the bus stop....

A bus stop in reflection...

Three mornings a week, my son, our dog Tika...and I set off to the bus stop to wait for the school bus.
It would seem an ordinary occurrence. But for me it is not, it is special. I have taken to bringing along my camera, taking photos with each visit, to mark the moment, record the sights, remember the pleasure of being with my son as we sit in the bus stop...waiting...and talking. We talk of this and that, what happened yesterday, what is on for the day and sometimes we just sit peacefully, together, with Tika nuzzling in between us. It all happens in just a few minutes, but they are precious ones to me.

Once my son is safely behind the school bus doors, Tika and I set out into the woods. A heavy fog has been sitting on Surrey these past few mornings. I half expected Sherlock Holmes and his dear Watson to come tumbling out of the forest this morning...there was a moment....

I then turned to the rising fog and mist around us... in colour.

I walk in these woods every day, I have collected endless photos, 
in all types of weather. I wonder if I will ever tire of them..
maybe some day, but not yet.

 As to the photo at the top of this post, 
it is our bus reflection.. :)

Thinking of those of you who are busy planning, cooking,
and decorating for your Thanksgiving meal. It is hard to think 
about anything else. For me, all I could manage was the bus stop....:)
Best wishes to one and all!!

images-yours truly


  1. Dear Jeanne,

    I love your writting. I see my soul in your words despite I have no son, no dog, no bus station into the woods, no love for taking pictures at all... Despite all of that I see me, in reflection.

    Best wishes and happy Thanksgiving day!


  2. Thank you Mariana, it is so nice of you to comment!
    Best wishes to you for a lovely day!!

  3. No wonder you will never tire of this beautiful place.

  4. It's a special time, isn't it Jeanne...those intimate moments with a chid?
    When we lived in Bangkok, I would walk with Jessica to the end of our lane way where she caught the ISB school bus at 5.45 each morning (school begins early in south-east asian temperatures). Often we waited silently in the already-sweltering heat, listening to the rising decibels of the cicadas, but every now and again she would share a piece of her heart with me.
    I don't know if she even remembers those mornings...I do...I hold them in a very special place in my heart.

  5. How lucky are you to have these woods to walk in every day. And fog. Oh, I do love fog!

    Wish you could join us for Thanksgiving. I am indeed thankful for you!

  6. A beautiful post. Quiet moments spent with a child are most precious. Each is different and memorable; they will carry you through the times when you find you sit alone. Bonnie

  7. True Sherlock Holmes style photos, especially the one of the fog.
    A few Agatha Christie moments captured...

    So nice to spend time with you son at the bus stop, very special

  8. Jeanne,

    You have been on my mind the last few days...I am happy to see your beautiful photos! I love fog, I use to walk on the beach every night when I lived in Florida and my favorite time was in the fog. It was magical, and erie at the same time, especially in the afternoon because a man would come and play "taps" on his horn.

    Treasure these moments with your son, they are magical. I remember many special times with my mother and I savor them when we are far apart.

    I wish you could share a Thanksgiving meal with me and my family! I am sure we would all have lots to talk about!

    I am thankful Jeanne for you! You were my first comment and first follower and you gave me the courage to continue.

    Hugs to you my friend!


  9. What a sweet post. Oh I can so understand how you cherish those precious moments with your son. Lovely photos of the fog.

  10. These photos bring up a thankfulness in my heart for our earth with all it's beauty.

  11. Oh Jeanne, your photography skills never cease to astound me. Thankyou for sharing these treasures, my friend. J x

  12. What a sensitive, gorgeous post; I find your bus stop photos haunting and beautiful too. You're going to miss this place I suspect. More importantly - I'm sure it's going to miss you too. Enjoy time with your wee one - sure I have the same priveleges and they fill my world with joy to. YOu certainly are a wise Virgo ;-)

  13. You remind me to grab these moments with my "now" 15 year old son. I see with my daughter how fast it all goes. It is really one little moment after another just as you had at the bus stop that creates the best memories.


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