Creative Solitude in New Zealand

"I lived in solitude in the country and noticed 
how the monotony of quiet life
 stimulates the creative mind".
Albert Einstien

When I read these few words written by Albert Einstien I thought of a place we stayed this time last year on the South Island of New Zealand. It is called Riverrun lodge and it is situated in the heart of New Zealand's Southern Alps. It is picturesesque, quiet and a place where the mind can just wander....

I can tell you now, a glass of the local New Zealand
 sauvignon blanc at sunset is beyond description.

Gorgeous country and sheep are in sight for miles.
You will find peace and quiet in this part of the world.

Every once and a while, quiet life in the country can be a good thing!

Images taken by me around Riverrun lodge


  1. Such beauty! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. tIO x

  2. Jeanne - this place looks absolutely stunning...N.Z is on my list of places to visit (funny how we never went there when we were living in's that thing again about taking for granted what's on your doorstep)..this will be going into my 'future trips' file! Susie x P.S. Loving all your photos at In One Place too & congrats on the coat acquisition!

  3. What a wonderful place to dwell, if only for a short while. I think I could use some of that quiet time.

  4. Thanks for this post Jeanne. I have just returned from 4 weeks in NZ and you're right, the beauty of the countryside has really stirred my creativity. I think I got back in touch with my Kiwi roots and I have been 'creating' ever since I got back to Aussie.

  5. I so agree - it's the country life for me! I love this area of NZ - it's so peaceful and beautiful. Leigh

  6. HI Jeanne
    Your images are just wonderful.. the third particularly speaks to me... I think I could easily spend some time in the country and get away from the rat race...

    have a great week xx julie

  7. Just beautiful Jeanne. I've never been to NZ and I've always wanted to go....this post makes me even more determined.

    Are you starting to thaw out yet in the UK? Meredy xo.

  8. Lovely to see some pics of the mainland on your blog. Have a great time in Paris.


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