The Girlfriend Factor...

I can't tell you how excited I was when a brown paper package 
appeared in my mailbox at Tahilla Farm.

I had been counting the days for it's arrival.

I tore it open, headed straight to our half constructed porch,
pulled up a chair in between the bzzzz, clang and boom 
of the chaos around me
and let myself get lost in the pages of Sharon Santoni's
 first book...

I can say with hand over heart that it was 
everything I hoped it would be and more.
If you love all things French..
you will love this book 
and even if that is not your thing..
you will still love this book.

My Stylish French Girlfriends 
by Sharon Santoni

Sharon Santoni is a fellow blogger who pushed her first 'Publish' blogging button around the same time that I did (2009). Somehow, somewhere in the blogging universe..we found each other, the way girlfriends do. I first met Sharon in person when we lived in England and wrote 'My French Country Brocante in England'  to mark the occasion here and again with 'A Country Ride and Midsummer Fair in Kent' here
It was fun to go back and read what I wrote...

                        "I had the delightful pleasure of meeting Sharon and her charming daughter Ella
yesterday. There was no question in my mind when I saw the graceful woman across

the grounds that I had found Sharon. When she looked up and said my name

it was magic! Sharon is every inch the beautiful, warm and gracious woman

that you imagine from her blog. It speaks volumes for Ella as well as she
truly is her mother's daughter."

June, 2011

What I saw and felt when I first met Sharon is the essence of her book, My Stylish French Girlfriends. Sharon writes about twenty of her French girlfriends, how they met and what it was that connected them to each other. She tells the stories..about the friendships, homes, gardens and travels in the same warm and gracious way that she writes on her blog. It is a book you will want to come back to, over and over again.

As you read the stories, you start to will know these women, Celestina, Charlotte, Sophie, Claire, Evelyne and the many more, they will either remind you of yourself or your friends or have elements that you aspire to. And that is what I loved...finding my friends between the pages and the inspiration that flowed from page to page. 

The gorgeous Sharon Santoni (front, 3rd from rt.) and her
Stylish French Girlfriends

I do not want to give it all away, the surprise is the best part of the book. All I can say is do yourself and buy this book...while you are at it, buy another for a friend! 

Which brings me to....


As I turned the pages of Sharon's book I started to think about each of my girlfriends and how we met. I made a list and jotted a few words after each one. I was surprised how quickly the memories came flowing back.  I can remember the spark that ignited each friendship and it felt just like this...

Two peas in a pod...

You now that feeling? That look between friends that sets you into a fit of giggles, the one that says "I get you and you get me?" Sometimes you have no idea what you are laughing matter, you do not need to. Laughter can be the best any age..even from a highchair.

I call connecting with someone in that special way...kismet. Call it what you like, kismet, lady luck, destiny, chance, karma, predestination, providence..when you find that know happy days are ahead.

It has been the year of 'the girlfreind' for me.  Reconnecting with friends scattered around the globe, from my first true friend at the age of 14 to my most recent friend at 58.  I have had the good fortune to connect with some in person, others in words...the years and miles do not seem to matter. If you get each have a girlfriend for life.

Here's to girlfriends...everywhere! 

and to the French women who so generously
opened their homes to Sharon to create this book.
Bravo ladies!

Click here to see the book in action.

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