Kreativ Blogger Award

Words can't express how touched I was to receive a nomination from Rita at A Refocused Life 

Rita does the things she loves and that make her smile and she passes it along. I feel it in what she writes and the images she provides for us. She is a very talented lady. How lucky are we all to have such talented people around us? Everyone I come across enriches my life in a special way and for that I am most grateful. Rita is one of them. of the requirements for this award is to list seven things about yourself 
that others may not know. Hmmm....

  1. I love aprons...collect them, wear them all the time and have very specific requirements when purchasing.  Must have extra long ties to comfortably get around me so I can tie in a big bow. Must be cotton and easy to iron. Yes, I admit, I iron my aprons and dare I say my teatowels too. Must be longish and wrap around me and I don't like any metal on them...they clunk around in the dryer...most annoying. 
  2. I have a bit of a bird think happening.  I collect CD's of bird sounds as we move from country to country. I like to collect objects of birds in any shape or form. Always an easy gift for anyone that knows me. 
  3. I took up painting, exhibited, sold one and stopped. I am waiting for the spirit to call again...
  4. I am the oldest of six and a Virgo...dare I say more? :)
  5. I am the world's biggest softy...touching advertisements of any sort and I am gone. My family keeps me well stocked in tissue when we watch movies together.
  6. I have been a stay at home Mom for 16 years now. I stopped after the third child and then their was the fourth and then came volunteering...time flies.
  7. I still BELIEVE that anything is possible and to never stop trying.

    Here is my checklist of things to do: Thank the person who nominated me for the award, copy the logo and place it on my blog, link to the person who nominated me, list 7 things people may not know about me, nominate 7 creative bloggers, post their links and leave a comment on each

    Seven Creative Bloggers-
    Special mention to Susie @ The Mill House 
    who would be on this list except she has already been nominated by Rita :)
    And that is it for me and I thank you for reading !
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    Image of apron BariJ
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