. Dear Jeanne, you *queen of paradise*´s such a lovely and fantastic place to live!
    I defenitly would love it, too and I can understand you must have a feeling like *coming home* in different meanings!
    Mrs. Priscilla Prickly is such a cutie ...unfortunately, we don`t have these animals in our woods.

    Wish you a wonderful time there, Jeanne! I know you will enjoy every second!

    Beate XXX :)

  4. Good Morning Jeanne,

    It is delightful to see the woods and the beautiful NH sky. Happy Mr H is feeling at home. I am laughing as my Mr M's first purchase was a tractor, combine harvester, hay cutter and just about any noisy saw or piece of equipment that emitted a decibel level that would send any Priscilla into the next farm. I think Priscilla is a porcupine. Keep Tika far away from her.
    Continued joy as you explore the state.

    Helen xx

  5. ... hooray for you ... nothing better than a vindicated leap of faith ... enjoy your farm, and Priscilla

  6. Well I just knew he'd fall hook, line and sinker.................after all you have great taste and would never have bought anything dreary and plain with nothing to keep your creative juices flowing! Now a bulldozer can wait a bit perhaps - just tell him to enjoy the moments, comfy in his new jeans, watching the painted sunsets.

    Love Priscilla's expressions - does she have a family?

    Happy weekend - glad you are together again.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. so happy you and mr. h are settling in! oh the space you have!!! we are also enjoying our time away from city life in ...we need this balance. hope you make it to the Cobb auctioneer's someday in Peterborough! when do you head back?? xo

  8. Jeanne, I am so happy Mr. H fell in love with beautiful Tahilla. How could he not! Now about that cute Priscilla... not a cuddlier. Enjoy you time together. Hugs, Bonnie

  9. I think the bulldozer is just a guy thing ..... some people just love to push dirt around. :-) Perhaps he needs a small veggie garden to get his hands dirty and keep him busy. On the other hand, he may have much snow to move around in the wintertime. I'd say his wearing jeans would be the last thing I would complain about if he's the great guy you tell us about. One needs comfort and relaxation in their retirement. In her 97 years, I don't think my Mom ever wore a pair of jeans, at least I never saw her in a pair for 65 years. Frankly, she missed a good thing. All in all, I think you and Mr. H have a great thing going in the new mountain home. It should always be a welcoming place to come home to and I know you will "do it up" right! All my best regards

  10. Jeanne, Your new home looks so peaceful! Glad Mr H is enjoying it! I guess to a guy even bulldozers spell enjoyment... Have a great time together with Connor,

  11. It's just so beautiful. To have that stretch of land unbroken.

    I wonder, in that area, does one put in a pool? That kind of project could occupy Mr. H. quite well for an entire year:).

  12. gorgeous is she!But she shouldn't be out by day time.........or is that your fab camera making it look like day time!GREAT PHOTOS!As for the husband!Hysterical...............glad he appreciates it have landed in the right spot!

  13. Hi Jeanne...your posts always make me smile! I am so happy that Mr. H loves Tahilla as much as you do...I love how your tell about his transformation into a country gentleman. And, I love Priscilla! Enjoy every minute of your time at is just so lovely! xoxo

  14. Jeanne..Gladness flows over me as I read your update on Mr's appreciation for Tahilla...and you will reign in those bulldozer ideas as you create the space of such beauty in which to find that peace and contentment you see and feel will wash over him with some help from you and those moving machines will be conversation history, I pray. Love the flowers and Priscilla looks healthy and content...keep your eyes open, for sure...she is truly one of the wild ones who share Tahilla with your family. And it will be three more yeses, I am sure.....
    Peace and always blessing,

  15. Tahilla is loved by all, Hurrah + it is a wonderful place. Bulldozers, bluejeans + rainbows all a man could ask for. Priscilla is so cute!

  16. wonderful, lovely on so many levels.

  17. You sound happy, and I totally get it. That feeling of peaceful satisfaction is what Maine did and still does for us. I know spending time at Tahilla this summer makes you all the more anxious to get there for a more permanent stay. When you leave, you will have much to remember in Saigon. I'm happy for you and Mr. H and relieved to hear how much he approves of your leap of faith.

  18. Too funny! When my husband and I moved to Summerhill, he suddenly became farm boy! He can't get enough plaid shirts, cargo pants and cammo! He has always fished, but now he hunts. We too walk the grounds daily either with dog or horses and there is always something to be done. It could be overwhelming, but instead I am humbled. Many continued blessing to you all, looking forward to more stories:) xob

  19. So glad he approves :) You knew he would, didn't you?

  20. Wonderful!! I'm so glad you are encouraging Mr. H to take his time and really get to know Tahilla Farm before seriously considering a bulldozer. It's so beautiful! Does it include both the stream with the bridge over it, the surrounding woods and the pond we have seen previously?

    Those are the best photographs of a porcupine, and Priscilla is the loveliest porcupine, I've ever seen.

    Thank you for another wonderful post, Leslie in Portland, Oregon

  21. phew! was my first thought too. But how could he help but fall in love with such beauty? Your priscilla photos are too precious. May I suggest a children's book? You write, and your talented mother illustrates. Think about it, I like it! ("Priscilla Porcupine lives on a farm ...", as the once upon a time goes.) Enjoy your beautiful home! xoxo

  22. Hi Jeanne.. I'm so happy for you.. what a relief for you that Mr H also loves it.. can two places be anymore different that your temp home now in Saigon and your Tehilla?.. Peace reigns here for sure! Stunning pics - I wish you well with all your dreams and bulldozer's and ride on lawnmowers.. and blue jeans.. and akabura hats and rm williams boots. xx j ps.. I'll be in Saigon (just overnight on the 6 September - heading to Lang Co, then to Hoi an, then up North to Hanoi.. ) one day we'll meet!

  23. That's men for you... ;)
    It looks and sounds blissful Jeanne... Have a wonderful weekend... xv

  24. I agree with Vicki's comment, that's men for you....!! The purchase of the blue jeans made me smile, I love that he is embracing it so completely would be hard not to though, it's heaven.

    Am enjoying watching your journey :) Xx

  25. Priscilla is quite the charming porcupine. I second the idea of a children's book starring her. The New England scenery is beautiful too. Makes me want to take a road trip.

  26. I just loved this post Jeanne, you and Mr H are going to have so much fun at Tahilla Farm ... you may even end up liking bulldozers! Priscilla is gorgeous and very exotic
    love to you

  27. Together, you and Mr. H, are discovering a pastoral paradise.
    Wonderful photos.

  28. What an amazing tree you have to sit under, and lovely woods in which to stroll!
    Oh - and I had never seen a woodchuck before. So cute you have made friends.

  29. PHEW!!!
    I'm so glad that your DH loves Tahilla as much as you do!
    It's a magical place, I now understand how you just knew "this is it".
    I love the forest and the pristine stream running through, a perfect place to gather your thoughts and dream!
    I'm so happy for you Jeanne - home at last after all those years on the go from country to country!
    You're an inspiration!
    Shane xox

  30. Oh I missed this! And how could I have? It is all so gorgeous and absolutely perfect as it is. I am in dire need of a dose of country and this helped!


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