Morning stroll along the River Mole

A beautiful morning along the River Mole today.

I can tell you that I wasn't thinking that when I woke up at 6:30am to get my son off to his first day of school. New country, new school and his first time living in a cold climate. As you can was a bit brisk. He was a happy chappy as we went off in search of his school. Luckily Mom did a test run the day before. We pulled up to school at 7:50am and it looked like this...sun just coming up.

I know my friends in Sydney and Auckland are getting a big chuckle out of this by now.  All went well and he was all smiles as I left him at school. I took a wander and decided to capture the morning for the memory books...

and a few miles down the road..... a family of fine feathered friends.

The good news is he was still smiling at the end of the day when he hopped in the car and recounted his day in length....always a good sign for a 10 year old. One down, one to go. The 16 year old gets to take the 7:15 am bus in the morning. I have a feeling tomorrow morning will be a bit different to today!
Images by me along the River Mole

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