It takes a blog....

It was delightful...
I had the very good fortune to meet a long time blogging friend last week.
Some of you may know Susie @The Mill House. We started writing to 
each other within a few weeks of creating our blogs nearly two years ago.

We connected on many levels, it started with our expat backgrounds.
We both travel long distances to be with our children. We both call more than one place home.
 We both have children of similar ages and our hearts are split between two hemispheres.

Early days...
I remember those early days in 2009. Susie had recently moved 
from Sydney, Australia to Bath, England. She wrote of her family, 
missing Sydney and getting ready for the Christmas holiday in Bath.

I loved seeing her Christmas wreath on her door and her tree strapped onto her car. 
I hadn't experienced a northern hemisphere Christmas in ten years. I was so excited for her.

She posted these photos on December 18, 2009.  At the time, I was sitting in Sydney
 airport with my family waiting to fly to London to start our new life in England.  
I was apprehensive yet so excited to read about her Christmas in 
Bath that I instantly felt heartened about our move. It was a comforting thought as 
I tucked myself into my airplane seat for the long journey to our new home.

Two English women...
Susie was a godsend. Being English herself she gave me tips on what to do and 
 and when I was feeling most homesick...she would have a way of touching base 
and saying just what I needed to hear. Through Susie I met Sarah @ Semi Expat
another talented English woman living abroad. They kept me well supplied
with tips of what to see and do in London. 
All this via two people I happened to meet through my blog.

Imaginary friends...
Susie and Sarah were the first of what my family called my 'imaginary friends'. 
They would look over my shoulder and give them nicknames... 
Susie from Bath, Vicki from My French Life, Sharon from the French Countryside, 
Pamela and the big white dog, Edward and Lisa from Vermont. 
Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to meet them all. With each one, 
it was like picking up a conversation with an old friend. Wonderful!
My family is delighted to see that Mom is not going crazy 
and that these women acutally exist.
Imaginary friends no more. :)

Back to school...
Susie has since started a University degree and has taken a break from blogging. 
I love that she still stays in touch, reads along and leaves her thoughtful comments.
I hope one day she will return to the fold and continue to write.

Making connections...
The connection remains and for that I am most grateful. I often think how nice 
it would be to put my blogging friends together with my friends from the 
different countries I have lived in. I know they would all enjoy each other's company,
so many brilliant and talented women with like minds in one place. 
A dream come true!

French thoughts...
Susie mentioned that she enjoyed the photos of the chateau we stayed
 in during our recent trip to the Loire Valley. As I wandered from room to room,
I often thought how much fun it would be to rent this house with a bunch of girlfriends. 

Women on a mission...
Just think, 
a few women,
with a few days to unwind 
in a French chateau,
hitting the country roads 
of France,
en route to French markets and more.
Oh...the fun we would have!

Ready when you are... :)

It takes a blog....
for wonderful things to happen. 

bottom images~me
two top images~susie


  1. Oh dear! Jeanne, this post should come with a hazard warning - "beware, serious temptation ahead" !!
    I think we are just going to have to make this happen.

  2. I think we just found our leader Sharon! :)

  3. Can you just put me right in your virtual friendship circle! I haven't lived in Australia but traveled there. Lived in Japan but I heart England. Oh, Oh! Does 2 months in Wales count??

    Stint on the E. Coast but unfortunately am now stuck down here in TX. It's a long shot but, hey, for a mansion in the countryside of France with blogging women!? Anything!

  4. Lovely post Jeanne! Truly would be a most delightful time. Love the pictures. Bonnie

  5. Jean,
    It is so great that you met these f wonderful bloggers this year and how exciting it must have been. I feel I know Vicki and Pamela quite well and I follow Sharon too. I am off to read about Susie, Sarah and Lisa
    What a wonderful idea and no doubt it would be a blast!!
    I am amused at your children referring to bloggers as "imaginary friends". I recently met Mise from Pretty Far West,in Galway Ireland. I was recalling the meeting to a long time non blogging Irish friend and she looked at me like I had lost my mind and said, "do you mean to tell me you met someone from the internet" . How does one explain the difference in a blogging friend and someone from the internet?

