Monday, January 25, 2010

Enchante Laduree

I think it will take a week of posts to fully report on our weekend in Paris. Jeanne Marie and Christine Elise did in deed have a wonderful time and are eager for more. We made a few notes for our next trip with the first being that we should have a better grasp of some of the key french words. I was so nervous that I would say por favour instead of si vous plait that I forgot about things like exit, left, right, tickets and good evening. My mother always taught me to politely say hello, please and good-bye and that is how I prepared...and that is it! It made for a bit of confusion when we arrived at the train station at Gare du Nord and I quickly thought 'merde'.  Mr H. had suggested we just pop in a taxi. The queue for the taxis was beyond belief and given that I did not know anything beyond bon jour, si vous plait and au revoir and I could see that reading signs was not going to be a help either. What was Sortie again??
My quick thinking daughter suggested we take the Metro...which we did... an hour later.  FYI...much faster to go to the ticket booth...(I now know what billet means) and push the english translation button to purchase two one way tickets to your destination. Do not wait in line with other non-french speaking tourists holding maps. Lesson learned, never travel to another country assuming an english translation will be posted next to everything! Enough of our early was smooth riding from there.

I will dedicate this post to Meredith at Count It All Joy and Stephanie at La Dolce Vita who both suggested that we go to Laduree to try their famous macarons. I must confess their were times when I thought this would be an impossible task..especially when faced with this scene at 5:00 pm on Saturday.

Je voudrais..des aspirines.
I had a headache..
Never mind...we will persevere...we do live in Britain. Lucky for us Laduree was one of the only places open on a Sunday and we happen to be staying right around the corner.  I could see the light at the end of the tunnel because by this time I really really really wanted one of the macarons! How lucky were we??? Sunday morning 10:30 am, after a 20 minute queue outside we were in like flint.  I dragged Christine Elise in behind me and I asked for the lovely table in the corner. Wonderful! Nothing like a sense of accomplishment! We stayed for breakfast and had it all....the sampler of patisseries, the jams, the butter (heaven), two cafes, a big bowl of fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice and a taste of Christine's french toast made with brioche...melted in your mouth! Of course, the piece de la resistance was the chocolate and strawberry macarons at the end. Tres magnifique! Never mind the price (53 euros) we felt like we died and had gone to heaven and if my stomach could have wept with joy it would have.
So to Meredith and Stephanie I thank you. If you had not have mentioned it, we would not have experienced it and that would have been a sad, sad thing indeed!


Images taken by me
21 Rue Bonaparte

75006 Paris, France


  1. Hooray! Thank you for the kind mention. I am so glad that you went and liked it! I have another tip for you - Harrods in London has a Laduree salon - lucky you! If you have a chance, do come visit to see how my macaron looked - I posted the photos today. Definitely not Laduree, but delicious nonetheless!

  2. What a wonderful and delicious time you had. Harrods is my next port of call A.S.A.P. !! A toute a l'heure. XXXX

  3. Hi there, thank-you for sharing this vision of beauty!It is my dream to visit Paris soon.It sounds like you had a wonderful time!I would like to personally invite you to my Tea Dance over @ My blog, Passport to Style.Do hope you will come! Sharon (UK) xx

  4. Bliss! Could there be a more perfect way to spend a Saturday morning - food AND Paris. If there is could someone please let me know! Leigh

  5. Oh you must write all about it! Weeks and weeks of posts if that's what it takes. I love Laduree! And that breakfast sounds so lovely.

  6. Ahh - pleased to see you were enjoying the delights of Ladurée while I was double decker bussing it!! Fun to do swapsies ;-) One year Ladurée put out a macaron called 'la DIVA' - spiced red berry and banyuls flavoured. I died and went to heaven, but they haven't brought it back since - to my DISMAY.
    Right - off to bed for tonight, will catch up with my own posting tomorrow. Bonne nuit ;-)

  7. Thank you Stephanie for the hot tip..I have since discovered that there are two Laduree shops in London, one in Harrods and the other in the Galerie Burlington Arcade. Very exciting!

  8. Loved the story of your adventures Jeanne! As MOTH is the French speaker in the family I'd need to rely on him to get us around Paris. Thank goodness he had the hots for his French teacher (he reckons it was mutual, but THAT'S another story!) at High School. Although I reckon Laduree wouldn't be high up on his list of eats places, more like the nearest dive selling beer & a burger!
    Millie ^_^

  9. Wonderful photographs Jeanne and how lovely to see Laduree - my goodness how busy it looks - is it always like that?? And am so pleased you had such a fabulous time - cannot wait to hear all about it in your subsequent posts and you must 'show us your loot' too! (Glad you found out that you were a winner on my recent giveaway - email me where you would like me to send it when you have a min.) Thanks,
    Sarah x

  10. I just had a blogger friend send me a box of Laudree ribbons knowing I have a sweet spot for this Paris instituution. So glad you enjoyed it and with your wonderful.

  11. Oh Jeanne, you have made my day. You loved! Thanks for the mention. I've told you before that I'm living vicariously through you while I'm on the other side of the world stuck in my laundry. First, the quintessential English country lifestyle and now a trip to Laduree. Any chance you'd like to visit the Amalfi coast? Meredy xo.

  12. Next time in Paris, try Pierre Hermé macarons ( I love them also , I'm not the only one ) and the chocolates of Debeauve et Gallais ( the shop is fabulous ).
    By the way, I've just discovered your blog and I love it

  13. Next time in Paris, try Pierre Hermé macarons ( I love them also , I'm not the only one ) and the chocolates of Debeauve et Gallais ( the shop is fabulous ).
    By the way, I've just discovered your blog and I love it

  14. YOu are officially book marked!

    I will be back for more Paris adventures!

    Great post!

    And I love -- love loVE... macaroons!


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