Over and through the woods we go...into 2016

Along the Tahilla Trail..

Dear Friends..

Happy New Year! Goodness...anyone else feeling like time is whizzing by? It's been an absolute whirlwind in my neck of the woods...literally. How about yours? We had our big event..the long awaited and much anticipated Christmas family reunion and it was a BLAST!  My new Aussie daughter-in-law, Cherie (Mrs. H Jr.) is now an official member of the American clan. She had quality time (days and days) with both sides of our family and was an absolute trooper. Mind you, all this happened in the midst of their honeymoon, a month long trip across America. Our families were  unable to attend the wedding in Australia so the honeymooners came to us. One big happy family! ;)

between the two red barns....

In the midst of all the festivities it snowed...and when fresh snow hits the ground there is only one thing to do...head to the woods. It gave me a fresh perspective, a winter white view around the property and also helped to clear my head. In case you are wondering, I did not take up painting over the holidays! I added a filter to my photos, one I love to play with. It is called 'Brushstroke', you can play with it here.

 and over the fields...to Tahilla Farm.

Speaking of paintings, I am absolutely smitten with this painting of Tika. We have a gem of a gardener in Vietnam, a man of extraordinary talent, both in the garden and with a paint brush. We asked if he could paint a picture of Tika, his faithful companion around the garden as a Christmas gift for our youngest son, Connor. Tika and Connor grew up together and miss each other dearly now that Connor is away at boarding school. I only wish Tika could have seen the look on his face on Christmas morning when Connor unwrapped the gift. It's a treasure..once that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

By way of Vietnam...

Tika is 13 years old, going on 14 in September. She is still happily enjoying the Vietnamese sunshine..the perfect place for her twilight years. I would love to bring her to Tahilla Farm. She has moved with us from Australia to New Zealand to England and Vietnam. Her airplane crate is waiting at Chateau Mango, ready for the next journey. Fingers crossed..

an English Springer Spaniel lassie, Tika.

In case you are wondering, the original photo above, was taken back in the days of life in England. Those ears...those eyes...bless her furry little paws!

It seems only fitting to share an old favorite, for dog lovers everywhere.  Jimmy Stewart said it best with an Ode to Beau...(grab the tissue box).

Tika Tales 
through the years...

Until next time,
wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xx

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