Prince Charles and men in kilts...

I meant to include this photo in a post I wrote about Prince Charles.
I just love a good laugh and he certainly seems to be having one.

Kilts have been on my mind today.
Men in kilts to be precise.
The post on Prince Charles and his impeccable wardrobe
generated some interesting comments. I discovered that many women
enjoy seeing a man in a kilt.

You probably know where I am going with this.....

King George IV looking as regal as ever

Ewan McGregor in red

Gerard Butler in pink

The man himself, Sean Connery

Mark Jacobs doing his thing...

Prince Charles then..

Prince Charles now

I have to say that while
Gerard Butler looks good in anything,
even pink,
I still think Prince Charles
wins in the best dressed kilt category!

I am taking a break from kilts now...
Mr. H is very excited by
 this new found fascination of mine.

He loves kilts
and that worries me :)


  1. Hello Jeanne

    I am with you as regards kilts. I believe all men can look terrific in their tartans. Prince Charles wears this look so comfortably and is an excellent model for clothing. My late father in law, Fred Tilston VC belonged to the Essex Scottish Regiment in Windsor Ontario Canada, their tartan is the McGregor pattern. He lost both legs in WW11 and was fitted with prosthesis and walked and carried on. He wore the trews following to all military functions and would frequently wear the trews with a white jacket and white bow tie to formal functions, such as our wedding. He always got admiring looks in such attire.

    A wonderful post.


  2. Ha,Ha, great fun!! Kilts minus the sporran works for me.x

  3. Ok now please don't ban me from your blog because I DO realize that this is not the same thing AT ALL and my Scottish ancestors would be furious with me for even bringing them up in the same sentence but Remi, my honey, looks so handsome in a sarong! He has only worn them on Bora Bora and Bali but trust me that is reason enough for me to want to go back! ;)

    Bon Dimanche Jeanne!

  4. I am absolutely crazy about Sean Connery, but the shoes and socks are his misstep I think. Prince Charles does wear the kilt nicely. Bonnie

  5. Prince Charles certainly wears his well - years of practice helps. My Huzz wouldn't ever be seen in one!

    Here's a little tartan action on my blog from 2 years ago whilst visiting my sister who lives near to Edinburgh.

  6. i'm with you, prince charles wins the category!!!

  7. I am convinced that men do look good in Kilts, Your pics were definitely convincing! ; )

  8. You are so funny Jeanne! Mr. H. needs I kilt I think. We could ship one anytime he desires some tartan in his life; you just say the word. I suspect the hot temps of Vietnam and wool just might make for a nasty rash?!! You included some of my favorite kilt wearers except my Mr. M. I must admit that Charles looks better as he ages and he does wear a kilt very well. I hope to see him wearing one at the Braemar Gathering in Sept. I'll be sure to let you know!!

    Hope packing is going well?

  9. i love kilts, too. there's something romantic about them....reminds me of mel gibson in braveheart. you're right, prince charles looks very distinguished. i'd encourage my hubby to wear a kilt too, but he's mexican and that would just look ridiculous, i think.

  10. Mine would not look good in a quilt!! best leave it to Prince Charles!! xv

  11. In Vietnam, Mr. h may need to find an alternative to kilts, flowing robes perhaps. The men you show look good in theirs, but I saw a little parade recently where that wasn't the case. I won't go into detail!

  12. There is something quite stylish about the kilt especially so at Scottish weddings and Prince Charles certainly does seem to be enjoying himself in the first photo!

  13. Mr. Buzz has some great legs so I might just float the idea to him - though he's Irish so I'd have to find a suitable tartan!

  14. Note to self;
    Next life....must marry a kilt wearing prince.

  15. I loved this post. And great photos of so many handsome men wearing kilts. They all look good. But I do understand your worry about your husband... Have a great week, Jeanne!

  16. Jeanne,
    Great post. Just catching up with your posts. I was actually away at a wedding where the groom wore a kilt and the full attire. He really looked quite dashing. She was in a kimono! It was a unique wedding. I am with you about Prince Charles. He does look the best and now looking back was even kind of handsome. I really didn't think so when I was younger though.

    Loving your blog. Great stuff.



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