Diane...one more time..in red

A little Diane love from Fashion Foie Gras..a great site, you can check it out here.
My kids would be saying right now, "Mom, you are not writing about Diane Keaton again are you?"
To which I would say yes, again. I just love this ad for Chico's. I just spotted it in The Oprah Magazine.
We do not have the fashion store, Chico's in the UK...so I missed this one. Love the red, love the black turtleneck, love the glasses, love the gloves..love the umbrella...just love the thing's that Diane does. Ok...I will stop now, but...really, she looks great, don't you think? :)

I am thinking on red..
Thank you all for your wonderful words of 
encouragement for our move to Vietnam next year!
So very much appreciated. :)


  1. Love her and love red for the holidays. I have a red dress I may wear to a Christmas tea. Diane of course rocks that coat!

  2. You can never have too many posts on Diane Keaton. She is just lovely! Did you see this post?


  3. Jeanne... I love color, but I am really a basic black and white girl....sometimes brown. Okay, maybe a colored sweater here and there. I am thinking I want something red to add punch this winter. Diane does look fantastic doesn't she? Bonnie

  4. Jeanne, Diane Keaton looks stunning... I have always loved her style... and yes ...most definitely I am up for some red.... xv

  5. She sure is a "classy" lady, and I love her in red.

  6. She is such a style icon and only gets better and better. Unfortunately, I am not a red person. I have blond hair which is okay with red, but lots of freckles which makes my complexion a little not good for red. Maybe it's just my own opinion but I rarely pull it off.


  7. She is my style guru! I actually have a delightful friend who looks so like her, even has similar mannerisms. Like Diane, she is also looking better and better every year! Jeanne, you can write about Diane as much as you like...she is amazing. Meredy xo

  8. p.s. Maybe you could start a "What Would Diane Do?" train of thought as you prepare for your move:) M xo

  9. Hi Jeanne
    I love Diane.. she's always been a favourite.. you can write about her as often as you wish!! Who else could look so good in that style of eyewear!!

    Must catch up on your posts.. Hear you are off to new pastures..

    Have a lovely weekend. ciao xxx Julie

  10. Funny how your kids react !
    this sounds so familiar
    Diane looks fantastic! always
    Today I am promoting a book, a first novel, about Milan's fashion world. Have a look at This is Belgium and have a great SUN day

  11. I love Diane Keaton, especially in Baby Boom, one of my all time feel good films :-)

  12. Red has been hard to find lately in the States. Everything is magenta and pink. I am a true red girl.


  13. Diane is the best, Jeanne!So...I can never get enough of her.
    It`s interesting to see what she`s promoting, cause we don`t have this shop here.
    Have a sunny week! Beate XXX

  14. I love her style! She has always reminded me of a rumpled Hepburn.

  15. I love red. It's always in my wardrobe even if it is out of style :) I like a Diane too. I really like Diane Lane. Loved her in Under The Tuscan Sun.

  16. You would love the commercial she is doing for Chico's, it really grabbed my attention because I too adore Diane...I was never a big fan of Chico's but this ad may have me walking through the door.


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