A little purple delight

My sunday stroll led me to this little delight in a local shop window. I wondered how I would feel wandering around London with a black umbrella highlighted with bright purple pom poms. I am a fairly conservative gal who likes a little bit of an edge but this one would most likely take me out of my comfort zone. Time for a change? Could be the inner Mary Poppins calling out in me or maybe it is just all the rain in London. Either way, umbrellas seem to be the never ending topic of discussion in our household these days. We can never seem to find one when needed.  I have a feeling if I purchased one of these it would be left alone!       

The brand is BombayDuck and I discovered a fun story 
about a sassy pair of sisters who created the business.

"Every brand has its story: but ours is different. It is a fairytale, a quest full of adventure and fantasy.

It was an unlikely beginning: a sassy pair of sisters with a strong sense of style exploring a topsy-turvy world full of colour, chaos and cows. Bored by the uninspiring designs at home, they went in search of the new, surprising and unexpected. Somewhere between their style and passion and India's quirky eccentricity they created Bombay Duck, a company on a mission to indulge the imagination with exuberant style, quirky design, and of course a sassy personality. Since our initial adventure that gave us our name, the Bombay Duck world has flourished.
Like its founders Bombay Duck is characterised by individuality and passion. Today the dream is more alive than ever with more than one thousand exclusive designs and stockists from London to New York. Bombay Duck is a hive of creativity and inspiration, drawing from a patchwork world of people, colour and places, we dedicate ourselves to designing home interiors and accessories that are more than trinkets and trimmings, they are invitations for you to create, dream and imagine."

Girls with moxie is what I would say.  
I particularly like the last line...create, dream and imagine.  A bloggers world!
Now...what to do about that umbrella???

PS...Thank you for all your comments!

You inspired me so much that I went out this morning and bought it. I plan to skip in the rain with reckless abandon at the first hint of showers :)    

Images by me (top) and Bombay Duck

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