Expat London- a walk in the park

The sun was shining in London today 
as we strolled thru part of The Diana, 

We stopped in at Notting Hill to check out the Saturday markets.

Everyone else did too!

My daughter took this photos at dusk last night in Buckingham Palace.

This one is my favourite...magical.

A lovely day for walk...to work off my recent indulgences!

Images taken by me and Christine.
Leaflet as noted above.


  1. Wonderful photographs - love the park and it looked such a beautiful day too...

  2. Hello Jeanne,

    Lady Writer by Dire Stairs is playing in the background whilst I travel vicariously along on your magical carpet ride in London.
    The photography is great.

    Thank you, your posts are delightful!

  3. One of the world's best city walks! Thanks for taking Edward and I along!


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