Magic Carpet Ride and 'The Housewife'

Sending you wishes for a Happy Weekend with a little story......

I can't say I am an expert on oriental rugs, except that I love them, in all shapes, colours and sizes.
But...what we don't need at the moment is more rugs. We have a few rolled up waiting in storage for our next move in the hopes that we will have rooms big enough to fit them all. When Mr. H suggests that we should probably think about downsizing now that the the kids are off to college and Vietnam is in our future, he gets 'the look'. The one that my kids really don't like, the one that says "HELLO! Are you from another planet?" I admit it, I am in downsizing denial...but I will save that topic for another day.

When we were travelling through India last month, our guide asked if we were interested in rugs. Antennas up, I wouldn't hurt to look. That was my first mistake. Upon arrival we were graciously welcomed by a very chatty fellow and taken into the world of rug hand.  Our gracious host then went on to tell us all about each carpet, where it was made, how it was made, who made it..... the sales pitch was well and truly underway. Let's just say I now have a fine appreciation for handmade rugs. The skill and time that is required is beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Our tour ended in what I refer to as Aladdin's cave.  Mr. H and I sat side by side, he with his Chai with my bottle of Kingfisher beer (it was a hot day)....and then it began. It was as if carpets were flying in mid-air. What appeared to be an army of men descended upon us, rolling out one after another of beautiful rugs. I was expecting a magic oil lamp to appear at any moment. Mr. H sat nervously sipping his I enjoyed the cool crisp sensation of my beer. At this point, I was thinking...maybe we could use another rug..... I was mentally moving rugs from room to room in our house.

It was then that my euphoric state was broken. Our host was telling us about his most popular rug, 'The Housewife'. Mr. H sat silently, Mrs. H could feel that cool beer in her hand warming by the second. The eyebrows arched...'the look' was upon our host. 'The Housewife? I asked, why would you call a rug 'The Housewife?' I was thinking... so now I am a rug! He obviously did not have a House Minister in his life! More on the story behind the House Minister here.

It sounded incredulous to me.....'the look' was taking on new proportions. Sensing my confusion, he quickly went on to explain that this particular rug was his best seller, it was just the right size, it could easily fit in a hallway, an entryway, a library, a study, in front of the was the perfect travel rug. Ok, I admit, he got me on the 'perfect travel' rug. My hard stare turned to reflection. I was thinking of my state of 'downsizing denial' and that actually....this size rug would come in handy. Maybe I could let go of one for two. I had the perfect spot and Mr. H knew what was coming next. I could see the relief on our hosts face.

Mr H and I were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary...25 years of wedded bliss and wouldn't it be nice to have a 'his and hers'. I popped off my shoes and had a wander over the rugs...dreamy is all I can say. The House Minister Esq....was sold. He picked his favourite and I picked mine.

On our doorstep in England this week, a package from India...his and hers. 'His' is in the master bedroom and 'Hers' is before me, in the study. Every time, I walk upon them, I think of 'The Housewife' and India...a story to a rug.

Mr. H on the left, Mrs. H on the right...mine is a bit bigger, 
after all I am the House Minister....Esq.... :)

Happy Days my wishes wherever you are!


  1. Oh Jeanne...we get called everything don't we (us Housewives that is).
    I think it would be lovely to have your very own rug beside you bed; something to greet your toes each morning at break of day.
    My husband was given a rub by an Iranian friend on his 50th birthday. The friend told Rudy "every man should have his own rug".

  2. Hello Jeanne

    What a perfect gift to each other for your 25th Anniversary. I love them. The soft tone of the colours enhances the design. I am mesmerized by fine oriental rugs and one does not need to be an expert, we need to love what we choose.
    So Vietnam is in your future.This will be exciting. How long is the posting? It will be nice being close to Australia. I have no doubt you have a long list of plans and what you wish to accomplish during your stay in Vietnam.

    Sincere good wishes
    Helen xx

  3. You received quite a lesson on rugs, Jeanne!! I had a feeling the story would end with a purchase! They are beautiful!

