Giddy in Guildford

You know things are going well when you receive hot tips from fellow bloggers on the best places to shop in town. I have to thank Susie @The Mill House and Sarah @SEMIEXPAT IN OZ for their recent shopping suggestions. As a result, I was a woman on a mission Sunday morning. I hit the stores in Guildford (Surrey, UK) and came home with the warmest winter coat on the face of the planet from Musto and two beautiful silky and warm cashmere tops from Brora. I had never heard of either store before and have since managed to sign up for every piece of communication known to man, woman and child from each store.

Guildford has a lovely shopping area set along cobblestone streets with a number of great shops to choose from. Every corner, every alley, every nook and cranny has a wonderful surprise at the end of it.

This is just a sample of the many lovely items at Brora. I managed to find (on sale) two beautiful tops which I like to call a robins egg blue (arctic by the stores definition, I like mine better!) and the other in oatmeal (sounds better than beige).

My super deluxe winter coat (on sale) is a warm chestnut brown, perfect for the sloppy wet trails in the back woods when I walk with our dog, Tika.

I guess this means I am starting to settle into life in Surrey. I am thinking about the climate and how to make my way through it. My heart now skips a beat when I spot the perfect boots for their practicality...I shall not digress except to say that I am absolutely in love with these boots from Dubarry of Ireland. Anyone know where I can pick up a pair on sale???? to Paris this weekend and have already had a great suggestion
 from Michael @THE SPICE OF LIFE for Thé des Pluies candles. Yes!

Images of Guildford taken by me
Image of Brora top via Google
Image of Musto coat from Musto
Image of Tika taken by me
Images of Dubarry boots from Dubarry


  1. Doesn't it feel good when you get a bargain ?
    A few years ago I saw a pair of red satin shoes in Country Living and they were from Brora. I wear them a lot. as I wear black most of the time and the red shoes look really good (even though I say so myself !!)
    My sister lives in Horsham so she often goes into Guildford. It's a lovely town.
    I'm so pleased that you have your warm winter coat, although, the weather seems to have warmed up a bit now. We often get snow in February though !! XXXX

  2. There is nothing better than shopping on cobblestone streets in the quaint towns of Europe.
    I have never heard of Brora either. As I love cashmere, I will go check them out. Thank you, and have a lovely weekend in Paris. I wish I was going too. But I'm certain we'll chat before then.

  3. So wish I lived close by to go shopping there. Love your blog and so glad I've discovered it. Hope you have a great week.

  4. Brora is new to me too: looking at your lovely new top, I feel a shopping spree coming on. And those boots are super. Despite often driving past the Dubarry premises, I never knew they sold online. Your post will be a costly one for me; I feel it in my bones.

  5. Oh I am so glad you found Brora and a bargain or two as well...Pleased I could help! And I love Guildford - I often go there as it is near where my parents live...
    S x

  6. Goodness, it looks like a postcard. Not like the usual strip malls around my home ;-)

    PS: The blogworld is so awesome for bringing people together....enjoy Paris........lucky duck!!!

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