    Helen xx

  6. Count me in! What a wonderful post. It's so true...these imaginary friends are wonderful connections to have.

  7. Please, please count me in! What a beautiful story. I too love that about blogging, although I have yet to meet my blog friends in person I feel like I already know them. There is a special connection between women with shared experiences that put them out into the blog universe.

    Thank you so much for your warm thoughts and nice comments about my leg and my tile.

    I hope you have a wonderful week blog friend, I hope one day I can be added to your list of friends that you met in person.

  8. It takes a blog (or five), indeed.


  9. Nice post Jeanne, I would love to be amongst those who would have a get together in France.

    I had the opportunity to meet blogging friends in Utah recently, and I have to say it was like we had known each other for years. We had such an awesome night together.

  10. I'm ready!

    Love my imaginary friends:-)

  11. Oh Jeanne, how blissful! I'd be there in a flash if Planet Baby's Magic Carpet weren't in being serviced. One day, though...J x

  12. Oh that is so tempting. Yes, blogs have a way of creating os many friendships even across so many miles.

  13. What a wonderful story of friendships and connections! and oh my would that be the most tempting trip!

  14. Thanks all!

    To Pamela.... Edward, yes! We will need a mascot. :)

    To Helen....very good question, how does someone explain the difference between a blogging friend and the internet? I always explain my blogging friends as my 'pen pals'...via the internet. Once you step over the bounds of occasional comments to a more meaningful have passed beyond the does that sound?? :)

    I think everyone who has posted here would make for a great party!

  15. MOTH here Jeanne. Geez you've got a nerve posting this. Mills is beside herself & has already rang the Travel Agent twice enquiring about flights. Who's going to look after me & puppy Lulu while Millie's swanning around some froggy chateau with you mob. Honestly you are not doing yourself any favours suggesting this.

  16. Dear Jeanne - what a wonderful surprise when I 'checked in' in with your world this morning! Put me on the list - can't think of a better way to spend a day or seven...I think I may have to try and fit in some blog writing between essays this are an inspiration! xx

  17. I'm ready - love your images. Those purple candles are so neat, and the love seat upholstery is right up my alley. You are so right - it takes a blog. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Lovely idea! I'm quite sure you'll put it together!

  19. Sharon's right about that "serious temptation" - ohhhh, but what fun it would be! Loved your photos...paused and had a cup of tea, just looking and enjoying!

    It's fantastic how you've accepted different cultures, grown with them, but retained your identity. You're amazing!

  20. Dear Jeanne,
    How lovely to have met up with Suzie.....I really miss her posts.
    ....and, wouldn't it be great to meet up with everyone in France.
    Peut-etre, peut-etre, peut- etre !! XXXX

  21. To MOTH: Alas, we would need Millie, as I imagine there is no party with out Millie in it.

    We would be most happy to have Lulu join Edward as a party mascot. I think they would make a fetching duo.

    I also think we would need you too could be our chief counry town navigator. :)

  22. I am thinking....this could happen... :)
    It just takes a little know how and determination.
    I need the know how...determination is not a problem!

    You are very kind in your comments and I appreciate them most sincerely.

  23. Hi Jeanne
    Well I nearly met up with Suzie when she was last here in Aus and sorry i missed meeting up with both of you when I was in France.. just a leap from you...

    Your chateau shots have me longing to be back there!!!

    PS.. thanks for your very kind words my way.. makes my day.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  24. It takes a organize the get together and I am there! Meeting you this year was the highlight of my Summer. Back home, you've inspired a potential "Dance of the Virgins" reunion for next September. Hope you can join us....Your pen/blog/not so imaginary friend, Lisa

  25. I am such an Anglophile at heart! I envy some of your life...but would miss my children too much to actually go. You are fortunate to have such good friends to communicate with...while others like me, just look on with a twinge of envy.
    You photos are wonderful and dreamy, Jeanne!!


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