Expat Life: Spin the Globe and a Postscript

"Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" (Theatre of the World) c. 1570 

We are spinning the globe at the moment as we await news on our next assignment overseas. Rather, my head is spinning as we await the news. This is all happening a bit too soon for me. We are only coming up to two years in England. It will have been our shortest posting so far. So here I sit...waiting to spill the beans. I have been here before. I nearly blurted out six months ago that we were moving to Central America...but we are not. I nearly blurted out three months ago that we were moving to Switzerland...but now we are not. I nearly blurted out two weeks ago that we were staying in London...but we are not.  Can you see my point? Until we know for certain....

It is Friday, the day when most news is announced. Mr. H is coming home early. What could it be this time? I have an idea, but I can't say for certain. To help keep my sanity, I am playing a guessing game with my friends on Facebook. I provide a few clues and they give me their guess. It has been an interesting trip and a lot of fun for me.  Care to join in? Here are the clues so far....get ready to play 'spin the globe' to see where the H's will live next...

Mr. H is thrilled...Mrs. H is speechless
The country has red in it's flag
English is not it's first language
On the globe, it is a long thin country bordering an ocean
It lies between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer
Another clue coming shortly, any guesses so far?

Before I sign off for the night, I want to thank you all forseeing me through the week with your thoughtful comments. I have closed down one blog, merged another and have changed my look countless times. It has helped to keep me 'grounded' and your comments have made all the difference.

For that I send a big thank you!
Best wishes for an adventurous weekend to one and all!

Jeanne :)x


UPDATE... are off to Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh City) in the latter half of 2012. 
Thinking on Vietnam and Asia..food, travel, silk, antiques,
photography, voluteer work...the list is starting. :)

My first thought went to this movie..if you are just waking up, Good Morning!



  1. Oh Jeanne,
    What an exciting life you do lead.....mine is so boring in comparison.
    I won't hazard a guess as to where you are going but would love a postcard when you get there !! hehe
    Here's hoping that you get the posting that you want. Much love XXXX

  2. Jeanne it sounds so exciting. I have spent my entire life in one spot while the world revolves around this little piece of earth. Could it be a taste of Arabian Nights or maybe The Orient Express - keep us posted - and have a wonderful trip

  3. Jeanne,

    I do not know how you do it! I cannot keep a secret at all! I hope that you end up somewhere that you enjoy and love! Knowing you from this blog you will go wherever it is and make a beautiful life for your family.

    Speaking of blogs, I love your new look. I am still working hard to fix mine. Still a challenge. I cannot figure out how some of the stuff that has gone wrong has. It is crazy.Thank you again for all of your help and suggestions.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. How exciting! We too are planning our next move - in just 6 weeks now!! In January it was going to be to Singapore. Now its the USA! Beyond excited (and trying not to think of all the things that need to be done prior to the move!).
    Now, my geography isn't that great... but maybe you could be off to Malaysia?
    Looking forward to finding out. Happy weekending.

  5. Ooohhh..this is fun. Not there yet. :)
    Victoria...how exciting to hear about your news. Six weeks and counting..I remember that feeling. :)

    Jackie... I think your life is anything but boring!

    Molly..Arabian nights and Orient Express...sounds very intriguing. :)

    Angela.. not there yet :)

    Elizabeth...thank you! ")

  6. Jeanne, Keeping a secret is so very hard. Where ever you find yourself I know you will make an impression. I can't wait to hear all about it. Bonnie

  7. Ooooh, this is so fun!! I totally think it is Tokyo, Japan! Red in the flat...skinny country next to a big one... You might be speechless about that? Maybe not, since you have lived in Australia...o.k., so maybe its somewhere more far flung than Japan...

  8. Been there, done that Jeanne.
    I remember sitting in our favourite restaurant in Tokyo, while I cried really hard tears, hubby told me we were leaving and heading to Atlanta. I cried the same hard tears when we left Atlanta just three years later....and so was our life.
    Can't wait to here when the next adventure begins...

  9. Hi Jeanne
    How exciting for you. I would love this life. My passion is to travel. Having said that I suppose one wants to travel at their pace and schedule.
    My guess is Mexico, which would be great as you would be near North America and be able to visit your children who are being schooled here.
    Can't wait to hear.

  10. Chile? You're going to Chile?
    Not sure if I'm right or not. You will always be a London girl to me! Don't leave before we can meet up there again!

  11. Hello,
    Is it Chile??

    Have a great time!


