Woman on the verge at JFK...to Vietnam

Afternoon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The day before, Day One...

I am sitting in the lounge at JFK airport, preparing myself for our new adventure. It has been nearly a year in the making which has it's blessings and also it's frustrations, the long goodbye can be exhausting for all.

I am happy to get the show on the road.... saying that, the show nearly took a backwards step when we checked in this morning. As I saddled up to the check in desk seven extra large bags of luggage and passed over our passports I was greeted with a 'your Vietnam visas have expired'.

My first thought went to my luggage, I had no intention of dragging that back anywhere. My second thought went to my mother-in-law, whose home we had just left and the thought of her greeting us again. I then had a quick reality check and got my act together. USA passports, Australian passports, UK visas...they all came out with me in state of near hysteria. I thought of all those emails flyng back and forth these past months, getting all the paperwork in order. Those visas had to be somewhere.

Why I had not thought to look at them before we left the house was another matter.  Of course, I was blurting all these thoughts out loud as I did my mad search. People around me were looking at me with curiosity. If ever there were a woman who was on the verge..it was me at 8:00am this morning at the Cathay Pacific check in desk.

It took a calm 18 year old to take matters in hand. Miss Claire to the rescue...she found them in our Australian passports. Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day! I blame it on the kayaking
this past week...I think it was too relaxing. :)

With that thought in mind, I sign off from JFK airport...our flight awaits.

Wishing one and all a wonderful week ahead...wherever you may be... :)

Bike love in Hoi An, Vietnam


  1. Jeanne,

    Oh my dear friend, I am sure hat indeed you were on the verge. I am praying for your safe arrival to Vietnam.

    I have no doubt that you have been on the verge for a while now, the verge of moving, saying goodbye to your children who are going all over the world, the verge of a new adventure in unfamiliar territory. We are all here cheering you on as you make your way across the ocean.

    Be well Jeanne, a big hug to you!

    Looking forward to your adventure.

    Ps thank God for a calm daughter

  2. May you have a safe flight to Vietnam. Your new adventure in Vietnam begins...

  3. you are living it...


  4. Nothing lika bit of last minute panic to keep you on your toes!!
    I remember checking and rechecking our passports, visas, all the other 'just in case' paperwork we carried with us on our US move. The admin had a travel bag of its own!
    Wishing you safe and happy travels. Looking forward to hearing from you in Vietnam.

  5. Safe travels dear Jeanne..... Bonnie

  6. bon voyage and we'll see you on the other side :)
    hugs and safe travels,

  7. My thoughts and love are with you as you soar through the clouds! Such an adventure! You are my hero, Jeanne!! Happy Claire found the visas.... I know that awful adrenaline rush when you think they are gone!! Keep us updated!! xoxo, pamela

  8. Safe journeys to your new home ... visa in hand.

  9. Exciting - keep breathing! F x

  10. Thanks all for your very kind well wishes...so nice to arrive in Hong Kong to your messages. Sixteen hour flight down with 2 1/2 hrs to go to Ho Chi Minh City....from a rainy Hong Kong, thank you!!

  11. Oh my goodness you have a long flight ahead of you! Best wishes

  12. Jeanne thinking of you all as you begin each new day with another new adventure. I could very much relate as to what you were describing. It's touch going but if anyone could make lemon aid out of lemons it is you! Ho Chi Minh, here you come!!! xx

  13. Jeanne thinking of you and your family through every new step of every new adventure. If anyone can give a tough situation a good moral or a give it a good laugh it is you. Ho Chi Minh City is now just a short jaunt away and your almost there; you've almost made it!! My hat is off to you dear friend. What great stories you'll share and fabulous photographs; I for one cannot wait. Great some rest first!! xx

  14. ...And so the adventure goes Jeanne...so much to think about, so much to do. It's hard to keep all those balls in the air. Glad you had help to sort things out. Continue to travel well and keep posting.

  15. Reminds me of our flight from San Fran to London for our big move. At the gate, the flight attendant looked at me like I was a hoity-toity mom who couldn't take a weekend vacation without so many bags. She told me my carry-ons were too large, and I'd have to check them through. I got teary and told her we were moving and I had all my documents, family photos, and all those things sitting in the safe in my bags - I couldn't part with any of it. I was definitely on the verge of a nervous breakdown at that moment - I totally get it. You're almost home :)

  16. Oh Jeanne,
    Wishing you the most wonderful time in your new home, a new country and a new way of living. Your great adventure in Vietnam starts now and you are going to have the best time......and you Jeanne, will make the absolute most of it !
    Will be thinking of you all and can't wait for photos and posts and to hear all about it. Safe travels, and much love. XXXX

  17. Oh Jeanne. Wishing you God speed. I hope you can catch some sleep. J x

  18. Oh, lordie!! Reminds me of when I got in a slight fender-bender in Japan. Off to the police station I went. Apparently, I didn't have the correct form of international driver's license. Finger printed and all...it was not a good day...but highly interesting for me. Good luck...and see you on the other side of the world!

  19. Jeanne
    My you right now, at this moment, be relaxing with the knowledge that the journey to your new dwelling place is at last under way. Packed household, packed treasures, clothing and necessities for traveling along with you, and hopefully a bit of good reading material and your camera - you just never know when there is that perfect shot.
    May the other end of the traveling find you ready for adventure, settling in to a routine and life in new surroundings with ease and grace.
    I so look forward to reading about the adventures and travels about the city and countryside of your new home.
    The horizon is full of adventure, people, art and food....all those things that come to us in your writing.

  20. Jeanne
    Sometimes the frustration in getting my written words posted...perhaps I need a comment class! So now, for the second attempt...
    Great that you were traveling with ease and now just a short jaunt to your new dwelling place. I look forward to sharing in your adventures through your writing and pictures; each connection with you through these pages brings delight to me. Now that you are getting ready to live in a place that has for me only memories that I connect with newsreels that are not pleasant historical bits of my journey it is exciting and the unexpected pleasures you will share can change that imbedded album of pictures. I delight in reading about your life and explorations and wish for you and your family a most delightful residence in Vietnam.
    Peace and blessings,

  21. Hello Jeanne

    I hope by now you have arrived at your comfortable home and are taking some well deserved rest. You need a massage and lots of sleep and perhaps some meditation to gently introduce you to your new life and adventure.

    I am very much looking forward to seeing Vietnam through your eyes.

    Helen xx

  22. Bon voyage and hope to hear about the rest of your adventures soon.

  23. Jeanne, I can't wait to hear more once you get settled in. Thank goodness you made it!

    I know that you are jet-lagged and overwhelmed, so my timing is off but I left an award for you over at my blog.

    Sending you lots of love and strength as you move forward...hooray!

  24. Travel always brings out the stressed in me - good to hear that everything with the visas was resolved. Have a wonderful trip and looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  25. Looking forward to hearing your adventures. Glad you found that visa.
    I have joined in your fun from Pamela's site. Good luck.

  26. Oh JFK is stressful at the best of times!
    I'm so glad your daughter was there. She sounds like she's been raised well. Obviously a smart travelller too! (Like her mother.)
    Do hope you settle into the new home. Can't wait to see photos!

  27. Well, I've found a new blog thanks to Pam & Edward. Thanks for taking us along to such a wonderful and intering place. Looking forward to VietNam.


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