Putting your life on 'EDIT'..

Latest creation at Tahilla Farm... 'Beatrice of the White Plains'


I am putting my life on 'EDIT' 
and I am starting with my blog. 
Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning 
to determine where you are going next.

I started writing six years ago to make sense 
of this crazy world I live in 
and I have come to the conclusion 
that it is crazier than I could have ever imagined.  
But best of all.. it's been so much fun 
because you have been in it.


Many of you moved with me from New Zealand 
to England to Vietnam and all the blogs in between...

You were there in the early days 
when I talked dream homes
and finding a house 
at the end of a dirt road. 
You were there when I found 
and renovated it.

We have travelled far,
celebrated birthdaysanniversaries,
weddings and many special occasions.

You 'got it' when I wrote about 
the trials and tribulations 
and the ups and downs of expat life

You even managed through 
my self imposed 28 day 
writing challenge last year. 

For all this I say thank you 
so VERY VERY much!


I know this sounds like a farewell...
heaven forbid, it is not! 
It is just my way of saying thank you 
for reading along 
and asking for your patience 
while I go into a little 

I am going to do it myself.
I will be adding, deleting, 
shifting, changing and
writing through it.
 I could end up where I started
I could have an identity crisis
and that's ok
it's the journey that counts!

Beatrice..in the pink


Speaking of journeys and being crazy...
I am back in the warm embrace of Vietnam,
preparing for the sunny shores of Sydney
and putting my life on 'EDIT'.

Thank you for keeping me sane!

Jeanne xx


  1. Wishing you a wonderful and productive Edit!

    It is a pleasure to read your blog. Thank you for all you've brought to the world

  2. I'm sure wherever you lead, we will follow. What a whirlwind you are! :-)

  3. Hello Jeanne! Happy New Year, Welcome home and all of that.

    I was a little worried that you were quitting blogging, thank goodness you are not for your adventures and thoughtful posts have been a wonderful companion for these last six years.

    I am looking forward to seeing where this new blog or old blog goes, wherever it is I will be there along with many others to follow along.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures, your ups and downs and for letting us come along for the ride.

    xo Elizabeth

    1. Many thanks Elizabeth, it is an absolute pleasure to call you one of my oldest and dearest blogging buddies. xx

  4. IAM EXHAUSTED just thinking about all that you DO!YOU go ahead and EDIT!I do understand all that...........WE your READERS will still be here.I MISSED SO MUCH!!!I joined up at CHATEAU MANGO!Where my computer wouldn't allow me to COMMENT!!!!I think I told LOST IN ARLES TO tell YOU I LOVED THE MANGO HOUSE the MISTER had done!I really LOVED that he did it on his OWN!!!This LIFE we have is so enjoyable with all our CYBER SPACE BUDDIES.IT would be hard to LEAVE them..................just EDIT!I think thats the perfect word!OFF YOU GO!!!!!!!!!XX

    1. Thank you Elizabeth…Mr. H is one of your biggest fans..he loves the way you think as much as I do! I remember the conversation around the house color very well…it is still a brilliant shade of mango! Many thanks for your kind words…xx

  5. Jeanne, I wholly understand that feeling of time to edit. I hope your Christmas at Tahilla was all you had hoped for, and, if not quite, that it gave you lots of insight and inspiration for whatever comes next. xox.

    1. Thank you Lisa, it was all that I hoped for and a bit more. I only wish it could have lasted longer. I appreciate your words very much, always nice when someone else 'gets' your train of thought. xx

  6. Best wishes with your edit! You have such a beautiful, full life. it will be fun to see what you come up with. Life is an incredible journey.

  7. So relieved to hear you aren't abandoning this blog. Always lovely to check in and see where you are, what you've discovered, bought, renovated next etc. Enjoy the Editing time and with warmth of sunny shores.

  8. There probably isn't anyone who wouldn't agree that this "social media" world we live in takes its toll. Unplugging sounds like such a luxury these days. The Yin & Yang of blogging is tough to balance but I know you'll come out of this phrase refreshed and headed into a wonderful direction. I've enjoyed following your blog and getting to know New Hampshire through it. Have a wonderful time in Vietnam and for being my blogger friend!

  9. Don't ever leave us Jeanne - our lives would become boring without your stories sent from around the world! Glad Tahilla was so beautiful for your stay, hope all is well in Saigon - I hope to see it again some day. Sydney? Oh well we can never get enough of anything Aussie either - send us pix soon please.

    Happy, safe travels - hugs, Mary X

  10. I was so happy to get to the end and find out you are not leaving. It has been a joy to follow your adventures, and I look forward to your continuation. Safe travels!

  11. Jeanne, I am so grateful for all the wonderful & inspiring stories you've shared. You are so wise to pause, edit and enjoy the journey. I'm doing my best to go easy on myself and do the same. XO Lisa

  12. Jeanne, I can completely understand why you would want to press the "edit" button on your life..
    I have been wondering where you've been, but knowing that you have every right to fade into the background with all that you have going on!! It's funny when we get used to having a certain blogger around and they take a break, our days suddenly seem a bit emptier!! Just a photo can sometimes be all your readers need to know that all is okay!!
    Virtual "friendships", although sometimes tenuous, still mean something!!
    Hope your journey back to Vietnam and further travels to Aus. bring you much happiness!!
    Thankyou for all you bring into our lives!! ❤️

    1. Thank you for describing my thoughts perfectly Susan. Exactly my sentiments.

      Take care Jeanne - best of luck with your edit. Raining here in Melbourne today, hope Sydney turns on the sunshine when you are there. x

  13. Hello Jeanne...don't be gone too long...happy editing!
    I adore your musings.
    With love Catherine xx

  14. Please keep your wonderful blog posts coming. I enjoy them all. Much love and many blessings Love Jeanne

  15. I don't remember how I stumbled into you but I know why I was delighted. You were in Viet Nam where I lived and worked, with the Red Cross, during the war. Change much? Yes! but sometimes no. Then, slowly I felt as though I got to know you, the person, fascinating beyond living in VN. But then of course you were brilliant and found a wonderful home not too many miles from where I grew up ! So as we play reverse geography linkages, as you look in your crystal ball as you Edit, if you see Mexico City, Paris, Antananarivo too, yes, I've lived there.

  16. For a moment I thought you were bidding us farewell. So glad you're just editing. Hope you'll be back before too long.

  17. Hello Jeanne,
    Delighted to hear that you plan on continuing to blog. You are a gifted writer and I love your voice in the world of blogging.
    You may "Edit" but please do not "Delete"

  18. I am so glad to be a small part of your journeys and look forward to what happens next.

  19. Dearest Jeanne, ever so grateful your blog was the the happy tipping point of my life in Saigon...
    Your writing is always so inspiring .... We will all miss reading you but trust that your editing
    will begin a new journey. ❤️🌺❤️🌺

  20. Jeanne, although we are recent newcomers to reading your blog, I am glad I "found" it and spent time catching up on many of your adventures, which are all amazing. As NH neighbors, we hope to one day meet when you are able to spend more time at Talulah. Until then, we will follow your adventures wherever they continue to lead. And, yes, we all sometimes need to stop and "edit" and hope all turns out well. Glad to read that you do not plan to abandon blogging, although it can be time-consuming as well, but the virtual friendships are a joy!

  21. Jeanne,
    I always enjoy checking in to see what and where in the world you are up to! It has been most enjoyable following along on your journey!


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