The 'M' Word: Part 2

I recently had a look at my blog stats and noticed that the second most popular post since the start of Collage of Life is 'The 'M' Word'. It is a post I created whilst driving on the long stretches of country road in the English Lake District in 2010.  I played a game with my family. They were to think of all the 'M' words associated with the word Mother. The game was quite revealing. The original post is below.

I have my own 'M' word. It is the one that shall not be named and one that women all over the world can relate too. Since that game in 2010, it is has never left my mind and obviously has peaked curiosity with the number of visits to my blog to find out what it is all about. To my 'M' word list, I have added two more words... MM = memory madness.

Here is why...

Scene: Think tranquility of a Spa room. Think pedicure and soothing warm waters swirling around your feet. Think peace, quiet, calm...this is where Mrs. H was hiding for an hour in the Christmas rush.

Action: Mrs. H phone rings.....

Mrs. H thinks...where is phone?  With assistance of beautician she finds it. She was sitting on it.

Mr. H calls to say he is running late and needs to change his dental appointment, can I handle? Secretly Mrs. H wonders why Mr. H does not have the dentist on his phone list...but agrees to handle the matter.

Mrs. H  stares off into distance in wonder ... It's coming, it's coming... it's not. She forgot the name of the family dentist . Shock horror.. .the family dentist...of two years!

Mrs. H madly scrolls thru phone contact list again and again for name recognition. Finds dentist, oops, wrong one, his practice is in New Zealand (must make note to remove from list). Mrs. H can feel a wave of heat emanating from the foot least she things that it what it is.

Mrs. H worries.. what is happening to her memory?? Desperate measures are required.

Mrs. H calls home and asks son to go to kitchen, look at list above phone, and ask what she wrote next to the word 'Dentist'. Son passes on name and phone number and she quickly enters it into her phone contact list. woman, she anticipated that this may happen. Mission accomplished...almost.

Mrs. H is mindful and realises that she is unable to make the call after all and texts the number to Mr. H suggesting he call and add it to his contact list. She wonders if her memory madness syndrome is contagious.

Mrs. H also wonders...if this 'MM' ever happens to you?

Have you experienced the 'M' word? If so, I would love to can write to me at as clearly, I need too. I have been researching the 'M' word and would be happy to share books, links etc.. we can talk 'M' words together. :)

The 'M' Word.. post of 2010 and the most popular post to date (scroll to bottom of page) are at the bottom of this post...........

The 'M' Word
Last week while driving thru the English Lake District, I got to thinking.... as you do when you are driving for hours on end. My thoughts started with muffin, muffin top to be exact. I thought if I wasn't careful what once was mini and has moved past regular would soon be large. I know some of you out there will know exactly what I am referring too. This thought of course then rolled onto the most dreaded 'M' word of all....menopause. It is to early in the morning to continue along this train of thought but then I thought of mother and foolishly blurted out to all that we should play the 'M' game. 
Everyone was to list all the 'M' words they associate with mother.  
Are you ready?
From 10 year old son: maidmental, mischievous and mistress (?..yes, I know)
From 16 year old daughter: mayhemmoneymischievoussmisleadingmovingmadness
From 19 year old Miss Tine: silence...she is no fool.
My 20 year old son will read this post and be thankful that he was missing in action on this one.
From Mr. H: magicalmarvelousmerchantmoonlitmajestic

My questions:
Are son and daughter mischievous and mother is totally mystified?
Are they on to me and know that deep down mother is indeed most mischievous?
What does Miss Tine really think?
Was Mr H thinking of said mother or the view of the majestic countryside?

Last one from me...

Most popular post to date : 
Most definitely and having fun too!

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