A life imagined....from Saigon

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This morning, as I sit in Saigon in a jet lag fog,
pondering the life I imagined...I feel confused.
My road has diverged into three.
I'm stuck. 
I think I need a cape, a mask
and super powers.

How are you coming along with that one?
Are you living the life you imagined?


This morning I am imagining
a summer's breeze at Tahilla Farm.
Super powers a must!


  1. Jeanne, I hear you. I have a glass block on my desk at work that says 'live the life you want'. It is a work in progress!

    1. Love that saying too Kerry...most definitely a work in progress! :)

  2. I'm not sure if life is what I expected Jeanne, but I've loved, laughed, and lived each day so that's pretty good. xo Carole

  3. Oh Jeanne - I feel your jet-lagged confusion! You've planted such wonderful seeds - so keep breathing - take one day at a time and trust your gut! Hugs F xx

  4. Now that you ask...No, I can't say I am living the life I imagined.
    I can say, however, that I read words from wonderful people like I've imagined. Glad I found you blog.

  5. No I am not living the life I imagined... much better!

    I understand so well your confusion , Jeanne... I live a split life... back and forth all the time and it is often emotionally exhausting... leaving one, embracing another... I often say 2 is possible and 3 just downright hard work!

    I know you will figure it put... and when the haze of tiredness and displacement recedes... suddenly it will be all so exciting again... xv

  6. Jeanne, when I am in Maine I pinch myself wondering how a dream really came true. The privilege of being here makes me appreciate Houston more so that is a double blessing. Though life is very good, sometimes it is hard being split among locations. That is probably what you are feeling now in such a totally different environment than the one you've just left.
    BTW, I just finished an 80 page book on the spring trip which is such a wonderful memory. You made the book!

    1. Agree Linda...while you may have moved physically from one place to the next, it can often take a bit of time for your mind to catch up with you. I am sure your book is wonderful, what a treasure! :)

  7. I work to create the life that I imagined! New places, new people and new ideas! I wander for part of the year and when I am at home, I read and delight in the wanderings of others.

  8. A hug to you my friend. I also understand your being pulled--there is so much in your life that is rich and fufilling!

    I certainly never would have dreamed that I would live in Provence with a Frenchman...never in a million years...I think it is so important to stay open.

    You have wonderful adventures ahead, Jeanne.

  9. Don't think I ever really imagined a life - at least not in much detail. Had imagined that I would retire last year and spend more time in the garden. That's just postponed a little while.

    But, i do have the guy i love and a house i love in a place i like ... so imagined or not, it's all good!

    Glad you're home, but can't wait to learn more about the happenings at "the farm".

  10. food for thought...I guess I would have to ask the life imagined as a child or an adult..hmmmmmm

  11. am I living the life I imagined? that is a loaded question, for the most part, yes! + I am extremely blessed. Jet lag will pass, you will see! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  12. 'Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life. Well, valuable, but small. And sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven't been brave?' - You've got mail. Your question made me think of this quote:-)

  13. Hmmm...I had to think about this for a second. I do not know what I ever imagined my life to be but I do know that I am incredibly blessed. I have traveled the world, have had the opportunity to earn an incredible education and have a loving family.

    That said, sometimes life is CRAZY...too much work, travel, and life.

    I think dear Jeanne that perhaps you are just tired and missing the wonderful "seedlings" of your new house, garden, life in NH. The wonderful thing Jeanne is that you will now have roots in Australlia so that you can see you two kids there, roots in the US where your sisters, and other daughter are and temporary roots where your son, husband and cute pup are.

    Take care of yourself Jeanne, perhaps with a good cup of tea, a bar of chocolate, a book and some time in your special chaise, dreaming of happy days.

  14. I, too, never really imagined a planned life. My life has sort of fallen into place. World travel, owning own business. retiring early...traveling the U.S.. But right now at this point in time, we are stuck in AZ this summer.....had not imagined this! LOL LOL
    Putting our big house on the market this fall so getting ready for a new spot and a new adventure.

    Just like Elizabeth said Jeanne.....take care of yourself...I know at times we put ourselves last when we should be putting ourselves first.



  15. ALMOST!Still have some time to get it right but am a very lucky DAME!Just missing a few farm animals and the castle!

  16. Don't we expect too much from life? What's the purpose in a life? What's our task?
    Sometimes we demand too much and forget how blessed we are. Personally I am happy with my life. I achieved more than I expected and have accept that life is like stock prices

  17. I could not have imagined the life I am living, but I try everyday to make the most of it. I'm with you right now though - surrounded by mess and 100 boxes - I am having a little trouble getting going. But the jet lag will pass and the rhythm will return. It always does! :-)

    1. I am sure it will Jacqueline and I agree...it does take time. :)

  18. our first few nights back here in the city..sleep evading me..from the jet lag and the LOUD sounds that cities have...i was wishing for not only my beach chair and carefree days and quiet nights of the vineyard...but for my family and friends. my days here in paris are spent with a 4 year old. don't get me wrong! i love my days with my 4 year old! however, he and i need to make some friends here :) tell me jeanne..do you have friends in vietnam?

    the life i'm living is more than i could ever have dreamed of. i feel blessed daily. but, i'm in a constant battle with myself to do more..see more...read more..cook more...etc etc! ugh!

  19. You'll be where you want to be soon. It's just a matter of time...
    Still love your beautiful blog.

    Best wishes,

    Janelle McCulloch

  20. Yes, Jeanne...I am...it's taken awhile but I think we're getting there :-) but isn't it ever changing alongside us?
    Lovely post, as always.
    Happy Weekend.

  21. A real and rich life-yours.

    Mine is a joy with new unexpected changes.

  22. Hello Jeanne

    You have had a busy summer and lots of decision making. I hope you find peace and get the much needed rest and pampering needed.
    Life is even better than I ever imagined. I have been very, very blessed in so many ways. There is still much to do and the list gets longer.

    Helen xx

  23. I know it is hard to leave your beautiful sanctuary. I have a big fat letter ready to mail to you... with Tahilla's address on the front. Drat. I'll send it on to Vietnam I suppose, but who knows when you'll get it. Or should I mail it on to Tahilla?


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