Just a little reminder to take time for yourself.
The days pass quickly, the list gets longer
and stress levels tend to rise.

Take care...


The story behind the pictures. 
On my dressing table...
A pink glass bird to remind me of the beauty in nature.
A pocket clock from Windsor Castle... a day to remember, here.
A perfume bottle, in pink, my daughter's favourite colour.
A dragonfly, from my friend Evelyn...we have been exchanging them for years.
It was my father's favourite phrase.
I do believe...I do, I do, I do.

I hope you do too!


  1. Thank you for the reminder Jeanne. Same for you too.

  2. Same to you, dear Jeanne! xo Carole

  3. I love the brass dragonfly. Who am I kidding? i love all dragonflies! Hope things are calming down for you before the holidays.

  4. Perfect timing Jeanne! I needed this one today!

  5. I love that dragonfly. And thanks for the reminder :)

  6. Thank you for the reminder. Hope you are having a relaxing and wonderful week.


  7. Oh, I believe all right! I believe in a God so big that we don't need to fret for one more minute! I also believe in family heirlooms and things that are special to us that bring back those memories that changed our lives!

  8. Yes, I need to hear this tonight!
    Thank you, Jeanne!

  9. A very wise reminder presented in a beautiful way. But thinking that nothing is or must be perfect makes you more serene and as Christmas is the major celebration of the year,
    it's just one day in our substantial life. Become not stressed is a learning process and my motto as well. Relax and look forward to every day.

  10. Lovely Jeanne... Your dressing table is the prettiest... xv

  11. We so believe, especially this time of year! We also need to breathe more and will take the time to do so. Lovely vignettes, Jeanne.
    C + C

  12. Thanks Jeanne! What a lovely reminder of what the season is all about! I hope you are enjoying the season as well!!

  13. These days I find that I stress over fewer and fewer things. Life is just too short, I believe! You have had so much going on in yours recently that if you are feeling a bit at loose ends, it's understandable. Take care.

  14. Simply beautiful, Jeanne...I adore this post.
    I BELIEVE...

  15. Hi Jeanne,
    Found you! I had to google you as the link on your comment is not working, did you change your address? I'm a bit out of the loop. Thanks for stopping by today, great to see you on our little Scotland trip.

    I love your little treasures, each with a story and memory behind them. Very poingnant!

    Hope everything is going well for you.You are so far away now!

  16. I attended mass twice yesterday, one being a penance mass - where I confessed to not believing so I was meant to come here.
    Just knowing that Christ is there gave me solace and all I need to do is to carve out a sacred space to allow my own self to believe.
    Thanks for this. A gentle reminder to know Christ forgives and all I have to do is believe. It gets challenging for me when horrific events occur. I wonder "why" - do these things happen. There will always be sin. Let each of us find hope, charity and love, for where they prevail, kindness shall exist.


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