    Did I miss a post about your moving to Vietnam? It all sounds so exciting!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  4. Thank you ladies :) To answer your questions

    Yes to Jane...we are moving to Vietnam in 2010..I have till next summer to make the most of our time in England.

    To Helen...positngs usually last 2-3 years. I imagine this will be similar. Our longest was seven years in Sydney. We were lucky with that one . :)

  5. Hi Jeanne, I just adored this post. Gosh you write beautifully. The rugs are divine. The concept of a his and hers rug is ideal! Congrats to you for 25 years of married bliss to Mr H. He's a smart man obviously.

    How are you feeling about the posting to Vietnam? Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Meredy xo

  6. Hi Meredy...Thanks so much for your very kind comment. Much appreciated! How do I feel about the posting? Excited and nervous. Can they go together?
    The good news is that we will be closer to Australia and able to see our son more frequently. He graduates from Duntroon in December and then heads off to Darwin. We will be half way between three of the kids....not ideal, but I do not think there is a win win situation in this lifestyle. I always tell my kids to look at each opportunity as an adventure. Indiana Jones...move over. :) We will be making the most of our time in England until we move in 2012... I am sure I will have lots more on the subject when we start packing up.
    Best wishes Meredy to you and your gorgeous family....

  7. HI Jeanne, Vietnam instead of Switzerland!! Could hardly find a bigger contrast, but how interesting that will be. Love your rugs and the story behind them, and I'm totally amazed that they actually arrived!! I though you were going to say you packed them as hand luggage.
    happy Sunday to you Jeanne, I really hope we'll get to meet up again before you leave the UK

  8. Oh Jeanne, what a nice story and how special does it feel when the postman is ringing...with a big parcel in his hands!

    And you`re going to Vietnam!!!A new world is waiting for you to explore.I always love the way you`re taking part on the vietnamese culture through your extraordinary blog will be a great pleasure for all of us, Jeanne!

    Happy sunday,

    Beate XXX :)

  9. I hoarded twenty rugs until we bought a larger house and i am so makes our new, big house look amazing!....when a rug addiction takes is undeniable.....i love our rugs!...yours are beautiful too!

  10. Dear Jeanne, I hope your Home Ministry will move effectively to your new home in Vietnam, and that you will accumulate more lovely things like these rugs on your travels. Downsizing must be forestalled, warded off, averted! And as for the 'Esq.', I think you should be the Duchess of Home Ministry on all those forms. The best of luck to you on your adventure.

  11. Hello Jeanne,

    You are so lucky to have gone to india ! I love oriental rugs when I was in damascus thy were everywhere ! Love them !
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I am so in love with Nice.
    Hope you and your family are well.
    Your blog still looks as great.
    Love Ella

  12. Hello Jeanne, happy Sunday!

    Thank you so very much for your birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day, my mother and sister flew in from Chicago to surprise me. It was such a special weekend, especially as my husband has been traveling for work.

    I am so excited to follow all of your adventures to vietnam, life is going to be exciting.

    I was laughing to myself about the rugs, we too have several in storage, and I was really laughing at the comment about downsizing. My husband is hoping and wishing to downsize to a sailboat! For at least part time, I have no idea what we will do with 4000 sq feet of accumulated stuff. Crazy!

    I am sure that you will make the most of England, as well as Vietnam.

    I am so happy to hear you found the perfect dress! You must take photos so that we can see it, I am sure it is stunning and you will look beautiful!

    I agree, you need those shoes! Love them.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Xo Elizabeth

  13. I think you will treasure those rugs for a very long time Jeanne, they are exquisite.

  14. Vietnam! Now THAT will be interesting Jeanne.
    Already started to think of all the photo opps and experiences waiting for you. Have a suspicion 'down-sizing' won't feature for a while yet!
    Wishing you the best.

  15. What a great travel story, Jeanne.
    WHAT? You are moving to Viet Nam. Now, that is a surprise. I grew up there. Will you be in Saigon? (Sorry, I have been offline for awhile and missed this news.)



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