KITCHEN TALK..yours and mine

Well that was fun! I just finished reading your comments to The Apron post, thank you all so much! It seems I am not the only with a case of apron love.  You said...some aprons were sewn with threads of love, some pockets are used for wine corks and candy wrappers (like me). The bib seemed to be the preferred apron style. A chef coat was mentioned which is a fabulous idea. Some prefer the pinafore and others are just happy with the splatter.  I always find it fascinating to read your thoughts...they are so much like mine. I love that!

I reckon...that since we are talking aprons, we might as well talk kitchens. The photos below is a snippet of what is happening at Tahilla Farm. I sit here and stare at the photo...imagining a kitchen amongst other things. Everything has been decided, ordered and now we wait. While we wait, I thought I would pass along some of our kitchen thinking...and hope that you will share your own kitchen thoughts. I am all eyes for kitchen tips.

The Refrigerator, The Second Refrigerator and The Pantry
Designing a kitchen from scratch has been an interesting experience. I have always looked at the kitchen as a place to gather first and cook second. Tells you how much of a cook I am.  With four kids, it was all about food and more food. My kids were savvy to my style of cooking which was quick thinking at about 4:30pm. Child: What's for dinner mom? Mom: I'm thinking about it".  As mother opens the refrigerator door and the pantry door at 4:33pm..she thinks "thank god for the pantry and the refrigerator". They never let me down...which is why we are building a pantry and purchasing two refrigerators, one for the kitchen and one for the basement. More on the reasons for that idea below.

I like pantry's because they are easy. You walk in and can find anything and everything. No digging, shoving and moving. If you look at the photo above, you will see the entry to our pantry in the back right, next to the set of french doors which will eventually lead to a screened in porch. For the refrigerator, we chose the Sub Zero Tall Integrated Freezer. It will have paneling to match the cabinetry in the kitchen. We haven't selected the second refrigerator yet. It depends on Mr. H...

Talking about refrigerators
Talking about a kitchen pantry

The BBQ-and not foraging for sticks in the forest
Mr. H asked if we need a second refrigerator for just the two of us. To which I reply. "Yes...if you keep ordering from Kansas City Steaks we will". The past two summers I arrived to Tahilla Farm alongside two large deliveries filled with every imaginable cut of beef. It was a hair pulling experience as we had a small antiquated refrigerator that was on it's last legs. Exasperated, I would Skype Mr. H and ask why we have enough meat to feed a football team at our front door.  His reply.."I thought you might like them for the BBQ". To which I replied, "You mean the BBQ that requires foraging in the woods for hours on end to select the perfect sticks...which then take five hours to heat?  The BBQ you use for the two weeks of the summer that you are here?" His reply: "Yes, that one."

Mr. H's idea of preparing for a barbecue

My solution, two refrigerators, one for everyday and one for the unexpected meat orders. outdoor gas BBQ piped into our central gas which requires a mere flick of the switch to turn it on.

Mrs. H's idea of a barbecue

The Sinks and The Counters
We knew we wanted a farmhouse sink and we knew we wanted soapstone counter's. That was easy. What was not easy was deciding which sink, white porcelain or soapstone. In the end the soapstone sink won. I thought I was done with sink decisions..and then I was asked if we wanted a divider in the sink. I had visions of all the times I have twisted while trying to clean large roasting pans and decided on one large sink.

I made one more executive decision at the urging of my sister-in-law. She is a super cook and hostess extraordinaire. One of those women who can whip up a meal quick smart at a moments notice. She gave me wise advice...find room for a second sink and a second oven. She also counselled me on the sink, refrigerators and soapstone counters. She has the perfect kitchen...I am one lucky sister-in-law!

Talking about soapstone counters and a second sink in the island

Talking about the soapstone farmhouse sink

The Plate and Cup Rack
I had a mystery rack in our old kitchen. I have to be honest, I hadn't a clue what it was for. I tried everything on it until last summer when I saw the same rack on Pinterest and realised it was for plates, standing straight up. Slow? Yes! But..I loved that rack. It was next to the sink and the dishwasher and it made life easy. We are having two plate and cup racks installed, left and right of the sink. I plan to store a lot on those racks...for we have lots of plates and cups. Mr. H has been busy..

One for left and right of the sink

Mr. H goes shopping. Read below...

China Cabinet
Which brings me to the china cabinet. I usually have at least two mystery closets devoted to the china you received as wedding gifts and can't let go of. You know...the miscellaneous plates and tea cups and saucers and the china sets you swore you would always use when you registered them as wedding presents and then only take out for Easter...when you happen to be home for Easter.

Then there is the husband who discovered Ebay and proceeded to order every fanciful item that he could find to remind him of the tropics. So...we have a china cabinet..which I still do not think will hold it all, which is why the overflow is going to the basement. We have not had a basement since 1999. All those countries and not one basement. I plan to skip around our basement..while looking at our miscellaneous objet d' art. Happy days ahead!

Talking about china cabinets

The Island
The first and most important request we had for Sheldon, the architect, was to incorporate an island into the kitchen, one big enough to sit at least four people, that would allow us to stretch out and bake cookies and flip through cookbooks and all the other things you do when you congregate around an island. So we have a 12' island which will contain one oven, one sink, an end bookcase for cook books and space for four chairs. Add to that a host of draws and cabinets and you have an island waiting for visitors.

Talking about island space

The Oven and the range
Our kitchen is moderate in size.  All these photos feature large kitchens so we have to keep it in perspective. Our design features an efficient use of space.  It is all part of the 'great room' or 'family room' which is what we call it. A new concept for us but one that we think will work well with the flow of life. This December will be the test when we all gather for Christmas. To ensure we have plenty of baking and roasting capcity, we decided on the Wolf 36" six burner Duel Fuel Range with an additional Jenn-Air 30" single wall oven.

Talking about the Wolf range

Talking about the second oven in the island

Phew! That was a doozer!
I had no idea Kitchen Talk could be so much work.
I swear, designing a kitchen, is a once in a lifetime event!

Would love to read your thoughts about your kitchen. 
What do you love about it?
Anything you would like to change?
Any tips for me?

And parting thoughts to end or start your day..
wherever in the world you may live.

Do you believe?
I do..with all my heart.

Thank you so so much for reading along!
If you would like to write to me directly, please do!

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