A Month of Sundays and Mr. H

A Month of Sundays by Liz Byrski


Four women are part of an online book club via Skype for ten years. Their only interaction is through the monthly book club meetings. One of the members is given an opportunity to house sit in a country home for a month and she invites her fellow bibliophiles along. They all happen to be in transition for various reasons and decide to join in...with one proviso. Every Sunday they will meet to discuss a book proposed by each member. The book must be kept a secret and four copies brought along to share AND...the book must be one that each member feels a connection to,  one that tells her personal story best. The idea is for each of the four women to get to know each other at a deeper level, over A Month of Sundays. They do!

"Ros looks around the room. Remember this, she tells herself. This is us, this is what we do. We talk about books, we make them work in our own lives; walk through the doors they open for us, cross the bridges they lay out for us, and pick and choose what we need to take away from them. They brought us together, and they'll keep us together, too."
excerpt A Month of Sundays

Reading time...porch time

The book is written by Australian author, Liz Byrski. I have written about Liz before and the first book I read of hers many years ago, Gang of Four. It is one I have recommended for book clubs and  gifted to fellow bibliophiles for many years. I enjoy her writing for the connections made between women and the journeys they travel, alone and together. There are times when I need a Liz Byrski book and this was one of them. I found it on Amazon...I would recommend starting there if you are a USA reader.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about that one book I would recommend that would best translate to my life story. How about you? Any come top of mind to you?

Some of you may not be surprised that I jumped on this book given our talk about Tahilla Gatherings, books, bibliophiles, crossroads in life and the idea of a "book club gathering"at Tahilla Farm. This would be a fabulous theme for one. If you read the book, let me know what you think! You can check out the book HERE and if you are new to the Tahilla Gatherings concept, read HERE


Mr. H still loves cake and ice cream

This brings me to another favorite topic of mine, Mr. H. As I write, he is deep in slumber in Hong Kong, waking shortly, on a Sunday, to his 62nd birthday. Since we started our Tahilla Farm journey...coming up on seven years at the end of the year, I think we may have spent one or two of his birthdays together and the same for me. Timing is not with us when June and September roll around. Such is expat life.

I would like to give a shout out to MR. H and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! in Hong Kong. We will celebrate in August when we are together again. He is fortunate to have both Aussie and American Father's Day celebrations so we roll it all into one bundle in August when we will eat all his favorite foods and as you can see from the photo above (my absolute favorite)...it involved cake and ice cream and dribbles on his clothes...and it still does!

For those of you who have been around a while, you may recall the story about the "Master and Commander window", a tree house and Tarzan and Jane. Funny how that Master and Commander window sticks with people, when they visit they ask to see it...the story has endured. I love that!

Reference for the Master and Commander window

The post was written in the early stages of our architectural drawings for Tahilla Farm and there were many times when I insisted that Mr. H might be better served living in a tree house. ;) Well we got over our differences of opinions...we have two Master and Commander windows. The tree house is still on the drawings boards...and I am thinking it might be the perfect retirement project. :))

Mr. H enjoys traveling down memory lane
at Collage of Life...especially when he is featured.
And I do love a story that involves Mr. H.

I thought there were a few...
but there are oh so many!

from your Mrs.

And with that, I wish you all a Happy Weekend!
If you have any thoughts or comments,
please do tell!
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My Happy Place...with a book stack.


  1. I enjoy discovering new books with you. You always recommend great books.
    Happy birthday to Mr H.

    1. More to come Lorna...it's been a great summer for reading. :))


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