Putting your life on 'EDIT'..

Latest creation at Tahilla Farm... 'Beatrice of the White Plains'


I am putting my life on 'EDIT' 
and I am starting with my blog. 
Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning 
to determine where you are going next.

I started writing six years ago to make sense 
of this crazy world I live in 
and I have come to the conclusion 
that it is crazier than I could have ever imagined.  
But best of all.. it's been so much fun 
because you have been in it.


Many of you moved with me from New Zealand 
to England to Vietnam and all the blogs in between...

You were there in the early days 
when I talked dream homes
and finding a house 
at the end of a dirt road. 
You were there when I found 
and renovated it.

We have travelled far,
celebrated birthdaysanniversaries,
weddings and many special occasions.

You 'got it' when I wrote about 
the trials and tribulations 
and the ups and downs of expat life

You even managed through 
my self imposed 28 day 
writing challenge last year. 

For all this I say thank you 
so VERY VERY much!


I know this sounds like a farewell...
heaven forbid, it is not! 
It is just my way of saying thank you 
for reading along 
and asking for your patience 
while I go into a little 

I am going to do it myself.
I will be adding, deleting, 
shifting, changing and
writing through it.
 I could end up where I started
I could have an identity crisis
and that's ok
it's the journey that counts!

Beatrice..in the pink


Speaking of journeys and being crazy...
I am back in the warm embrace of Vietnam,
preparing for the sunny shores of Sydney
and putting my life on 'EDIT'.

Thank you for keeping me sane!

Jeanne xx

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