The day has come....Mr. H and Tahilla Farm

One of two regulars on Tahilla Farm, I call them Thelma and Louise.

The day has come, the big bird will land in a few hours. By bird, I do not mean the turkey above,
but an airplane, flying Mr. H safely into Logan Airport in Boston. Some of you may recall that
I took a leap of faith when I decided to buy Tahilla Farm in December 2012. In October, I was on my own, house hunting for the perfect spot. Mr. H said, in the end, it was my decision...but...he really liked the idea of living on the coast of Maine. I went to Maine, and searched and thought I found it until I hit New Hampshire to visit friends.  Isn't it the way...the last house on my long journey around New England was 'the one'. It was a gut feel... I knew I had found what I was looking for in Tahilla Farm.

Soooo....he is arriving in a few hours and I am hoping he will see what I see. I think he will. He has had plenty of photos and videos since we bought the house on top of incessant chatter from me on the topic. The good news is that my son Connor loves it. One down four to go. :)

It has been a month since I arrived and I have to be honest,  it has been hard work. Creating a house from scratch has been trickier than I thought it would be. I arrived to stacks of boxes waiting to be unpacked and a house that needed a very deep clean. I can now say I know nearly every corner of this house...intimately. Right down to the very large snake skin I found in the crawl space in our basement. Country living has had it's fair share or surprises..and I have loved every one of them..except the snake skin. I could write volumes but time is of the essence and I have to run...but before I idea of what he is in for.

He will drive to the end of a dirt road..

where the sun sets over a mountain..
and a full moon rises.

He will discover secret spaces amongst the trees..

and nature quietly rolling by.

In the morning, he will enjoy the sunshine on a country porch...

and wander through a garden growing with abandon.

Fingers crossed he likes it!

From crazy and happy in New Hampshire!

Best wishes for a lovely weekend to one and all...

Jeanne xx

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  1. May his arrival be full of smiles and hugs - and of course you know he'll love it, and it's really only a stones's throw from the coast of Maine!
    My hubby is from Manchester, NH and I lived there when we were young marrieds - loving it then and still loving going back now and then. New England is special in so many ways...........I too always said I would love a home on the Maine coast.........I can picture it now at the height of Summer. We always stayed at Ogunquit when the kids were little - best beach, and that walk around the cliff ending up at Perkins Cove for a bucket of steamers was wonderful!

    I know the welcome mat is out and Tahilla Farm, all bright and shiny, will be a happy place tonight.

    Thinking of you - hugs, Mary

  2. Jeanne, He can't help but fall in love with it. Enjoy your reunion!

  3. I know he will love it as much as you do! It's beautiful! Wishing you many happy years there!!

  4. Jeanne, What a wonderful welcome your dear one will have. And it's a perfect summer day here -- as if all of nature is joining forces with you to roll out the red carpet. Wishing you a quick trip to Boston and back, and a joyous time in your new home with your family!

  5. He will adore the farm + not to worry. Thanks for coming by my blog + leaving such a sweet comment.

  6. I can't wait to hear his response. No doubt he will see what you see and love it!!

  7. Jeanne, I can't imagine your husband not loving this idyllic setting! The glimpses you have given us of your house and garden are lovely! I, for one, cannot wait for the blog post that gives us the finished tour of your house. I'm sure it will be absolutely gorgeous! Viv

  8. I have no doubt.
    He will love it.
    How could he not?
    Sending you love from another one crazy and happy!

  9. Enjoy being together in your new beautiful home.


  10. Only a crazy person would not love it. If he's crazy ... i'll come live with you! Seriously, it's wonderful and will provide many happy years for you all. Enjoy!

  11. He will LOVE it. Do not worry another minute. And, he will love it even more because it makes you so happy. Brilliant!

  12. He will love it - I know I do. Except for the snake skin. Snakes and I do not get along :)

  13. How could he possible not love it Jeanne - it is home!!
    I adore your first picture of the turkey, the colours are stunning
    have a lovely weekend together


  14. How could he not love it! Have a wonderful time showing him around.

  15. Dear Jeanne

    Tahilla Farm is even more beautiful than I had imagined. Those images are beautiful.
    I want membership in the "Crazy & Happy Club"

    Have a glorious weekend

  16. Leslie in Portland, OregonThursday, August 01, 2013

    I hope you enjoy every minute of introducing your fortunate husband to Tahilla Farm. I'm sure he is, even from this long distance, a glorious place!! Best wishes, Leslie

  17. Jeanne...The arrival will bring with it not only the views he has seen in photos, but ever so much more...and the fragrance of the woods, the gardens, the trees...a house in renovation...all will welcome him to this home you have found and are lovingly working on...and with Connor happy at Tahilla Farm....nothing like the approval of a young teen...

    Happy, time shared in this place that is evolving as your home in which to live, rest, grow, feel life to the fullest...welcoming home children from their explorations around the world...perfection is alive at Tahilla...

    A happy family time ahead...sweetness, for sure.


  18. Hi Jeanne, I hope Mr. H will love it. Tahilla Farm is beautiful! All the best. Enjoy summer!

  19. I know he will love it! How could he not?

  20. I am sure he loved it Jeanne... :) and you both will never want to leave... xv

  21. It looks divine from here. Surely, it's a HOME RUN!!!!

  22. Jeanne - You've been so busy this summer. The farm looks glorious. Gardner and I are starting to think of places to retire and will make a trip through New England. It's such a big decision.

    We're getting settled back in America but I miss our life in England - trying to keep a positive attitude, though.

    All the best.

  23. How could he not love it? It is enchanting, full of personality, the rough with the smooth. I hope it all falls into place for you.

  24. What a beautiful place! I'm sure Mr. H will be very happy there too!


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