The Christmas Card Photo...which one do you like?

I am the first to say no, no, no when it comes to seeing Christmas decoration in stores in October. So it  must seem odd that I am asking for your advice on picking a Tahilla Farm Christmas card photo in October. But I am. ;)

Once upon a time I went all out on Christmas cards, the perfect photo, the long Christmas address list, piles of domestic and international stamps and then the afternoons of writing and writing...until it all stopped. I think it did for many of us. The kids grew up, they scattered...and when you did get together, someone would always forget to take the group photo (me)...and then they were off again.

This year will be different. I will send a Christmas card... and not resort to the usual last minute email. I am going to send it the old fashioned snail mail way.

I have been searching for the perfect Tahilla Farm Christmas pic, spending the last two years getting out amidst the snow flakes to take a photo that says...Welcome to Tahilla Farm, come on in, take your boots off and stay awhile!

This is where I need your help. I have six photos, in no particular order. They have not been photoshopped and they may never get to that stage if life kicks up a few more notches. This could be as good as it gets.

I would love to know which one makes you smile, I am hoping at least one makes you feel like you would be happy to drop in and say hello. :)

If you see a pic you like, you can leave a comment with a number 
or write to me 
You could also leave a number in the comment section
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Any way that works for you works for me! 

They may all look alike (house and snow)
 but you will see 
that each is different.

Your choice?
Thank you!!!

To set the mood, 
a Grace Note from Francine in Quebec
have a listen..

Your favorites to date, in order of preference:


For you, 
from me,
a favorite
Edgar A. Guest

When Friends Drop In

It may be old-fashioned, but the times I like the best
Are not the splendid parties with the women gaily dressed,
And the music tuned for dancing and the laughter of the throng,
With a paid comedian's antics or a hired musicians song,
But the quiet times of friendship, with the chuckles and the grin,
And the circle at the fireside when a few good friends drop in.

There's something 'round the fireplace that no club can imitate,
And no throng can ever equal just a few folks near the grate;
Though I sometimes like an opera, there's no music quite so sweet
As the singing of the neighbours that you're always glad to meet;
Oh, I know when they come calling that the fun will soon begin,
And I'm happiest those evenings when a few friends drop in.

There's no pomp of preparation, there's no style or sham or fuss;
We are glad to welcome callers who are glad to be with us,
And we sit around and visit or we start a merry game,
And we show them by our manner that we're mighty pleased they came,
For there's something real about it, and the yarns we love to spin,
And the time flies, Oh, so swiftly when a few good friends drop in.

Let me live my life among them, cheerful, kindly folks and true,
And I'll ask no greater glory till my time of life is through;
Let me share the love and favor of the few who know me best,
And I'll spend my time contented till my sun sinks in the west;
I will take what fortune sends me and the little I may win,
And be happy on those evenings when a few good friends drop in.

Edgar A. Guest

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xx

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