  12. Oh Jeanne, this is *so* intriguing! Looking forward to the Big Reveal ☺. J x

  13. In a way I'm sad you're leaving London, I have enjoyed going on your travels around the country of my birth, to places that I didn't get to see before I left for Canada.
    And yet in another way I'm excited to be following you to wherever it is you'll be moving next, and reading about your new adventures in .....?
    I love the new blog and will continue to be a devoted reader here.
    All the best Jeanne as you start to pack your bags again.

  14. So...it's Vietnam! Just think of the food! Lucky you!

  15. Morocco?! That would be an adventure :) Is it for sure, for sure wherever it is? What a rollercoaster ride XOL

  16. Ooh, I have more guesses - trying to think what would be a big shocker. Maybe Vietnam or Burma? - both skinny countries on the water with red flags...

  17. I just saw your postscript. I am thrilled for you!! My sister lived in Hong Kong and fell head-over-heels for Vietnam and visited when she could for vacation. The people are just crazy nice in such a beautiful location. You are one lucky girl!! Hopefully your new location will settle in with you soon :) XoL

  18. Hi Jeanne! Congratulations! It will be an adventure for you! I can't even imagine what it must take to prepare to uproot and move that distance. However, the nice thing about the blogosphere is that you'll have the support of a lot of readers as you go about the task. And, for us dedicated followers of your blogs, although we won't have to do any of the actual work of moving, we will get to enjoy the adventure right along with you. Looking forward to some incredibly interesting posts and photography beginning the latter half of 2012! --Joe

  19. I'm racing straight upstairs to find other countries that are long and thin and aren't Malaysia!!! Mmm - Love a good challenge ;-)
    I can only be happy that I won't have to miss you as there will surely be internet where you are!!!

  20. Thank you, thank you , thank you all for your words of encouragement...it is truly appreciated!! I m starting to get excited... :)::)

  21. I love Vietnam! Wonderful people, places, food, history. You'll love it!

  22. Jeanne, Happy Saturday! I am so excited for you! Ho Chi Min...I have never been but I have heard wonderful things about it. I am sure that it will be quite an experience an many wonderful and different ways. I am sure that as with every move you will be the family rock to help establish and make a wonderful home! I wish you so many wonderful happy adventures and experiences! I am sure that we will all be here to lend and ear, to follow along on an adventure to experience the taste and sounds of the new city and home.

    Can I ask, do you ever get a choice of where you want to go? And can you say no if you do not want to go where they suggest?

    I hope you are relaxing and I am sure that you are already making losts of lists. How soon do they come and pack you up? And how long does it take to ship your things there?

    Take care my friend! Enjoy the time left in England and know we are all here for the ride.

    xo Elizabeth

  23. Vietnam!! How exiting! I have always wanted to go there, but have never been. What a life you live. My life seems so utterly boring and mundane in comparison.

    I'm happy for you and can't wait to follow you there, but must admit it's a bit sad to not have you just across the pond. Not that we've ever visited each other, but the knowledge that we could - within two hours - have been nice:-D

  24. In fact, I was just waking up so Good Morning to you too! (Do you know, almost every time I go on Twitter (if it's morning) I feel the urge to say 'Good Morning Twitter!' in that Good Morning Vietnam voice, but I doubt if anyone would hear the 'voice'.)

    But wow! Vietnam! What a complete adventure. My friend's husband works for Ford and their longest posting was in England (7 years!) but when it came time to move it was just as you say, spread over almost a year of 'Switzerland! oh wait, no...' then 'Malaysia! Oh wait, no...' and finally 'USA! Yes!' She's Italian and he's German so this is definitely an expat posting for her and she's loving it.

    Good luck with the preparations! You'll have a lot of wonderful photo opportunities there :)

  25. Oh my, what a life you lead...however do you keep your bearings?

    It will be exciting to go to Vietname with you via the blogging internet :) Thanks for taking us around the world, Jeanne!!!

  26. Wow, I can hardly wait to see your posts from Vietnam...so many possibilities!
    best, nadia

  27. Congratulations! My daughter's college friend just came back from a year there and loved it. My father adored his travels there too. On the other hand, clearly Asia is Asia, and requires a fair amount of adaptation. At least you will eat well:). And look forward to hearing the rest of your adventures.

  28. I envy all the places you have lived in. And yet, I do not think I would be brave enough to go through so many changes every few years.

  29. I understand you really have to watch out for those scooters on the street, lest you get run over!


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