Mother Nature and Mr. H

Finding Mr. H at the moment is like trying to find Waldo. 
Just a few days ago we were meandering through the English hillsides 
and life was as peaceful as it could possibly be.

And then it began...the business trip to Hyderabad, India.

If like me, you have never heard of Hyderabad,
here it is with a photo of a prominent mosque, 
Charminar located in the city.

Mr. H had planned a quick trip but 
Mother nature had other plans and felt the need
  to let off a little steam and ash..

With a bit of quick thinking,

Mr H. has made it as far as Istanbul and there he waits

where he hopes to get a flight to Rome..

Where he then hopes to travel by any 
means he can to get back to 
hearth and home in London.

Like many others around the world, 
we sit and wait and hope he travels 
safely home to us soon.

(photo taken today on a walk around 
Claremont Landscape Gardens in Surrey)

Top and bottom images taken by me
All others via Google


  1. Oh Jeanne~ It's a real mess isn't it? I do hope that Mr. H gets home quickly- safe and sound and a glass of red waiting for him. In the meantime-pick out a good DVD.

  2. Dear Jeanne,

    Though you miss Mr H., just think of the potential of a short story since his return is meandering through all these different and wonderful locations.

    For now I agree with Debra, pick out a good DVD and pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy your own company.

    Wishing you all the very best,

  3. glad you stopped by "my" place...if not a DVD, blog visits do help while away worry. i have become a mess about traveling, and frankly happy my husband doesn't head out these days. i do a trip about once a year, and that's plenty enough for me to fret about.
    so, i understand, keep positive thoughts and hmmmmm? go shopping? call a friend?
    BREATHE deeply, neva

  4. Oh Jeanne
    I do hope you can get home soon.. but meanwhile Istanbul is a fascinating location to visit.. I loved it there... and for you hopefully spring is still busting out all over and you can enjoy a day in the sunshines.... xxx Julie

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  6. Hi Jeanne...Ohh nooo - this whole ash thing is really no good is it? I hate the idea of friends and family stranded in places (although I did benefit yesterday from another day with a dear friend stranded here). I do hope Mr H gets home soon...whilst a day or two is bearable, when it goes on like this it becomes harder. I do feel for you...chin up, Louise x

  7. If I had to be stranded somewhere I'd be quite happy for it to be in Istanbul or Rome.
    Easy to smile about it but this whole volcano thing is actually another big worry in what are already difficult times.
    Hope he does get to Hydrabad one day, great city, good food, deep and mysterious India. Love it!

  8. Hope he gets home soon and safe, and has a wonderful adventure on the way.

  9. Hi Jeanne, what a nuisance this volcano is. Yes I agree with the others have some good wine and watch a good DVD, enjoy some you time. My cousin is stranded in Venice at the moment, I wish I was!!

  10. Sometimes mother nature foils our plans! Best wishes that Mr. H comes home to you soon!

  11. Oh Jeanne - the best laid plans of mice and men......come unstuck in the face of volcanos with ideas of their hope he is able to negotiate his way back v. soon...I think I may have told you yesterday about our neighbour who has driven to Geneva to rescue son and friends who start their A levels on Tuesday! Best wishes to you and Mr H for his speedy return...x

  12. Hi Jeanne, I really do hope your hubby is back safe and sound by now. So much disruption and plans gone awry...but hopefully Mr H's stories will have some funny moments as well!

  13. Did Mr. H. ever make it back home? There are MANY stranded travelers trying to get back to Europe from Washington, DC. I can't imagine having to try to sleep in an airport for several nights!!! Cassandra

  14. Hi Cassandra

    Many thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, Mr. H is still stuck in Istanbul. Sounds like the title for a movie!
    He is settled into a hotel and is comfortable but anxious to get home as we are to have him home!
    Thanks for asking :)

  15. Yikes - what total chaos and I'm sorry he's stuck... I just hope somebody else is paying his expenses.
    Love the Claremont pic - I have been there and enjoyed it very much.

  16. OOooh nooh, but I already read in a former post that he's safe and sound home. Yeah, I remember the champagne I'll have a white wine first and hopefully find my way back behind the computer. (For my eyes always spot a thing To Do....sigh).


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