Savouring the Morocco

Sometimes you just have to savour the moment..
those few precious moments when you feel utterly at peace.

For me, it was the last morning of our trip to Morocco. I woke early
to catch the morning sun and wandered in for breakfast. I found
that I had this beautiful room all to myself. 

I sat down, with a very attentive staff and looked off into the distance. 
The Atlas Mountains were shining in all their glory.
I sipped on my latte and sighed. 

Of all my memories from this trip..and I have plenty more,
this is one of my favourites. I didn't have to worry about who
was watching me take photos...I had this lovely room all to myself.
It was delightful. :)

I am so happy to hear that my postcards are making their
way around the world. Thank you so much for writing
to tell me that they arrived. It is the best part of the journey.

I have many many more...if you
would like to join in, you can write to 
me at

Be sure to tell me about your favourite things..
I like to match the postcard to you!


images taken via my iPhone


  1. Beautiful moment captured so wonderfully! What an amazing location!

  2. The three postcards I have from you are all on my bulletin board. Love getting them from you, my friend! Thank you for the gorgeous sights of your trip.

  3. It's been a while since I last visited Morocco. I don't ever remember having a wonderful breaksfast area all to myself; that's rare... Lovely blog and thanks for sharing

    Jo x

  4. Beautiful pictures. I check my mail box with great excitement every day. Can't wait and will of course let you know when it arrives:-)

  5. The quiet of the morning is my favorite part of the day, wherever I am. To sit down at a white tablecloth, with a beautiful view, fresh squeezed orange juice, hot coffee- wow, is such a great way to start the day. Thanks for the images!

  6. So. Here I am in Rome and the first thing I thought when reading this post is "My, Jeanne is so brave. She doesn't worry who is about while she clicks her camera. Then you mentioned your own worries...thank God. My husband watched the 1st half of the game in the bar at the hotel....all alone. Oh well! Such a sweet story of your own special Super Boel game....maybe the Bears and Patriots???

  7. I absolutely love the postcard you sent! I received it this past Friday. I simply adore the children sitting about stitching. Each child is so intensely focused on what they are stitching. I imagine that they are friends and quietly talk amongst each other while stitching. My favorite part is the stensil on the wall above the children. It really balances the whole picture. I consider the postcard you sent a treasure.
    Thank you again <3

  8. I love those quiet moments when no one else is around at the beginning of the day - they don't happen too often at home! You captured great photographs of a peaceful start to your day and what a beautiful setting.

  9. Oh Jeanne, your morning sounds blissful! A beautiful quiet corner with that wonderful full length painting. I'm envious.
    Enjoy :-)

  10. White table clot, white bowls-the clarity of a delightful morning and breakfast.

    How hard was it to say goodbye?


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