Morning thoughts...January 20

Peace and quiet this Wednesday morning but lots on my mind. With coffee in hand I ponder  the list of things I have to do today and decide to just have a glance at Country & Town House magazine, and then it begins...tick tock..

Turn the page... and remember that Valentines day is coming up...these biscuits from Biscuiteers look delectable.

Turn the page...and this looks interesting. A Shepherds Walk with Jon Monks to discover the countryside along Cumbria and A Food Safari Tour in Suffolk with hands-on butchery, game cookery, bread and or sausage making classes.  
Must add them to my 'to do' list.

Turn the page...and oh dear, this looks wonderful! For sale, an 8 bedroom home in Gloucestershire (Hillesley) ~Swimming pool, tennis courts, cottage, exceptional gardens...SIGH.

Turn the page...hmmm, or would the city be more interesting?
This lovely maisonette is for sale in Eaton Square.
Turn the page...or this trendy spot (below) on Ebury Street in Belgravia...decisions, decisions...

Turn the page....and another Musto jacket. I must have missed this one the other day.
Must also remember to find out more about Not Your Daughters Jeans...

Goodness gracious, look at the time! Morning coffee break over.
Back to more realistic 'to do' list!
(But it was fun!)
Images via Country & Town House magazine


  1. Yes, me too. Every magazine is a fine bout of frivolity and escapism and life stops for a few minutes. I'll have my PA buy that 8 bedroom house for me, I think.

  2. Dear Jeanne - thank you for my glossy magazine fix for the day! Whatever you need to know about Not Your Daughter's Jeans, I'm your girl...! Haven't worn any other brand for about six years now...! Gorgeous homes also...our constant dilemma - country or town? Still haven't made up our minds! Susie x

  3. Oh those gorgeous interiors! And I haven't worn Not Your Daughter's Jeans, but I have a friend who loves them and doesn't wear any other brand.

  4. Oh thank you Jeanne, for this. What a relief to know that someone else reads distractedly. I'm constantly going off on fantastical tangents....Paddington or Bowral? Byron Bay or Ballina? 'Tis fun to dream. Best part...they're free! Meredy xo.

  5. Belgravia for me thanks Jeanne.
    Millie ^_^

  6. Oh I could waste hours with magazines (and blogs!) and frequently do... fun though!
    Sarah xx


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