For Ellie and Teddy....

I never ceased to be amazed by the magic of the blogging world. My family often teased me about my 'imaginary friends' those 'virtual men and women' spread out across the globe who I knew only through words...until I started to actually meet them. Some are now counted as some of our dearest family friends. It warms the heart to think how those friendships evolved.

I am not as connected as I once was with all the goings on in the blogging world. I keep tabs on a few and pop in every now and again for others. It kind of goes like that for many of us. There are so many great blogs out there it is hard to keep up.

I was recently introduced to the blog Have Some Decorum written by Ellie O'Connell from Paris. The blogging world has been set alight by Ellie's story. Mother of Grace and wife to David, Ellie is in the final stages of ALS. She writes as she lives...honestly.

Words are reaching out across the world in an effort to help Ellie with her medical costs and with assistance in finding her dog, Teddy, a new home. Elizabeth at The Vintage Contessa received a package from a reader asking her to sell some items in her shop on Ellie's behalf. Tish of Tish Jett has written as well as Heather at Lost in Arles and Stephen of  Stephen Andrew Jones who have both reached out to find a home for Teddy. There are many more out there working together for Ellie which does not surprise me at all. Great things can happen when bloggers put their minds together.

Which brings me to Teddy.... Provence..needs a new home.

Teddy needs a new home and I am hoping that by posting this photo and knowing that the blogging world works in miraculous ways, someone might be in a position to adopt him or know of someone who would love to care for him.  He is waiting for that special someone in a shelter in Provence. If you would like more details, Heather has more information here.

If you are sitting in another country and thinking you would love to fly Teddy to your home, it is possible. We have flown our dog, Tika, from county to country for many years. There are few things you need to take into consideration when you transport a dog. If you are thinking about it, I have a few links for you to explore.

What you need to know about transporting an animal here 

Requirements for entry into the USA from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention here

Considerations for pet travel on Air France here

Recommend pet transport company, Golden Way, based in France here  

If you think of someone that might be the perfect fit for Teddy, please feel free to pass this post on 
or write to Heather Robinson at 

If you would like to support Ellie, you will find her donation page here. 

I always like to think anything is possible, because in the blogging world it is. Two years ago you helped me locate Tom...something I had been trying to do for 20 years. Let's see if something as wonderful happens for Ellie and Teddy. 

With prayers in our hearts 
for Ellie and her family.

Jeanne xx


    THANK YOU.........JEANNE!!!!

  2. A beautifully written post...let's hope Teddy finds a loving home.

  3. Thank you Jeanne for touching the center of my soul today. May there be blessings for Ellie and Teddie....I am overflowing with emotions, tears, thank you.

  4. Thank you so very much Jeanne. You are a wonderful friend!

  5. I hope Teddy finds a home soon. He looks adorable. It is really hard for me to read Ellie's blog. I rarely know what to say. My uncle died of PSP two weeks ago. It is a sibling, of sorts, of ALS. Words fail me when I think of what Ellie and her family are going through.

  6. Thank you for posting this
    Prayers Teddy find a forever home soon!
    Its sad the shelter in France won't allow him to be adopted outside the country. I have confidence Teddy will be adopted as I type or shortly after. The higher the hopes, the higher the achievement.

  7. oh my heart melts when I see that picture of Teddy. I'm praying so hard that he finds a loving new owner soon. I agree, spreading the positive energy is the way to make good things happen and you are such a perfect vessel for that Jeanne. Thank you for sharing this story, I also read about Ellie at the Contessa's blog and I feel so sad and so moved by all that I'm reading.

  8. After following the posted links to read about Ellie and Teddy, I am at a loss for words. The courage of this amazing woman to share her life has left me both sad and odd as it may sound exhilirated. Ellie has more grace in facing death, then many face in daily living. I hope that by now Teddy has a new home thanks to you and other friends.


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