A Bird's-eye View....Tahilla Farm

Image: Lauren Seabourne

 There has been magic at work around Tahilla Farm, the kind of magic that Katrina Kenison wrote about in her book Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment.

"Perhaps our paths crossed randomly, 
but somehow I think not, 
choosing to believe instead that there is invisible magic 
at work in all our lives, 
magic that sets us down on the routes we're meant to walk, 
magic that lends us to one another, 
magic for fuelling every journey 
undertaken in the name of mystery and love 
and faith in the ultimate rightness of things"

Written by Katrina Kenison 
'Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment"

The magic for me is the photo above. I am standing on our terrace with Katrina while her soul daughter, Lauren, is ably guiding a drone via her iPhone above our property. I don't think it gets any more magical than that! The result took my breath away and her video clip (below) of me walking through the garden collecting herbs and flowers with my trug is dreamy. I want more!

Katrina and I connected when we first moved to Tahilla Farm, she was introduced to me through Maude, who was introduced to me through Joe and Paula who were introduced to me through Lisa who discovered me through this blog, Collage of Life. This is a story I often tell when people ask me why we live in the woods of New Hampshire...and I always reply "it started with my blog". I have yet to discover a shortcut to the story but it began HERE.

A few years ago, Katrina asked me to participate in a blog hop to answer the question Why I Write. That was five years ago and as I read it today, I realized I will be coming up on a ten year Collage of Life anniversary in October. Ten years on and I still write for the same reasons and the fact that I am now embarking on an extension of my blog with Tahilla Gatherings feels like I have come full circle. A delightful circle.

Why I Write

And here we are...Tahilla Farm (below), still under construction (the Carriage House entrance and a little more landscaping) but not far to go before we move out of construction mode.

Someone asked me the other day what I do with my time. What do I do? I don't know, I guess I do what you do...breathe??? I am never quite certain why I always feel perplexed and challenged by that question. I feel a "brain drain" coming on by the time the question is out there and it's my own brain that has left me. But then... I look at the photo below and think...that's it, that's what I have been doing for the past seven years...I have been building a home, from near and afar. And before that, I was moving homes and family from country to country...and breathing.

Image: Lauren Seabourne

Speaking of home, a wonderful blogging friend, Catherine, sent me this poem after reading my blog post on A Month of Sundays and Mr. H. I am always touched when someone takes the time to write after reading my blog...it's a gift. This, a lovely gift by Dutch poet, Rutger Kopland, Under the Apple Tree. Thank you Catherine!

Under The Apple Tree

I came home, it was about 
eight and remarkably
close for the time of the year,
the garden seat stood waiting
under the apple tree

I took my place and sat
watching how my neighbour
was still digging in his garden,
the night came out of the soil
a light growing bluer hung 
in the apple tree

then slowly it once again 
became too beautiful to be true, 
the day's alarms disappeared
 in the scent of hay, 
toys again lay in the grass 
and from far away 
in the house came the laughter 
of children in the bath
to where I sat,
to under the apple tree.

and later I heard the wings
of wild geese in the sky
heard how still and empty
it was becoming

luckily someone came 
and sat beside me, 
to be precise it was
you who came to my side
under the apple tree,
remarkably close
for our time of life. 

1966, Dutch poet
Rutger Kopland

Thank you Katrina, Lauren and Catherine 
for the magic you bring to my life!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!!

Jeanne xx

You can write to me: jeannecollageoflife@gmail.com


  1. A beautiful journey, along your blog, a garden of thoughts, inspirations, comforts, smiles.
    Thank you

    1. So lovely May...thank you. Love your expression... "a garden of thoughts". :)

  2. You've been building a home, a work of art, an entire landscape. Beautiful. Inspired, to get a drone video.

    1. Thank you Lisa...a drone video now on my list too! :))

  3. This was ever so lovely..nice to meet you X

  4. Jeanne, you have been building a home for your family scattered near and far and it is a magical place and a respite in the storms of life.

    I love this drone video. My brother and makes beautiful movies. I could see you making some beautiful ones as well of your spectacular farm.

    I love the story of finding your farm, blogging brings so many interesting people together from across the world and not only expands our own worlds but friendships as well.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, I hope you visit one day...for a Tahilla Gathering? :) xx

  5. So much fun to see you in the garden from above with your trug Jeanne - and what a beautiful patch of lavender and such.
    Tahilla has certainly been a labor of love but now is paying off in its beauty. NH was lucky to get you and your special family!

    1. Thank you Mary! I love my trug...and I look forward to meeting you...soon!

  6. Thanks so much for the "overhead" photos ... have been trying to put it all in perspective since you first began the "renovations" at Tilhilla Farm and have not ever gotten it nearly right. Now it all makes sense. the garden is just lovely. i adore the rounded corners! Makes it all one with the earth. Now, i shall imagine you sitting in the evenings by the firepit just feeling the last butterflies of the day making way for the fireflies. And a glass of wine, of course! So lovely and peaceful.

    And, i know exactly what you are doing with your time!

    1. Thank you Webb...yes, it can be a challenge to explain it all, especially with the old and new features of the house, with two entrances and one that has since become our secret side door. Lauren's keen eye captured the exterior well. I am all for that glass of wine by the fire...making way for a dizzying parade of dragonflies at dusk. Such a show!!

  7. What do you do with your time? That seems to be a question asked by those who prefer not to be home, I find. Your garden is just beautiful. Thanks for this post and the photos/video.

  8. How grateful I am to have become both your neighbor and your friend here in our little corner of New Hampshire. Watching your new home take shape over these last few years has been a lesson in both patience and vision. And the bird's eye view is magical indeed; suddenly we see the true shape of things, hidden beauties, the big picture. A reminder, really, that zooming up and having a look from another angle is always a good idea! Thank you for sharing so eloquently.

    1. Absolute pleasure Katrina...so happy we were able to spend time with Lauren sharing in that "soul" love and your amazing G&T's. ;)


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