Puppy Love...True Love..Farewell Tika

Tika in Australia, 2003

Dear Friends,

I have stopped and started this post so many times in the past weeks... a loss for words, until now. Many of you would have seen on my Instagram post that our dear Tika passed away peacefully. Her 14.7 adventurous years had come to an end at Tahilla Farm in New Hampshire…a long way from her birthplace in Melbourne, Australia. We all take comfort that she is resting with us and is now part of the Tahilla Farm story.
I could cry you a post and the words would run deep but I won’t. Instead, I would like to take this time to remember a wonderful loving pet, a soulful girl who followed us around the globe again and again. She loved us all but her true love was Connor and he returned that love year after year.

Connor and Tika...puppy love in Australia, 2003

Connor and Tika measuring up in New Zealand, 2006

In the swim in New Zealand, 2008

Tika laying claim to Hadrian's Wall in England, 2010

Reading time in England, 2011

Tika wins in Vietnam, 2013
Tika of Chateau Mango, Vietnam, 2016

Tika with her 'second family' at Chateau Mango in Vietnam, 2016
Mr. Khai, Mr. Thuan and Ms. Huyen (missing Mr. Tam)

Last photo, Connor and Tika in USA, 2017

Tika of Tahilla...long may she roam

We will miss Tika dearly but are so very happy that she could make the final journey from Vietnam to Tahilla Farm to be with us. She is now woven into the story of Tahilla, roaming the meadows and woods, always by our side...in spirit. 

Thank you all for you very kind words 
on Instagram, they touched us deeply.

Hoping you are having a wonderful start to the New Year, 
it certainly came in with a roar. 

Jeanne xx

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