Challenges of Hanging Artwork

I have been collecting pages from magazines for years as I am sure many of you do. My tastes have changed quite a bit in the past 20 years. When I was sitting in my english chintz rooms in Connecticut all those many years ago no one could have convinced me that I would be living with such an eclectic mix of belongings from our travels and loving it all. What is essential for us, as these picutres remind me,  is very high ceilings and what I do not have in 'The Rental' is very high ceilings. I get more and more nervous as those containers inch their way across the Pacific Ocean. Even more so now that I realise their is not a single nail in the walls. They took them all out when they painted the house before our arrival. I am sure you can start to understand my dilemna. When I asked about hanging our artwork the property manager suggested I could hang a few things. Well.... if there is a will there is a way is what  I always say. I am planning my strategy.  In the meantime it is always fun to look back at these pages.

Apologies, I do not recall where these images came from. This is before blogging days.
I will give credit where they most likely came from  Belle, Vogue Living, Elle Decor 
and House and Garden magazine in Australia.


  1. Dear Jeanne - I find here in the UK they are not quite so rigid about hanging stuff if you assure them you will make good the walls when you leave! In the meantime, I would be content with that gorgeous mirror standing against the wall - we have some friends who have one just like it & I think it's getting very close to the top of my 'acquisition list'! Love Susie x

  2. Look at those beautiful dining-chairs! I think many landlords are happy so long as you use three-pin picture hooks which don't damage walls.

  3. I agree with Susie and Mise, as long as you "make good" before you leave, I'm sure you could hang whatever pleases your eye. Beautiful images by the way. I particularly love the mirror against the wall.

    How is everyone settling in? Has your son started school yet, or has he been snowed in like everyone else? Hope things are coming together well for you all and your house soon becomes your home. Meredy xo.

  4. Jeanne - I know what you mean about getting your art up on the walls - as soon as you do it feels more like you have put your own stamp on the place... We are in rented here in Melbourne and they are SO STRICT - NO pictures (i.e. no nails) or anything... I have found a kind of velcro thing attachment for lighter pictures which apparently does not leave any mark on the wall (how it works is beyond me though!) But for my favourite picture I am afraid we did put screw into the wall in the kitchen - I just could not abide the bare walls any longer!
    Sarah x

  5. Dear Jeanne, love reading your bog and hearing about your adventures in London. Keep well and keep smiling. Love Lisa


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