True Compassion...a poem

Sometime go outside and sit,
in the evening at sunset,
when there's a slight breeze
that touches your body,
and makes the leaves
and the trees move gently.

You're not trying to do 
anything, really.

You're simply allowing
yourself to be,
very open from deep within,
without holding
onto anything whatsoever.

Don't bring something back
from the past, from a memory.

Don't plan that something
should happen.

Don't hold onto anything 
in the present.

Nothing you perceive
needs to be nailed down.

Simply let experience
take place, very freely,
so that your empty, open heart
is suffused with the tenderness
of true compassion.

From my spot under 
the chestnut tree.

Letting it be.

Jeanne xx


  1. Such beautiful words. It's so hard to sit still and calm and not think about anything past or in the future - just enjoying the present! My mind races all the time and I usually can't shut out all thoughts. . . . . . . but I will try some day soon when the heat dissipates, the mosquitoes die, and contemplation is possible in the cooler garden under an oak tree - sadly I don't have a chestnut!
    Mary X

    1. Sitting in a cooler garden under an oak tree sounds pretty special to me Mary...xx

  2. Very beautiful, Jeanne. The words are perfect and offer wonderful advice.


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